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Thanks to a few auctions by eBay seller tvmoviegifts, we can see images of the Man Of Steel Movie Masters packaging! We have a clear shot of the bios on the card backs too, read on to check them out for yourself!
The leading scientist on his home planet of Krypton, Jor-El had a son named Kal-El, a child who would someday be known on Earth as Superman. Imprisoned in the phantom zone, General Zod, a warrior born from generations before him, escaped when Krypton was destroyed.  He led a small band of surviving Kryptonians in searching for a new home. I was searching the internet for pics of the movie masters and managed to find someone who has reviewed the superman figure with close up pics I dont think weve seen before.
I don't think I've ever used an ab crunch for any action figure, except to make them fit inside a vehicle.
Hopefully Mattel will see all of the iron man 2 and Thor movie figures STILL warming pegs at toys r us, and won't just release 20 different superman figures with one other figure that is short packed and won't see retail until a year after the films release.
Hopefully the 6 inch iron man 3 line will actually give us some more diversity than they have in the past.
The thing is, the fact that we didn't see a lot of the late Iron Man 2 figures and hardly any figures beyond the first wave of Thor and Captain America is not Hasbro's fault. Texture makes them look more interesting onscreen, plus the MoS suit is based on the NEO-MEDIEVIL design aesthetic that all the Kryptonian stuff uses. Metaltec is the only steel abrasive suppler with an automated packaging line that has a unique ability to package custom blends to precise work mix ratios.

Metaltec also offers custom packaging in addition to our standard drums and plastic bag packages.
We are able to meet special needs by developing innovative packaging which saves our customers time, labor and disposal costs. Here, he was found and raised by the Kent family, growing up on a small farm in Smallville, as their son Clark Kent.
In order to save Kal-El from the impending destruction of their planet and subsequent chaos, Jor-El and his wife Lara sent him in a spacecraft to Earth. Although the figure doesnt look like the original promotional image I dont think it looks bad at all, in fact im quite impressed. Also I thing the Zod head looks like Antonio Banderas, but with no BAF this time I will only get Jor-El and Superman to go with my Dark Knight figures and the Hal and Sinestro from the GL movie masters.
With the Iron man and Captain America figures, you had a decent mix of several movie characters and several comic characters, both of which appealed to the buyers.
The reason you still see Iron Man 2 and Thor figures is because stores over ordered the first wave, in Thor's case, in Iron Man's they overordered everything.
But with the Thor figures, the first wave had a bazillion goofy Thor variants, no comic versions of characters and only two other movie inspired characters, which is why they're still rotting on pegs to this day. Supes has his chest emblem, Jor-El has his in colors that match his armor, and Zod has his own family's crest.
There's still Lara, Zod's mute body guard (can't remember the name), armored Zod, and maybe even an armored Superman (I could see it happening).

A few different batmen, a few jokers, two face, Harvey dent, bane, catwoman, ras, robin, Gordon, and one of the clown guys. So if you've got a large number of cases of figures, they're not going to sell out for a long time. Only thing I like about this under-suit of his, is that it proudly displays his family's crest. And naturally, if a store has a mass quantity of them, they won't bother ordering later waves, because they haven't sold the first ones yet.
So enough time goes by, the stores haven't moved stock and without orders for later waves, Hasbro cancels the figures because they aren't seeing a market for them.
It's not just the comic book movies either, the Star Wars vintage figures have the same problem. The thing is, even if you buy figures, there's no garauntee the stores will order more and Hasbro will produce the ones from later waves you want.

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