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When you’re working on a job site, the supplies, tools, and other equipment needed must be protected when you’re not there to monitor it. Conex Boxes – Steel Storage Container: ISO standard conex boxes built right to secure your items in 5’ to 40’ long storage containers. For long-term on-site storage, steel containers provide some additional protections as well.
Theft is a constant concern when you’ve got valuable materials and equipment out in the open. Everyone’s storage needs are different, and the flexibility of the steel storage container model means that everyone can find the right unit that works for their purposes. Steel containers, also called conex boxes, are useful creating space, securing property, and can be used on almost any type of job site. In addition, many of the items that are present on an active jobsite can be damaged or destroyed if left out in the elements. From bulk cargo shipping, full container loads, and oversized cargo or military needs we have your solution.

Get great pricing now on standard 8ft x 20ft steel containers or 8ft x 40ft and discover how we solve your shipping and storage needs quickly and affordably.
First, unlike wooden or plastic containers, mice and rats will not be able to penetrate into a steel unit. The heavy-duty steel construction on these steel storage containers means that people with less than honest intentions don’t stand a chance of getting a look at your assets. The standard size is a 20’ box, but longer and even taller boxes are also an option for people who need to store larger equipment. These boxes are easily transportable as a single unit by truck, making portability simple and cost effective.
While many people utilize them as storage containers, others set up mobile offices or receiving areas within the storage container. The level of security that they provide, along with the ability to easily transport them directly to any location, makes them indispensible in a wide variety of applications.
Strong steel storage containers provide the perfect portable storage solution for preventing any weather damage to your client’s investments, and your equipment.

They also offer protection from high humidity, which is certainly important on any site where wood products are being stored. Solid steel and doors that lock up tight mean that the only people who are getting a look inside your storage units are those who are authorized to do so.
This makes transferring the units between job sites, or relocating them on an existing site to be in the most optimal position, a very straightforward operation. The flexibility ensures that you can get the maximum value possible out of investment in this product, whatever your needs may be.

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