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Tuck-a-Stacker Three-in-One Stainless Steel Lunch Box Best place for stainless steel water bottles and insulated water bottles. You can Pack a Lunch to say goodbye to plastic baggies and other leachy plastic food containers. Includes 2 stackable levels and bonus oblong container, which can be snugly stored inside the second layer or used on its own. The Three Compartment Lunch Box in 205 Premium Food grade stainless steel giving you lots of variety in your lunch. Made of the highest quality durable 205 stainless steel, easy-to-clean, virtually unbreakable, resists stains and rust. To clean your Sustain-a-Stacker, simply hand wash or place in the top draw of your dishwasher.
Disclosure: PlanetBox kindly sent us a complete set of their Launch lunch packing system to try out. Two years ago I ordered Lucy a Rover lunchbox set from PlanetBox complete with a pink carrying case and some adorable rainforest magnets.
There was actually no need to even get another lunch box for this school year, but since Lucy will be attending school five days a week instead of three, I thought it might be handy to have a second lunch box. I love how you can personalize these lunch systems with the type and color of case and with the selection of magnets you can use to decorate the outside.
Here’s a side-by-side view of similar lunches in both the Rover (left) and Launch (right) to give you a comparison of the size. This is definitely one of my favorite purchases in the past and I’m also loving the new one sent to me by PlanetBox. We just bought a tiered stainless steel lunch container for Nate and I to share, and I love it! How does a wet food such as apple sauce, yogurt, or pasta with sauce stand up in these boxes? I often pack Lucy’s lunches the night before and keep them in the fridge in this lunch box, and they’ve been fine for us!
The directions that come with the lunch case say not to machine wash it, and I’ve never tried to. The extra containers that come with it are actually only leak proof when they are inside the actual stainless steel lunch box. Although the idea of sending the twins to school makes me have palpitations, fun lunch boxes like this might make the transition a little better when the time comes ?? Great review! I’m curious as to whether this would work (ie, hold enough food) for an 11-year old boy. It’s a long story, but I was wondering if the metal Launch lunch box would fit inside the Rover soft lunch bag.

Bento box style lunches for kids have been growing in popularity, and some moms rave about how they can make packing an organized, healthy lunch that’s also fun to eat, a whole lot easier. I’ve been leery of tray and bento style lunch containers for a long time, for two reasons. So far there has been zero issues with Cedar excitedly opening his lunch and having it spill (my main worry). Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Buy stainless steel water bottles including klean kanteen stainless steel water bottles and bpa free water bottles.
An exciting and cutting-edge food storage option, Grand Trunk's stainless steel lunch box is a BPA-free solution in a modern and striking design. So I checked out PlanetBox’s website and saw they now offer a new lunch packing system called Launch.
Our original lunch box has withstood being used for two years so far, being dropped numerous times (and who knows what else it’s been through at school). The lunch boxes do cost more up front than most others, however in the long run, I’m able to save money over time. I know starting off the school year with something new and different can be exciting for kids, so at the start of the year we let Lucy pick a new magnet set for her lunchbox. Both carrying cases have nice pockets to store things like these reusable cloth napkins I made for Lucy. It helps you create lunches for the week with a visual planning system and even allows you to share your meal ideas with others. I love that it’s stainless steel, but more than that it has so many practical (and cute) features. Do you think this brand of box will keep all foods fresh overnight in fridge and thru the next morning? So if you are thinking of using them for yogurt or applesauce it will take up space inside your actual lunch box as they are not leak proof on their own. I actually haven’t found it to be difficult at all to fit the lunch into the different compartments.
There aren’t as many compartments as in the Rover, but the compartments are much bigger. I just tried out the metal Launch lunch box in both the Rover carry bag and sleeve, and it actually fit in both! So when my son Cedar and I recently got the chance to review the PlanetBox Complete set we were eager to give it a try. One, I keep imagining Cedar opening his lunch too fast and food flying everywhere and two, they seem really small.

The PlanetBox works very well at keeping dry food items in the container you originally place it in. How cool is that?!)  Can you believe that lunch box has lasted us two years of preschool and is still going strong? I was so thrilled when PlanetBox agreed to send me one for free in exchange for me providing my honest opinion about the product. I know these are guaranteed to last at least 5 years, so that’s at least 5 years of not having to buy a new lunch box. The Rover actually holds less food than the Launch and has more compartments that are smaller. They have a Facebook Page you can visit if you have any questions or to read rave reviews from PlanetBox owners. If you put the wet foods directly in the separate compartments, they would most likely leak through to the other compartments. The boxes themselves are in pristine condition and are used for at least one meal almost every day! The set includes the PlanetBox, a safe, food grade quality stainless steel meal container; a stainless steel big dipper container, a stainless steel little dipper container. I was able to pack him enough food for lunch plus two small snacks using both the PlanetBox and carrying bag. I love that no plastic baggies or plastic wrapped foods are necessary to pack lunches in these lunch boxes.
I also don’t have to buy baggies and plastic food containers to store the food since it already has nice compartments. I love just being able to toss the food in the compartments rather than putting it all into individual baggies. I don’t think it would hold enough food for an entire school day (like lunch + snack), my kids bring their morning snacks in separate containers.
She’s not eating huge portions of food, and I can give her more variety in the Rover. Even things like granola bars will fit in the long skinny slot and applesauce squeezie pouches fit in the big square compartment.
The Launch has the small dip container, but instead of the larger stainless steel container, comes with a glass container that would hold liquids.
There’s fewer compartments, but they are deeper and can hold larger quantities of food.

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