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Within certain areas of California, Container Alliance offers storage container rentals that are flexible with fair terms, buyouts and rates. Container Alliance management and sales team has over ten years of container leasing experience. It is very important to confirm that it is possible for a Container Alliance partner to deliver a container to your location. The delivery of a storage container is normally done with a semi tractor-trailer that is a large and long piece of equipment. Because the container slides off the back of the trailer, you will need more than 80 feet of space in front of the location where the container is to be landed.
Because the container will be delivered on a slide off trailer make sure you have at least 14 feet of overhead clearance on the road to the delivery site and 20 feet of overhead clearance at the location where the truck will tilt the container to slide it off. Container Alliance helps you locate local vendors that supply 20 ft shipping containers, 40 ft shipping container, and ISO containers for rent or sale. To maximise the space on our vehicles and to keep costs down, it is necessary to use the whole capacity and therefore stack goods on top of each other on some occasions. If we are advised whether your shipment is stackable on non stack we can advise our drivers and warehouse operatives accordingly and avoid damage and insurance claims.

Furthermore the trailer that carries the container tilts so the container slides off the bed of the trailer. Supports or piers at the mid length of a 40 foot container will be of no benefit in normal applications. Some delivery companies operate a 2 axle bobtail that, for delivery of a 20' container, will require 40 feet of turn space. The unique vendor matching system at our web site helps those seeking to buy a used shipping container for sale, rent a shipping container or searching for information on how to rent shipping containers.
We can also honestly say that our delivery operators have the most experience in the industry.
Here is a list of things to consider before you agree to have a container delivered to your site. In considering the resting location for a container, if your location is any distance from a well-packed road or driveway, it is best to discuss this with the trucking company delivering the container prior to scheduling the delivery. The ends can be supported with a concrete footing, railroad ties, asphalt or a bed of gravel. Companies seeking information on renting shipping containers, storage container sales, used container sales and storage containers for sale will find our web site a unique resource on the web.

If you are outside our rental region we will provide you the best rental company within your area. If you are not sure which size container you need, or which size will fit at your location, give us a call and we will help you through this process! These trucks have fixed axles and vary in terms of maneuverability, although typically require 60 ft.
Issues such as slope, amount of moisture in the ground and driver experience all need to be considered before any off road delivery is attempted.
Although it is possible to land the container directly on the ground with no support, the best site is one that provides suitable stability to keep the container level with adequate drainage. If this occurs the container can be straightened by lifting the low or settled corner and inserting some material that will re-support the corner and return the door to proper alignment.
If we cannot determine on the phone, we will send someone out to visit and inspect your location at no additional expense.

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