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A stainless steel step trash can for the kitchen can create a germ-free, odor-minimizing environment. It keeps your hands clean while you are cooking, entertaining or preparing meals in the kitchen. It can help prevent contamination and the spread of germs — in short, it reduces the threat of some illnesses and infections.
A step trash can is a cleaner alternative to the traditional kitchen trash cans with no top lids or with a top hinged lid that folds in. No worries about cleaning up drips or spills from liquids or foods that hit the hinged lid on the way in. The step trash cans today come in a variety of styles, from slim to accommodate smaller kitchens to round, square or rectangular and in different heights.
They complement the stainless steel appliances found in so many homes and many are made to hold a standard 13-gallon tall kitchen trash bag. Before purchasing a stainless step trash can for your kitchen, we’ve put together some considerations before you buy. Some of the newer stainless kitchen step cans offer 2, 3 and 4 compartment varieties for those that recycle or compost. A step trash can in stainless steel is an attractive styling option that is as much a room decoration as it is something to hold trash. Many homes feature stainless steel appliances — everything from dishwashers to microwaves and refrigerators. Stainless steel has a distinctive, sleek appearance that sets it apart from other finishes. Kitchen step trash cans finished in stainless steel, when compared to molded plastic trash cans, do not absorb odors over time. In looking for stainless step cans we wanted only those that would fit a standard 13-gallon (50-liter) tall kitchen trash bag. All of these trash cans have fingerprint-proof stainless finishes, quiet close lids and most come with removable interior plastic liners for easy cleaning of any bag tears or spills.

Introducing a slimmer step-on container, the new Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim step-on trash cans. Explore the functionalities of Rubbermaid Slim Jim's space-efficient and hands-free trash cans by watching this video. Investing in a stainless steel step can means you want the best — something that looks good and is good for you. Some come with pretty convenient features like a latch to keep curious pets from foraging the remnants of last night’s dinner, quiet close lids and removable interior liners for cleaning. Just remember that same 50-liter step trash can still only hold 13-gallons of trash but this now means that the divided spaces are only providing 3, 4 or 5 gallon sections for your trash. A stainless steel step can adds to the elegance of a stainless steel kitchen and adds uniformity to an overall stainless theme. Plastic trash cans, with continued use will start to smell like the trash they’ve been holding.
We did not include any step cans that used non-standard bag sizes or those that would need to be ordered from the manufacturer to work. It fits into the tightest spaces with its 20 percent slimmer profile and features a lid that's quiet and controlled. From a slender profile and quiet closure to optimal durability, these containers have your businesses needs in mind!
This plastic liner is a direct replacement for the one that came with your original Rubbermaid 13 gallon stainless steel front step-on trash can. We have also included our top 5 stainless step options that will use a 13-gallon (50-liter) standard tall kitchen trash bag.
Tossing a couple of empty one liter soda bottles in a 5-gallon compartment will leave little room for anything else. This dual liner allows you to easily replace the damaged, malfunctioning, or missing component without having to replace the entire set! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Specialist before placing your order.

You won’t be able to use that tall kitchen trash bag and may need to purchase, at a higher cost, custom trash bags from that manufacturer to fit their compartments.
Some open across the widest step can dimension while the Cuisinart step can opens from the narrowest dimension making it a slim line design for an island end or between cabinets. Featuring two individual 6.5 gallon compartments, this liner promotes recycling and simplifies the process of waste sorting. The bright blue compartment contrasts with the bold black section, helping to clearly identify waste and recycling.
This dual liner eliminates the need for two separate cans, which can cause clutter in compact spaces.
Plus, having both waste and recycling disposal located in the same place ensures that staff and patrons can always easily deposit trash and recycling in the proper receptacle. The Slim Jim line is available in resin or fingerprint resistant stainless steel with end or front steps. Not only is this feature convenient, but it boasts eco-awareness as well!Made of rigid, heavy-duty plastic, this liner prevents unwanted messes and leaks, keeping your container's interior clean and extending its product life. Thanks to its smooth exterior and molded design, this liner can be inserted and removed from the cans with ease.
The black compartment is intended for trash, while the blue one is for recyclable products. Two indentations along the top of each canister enables staff to firmly grip and tip each can for easy handling and emptying.

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