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Perfectly portable, this lunch box brings a whole new meaning to take out with it's easy-to-carry design and shiny functionality. Delivery Information: UPS Ships by Next Day Air Saver, 2nd Day Air, and 3 Day Ground as well as normal Ground Transportation.
Back to school time is fast approaching….are you ready?!I know a lot of families still have 2 more weeks of summer to enjoy, but I just dropped BOTH my boys off this morning at brand new schools (sniff sniff)! Naturally, I’ve been busy meeting teachers, getting organized and “playing school” with my boys to help that dreaded first day go smoothly.
I think back to my childhood and I cringe at the volume of waste I alone must have created. You’ll also need to buy your lunch bag separately, and the one I heard about best working with the Lunch Bots is the Pack It. That being said, I personally feel that if you’re going the pricey, stainless steel route, the PlanetBox is the standout winner. As a mom packing 2 lunches, this system covers them both for $46, where 2 PlanetBoxes would run me $120! The con that seems to be the most talked about in reviews is that the Easy Lunchbox containers are not leak-proof. I also find these food-grade silicone muffin cups ($8) to be a fun addition to the lunchbox.
And if your kids eat yogurt squeezers, you might want to check out these adorable reusable pouches ($28) or silicone pop molds($6).
And if you want to get cutesy and make your little ones happy (while embarrassing your older ones!), you can throw in a little love note. As for lunch box ideas, I have quite a lot in my head already, but when I’m feeling like things are getting too repetitive, I’ve found 100 Days of Real Food, Weelicious, Momables, Laptop Lunches and Family Fresh Cooking to be amazing places to stir up some fun, new ideas!
And if you know of any other great systems or sites that I didn’t include in this post, please share them in the comments so we can all benefit!
I know I’ve shared a lot here, but my hope is to help reduce the amount of research you need to do yourself. Update: i got the plastic easy lunch boxes containers and they fit just fine in our existing lunch boxes.
I clicked on the green highlighted words saying, "Visit Store" which redirected me to another website that seems unrelated.
Business Days do not include Weekends or Holidays. For your security, an adult signature is required for delivery of merchandise.

With one starting Preschool and the other starting Kindergarten, it was an emotional morning for mama to say the least, but they both did GREAT! One thing I quickly realized is that gone are the days of brown bags and metal lunch boxes as your two options for packing school lunches.
I have heard some moms say that the size of the compartments sometimes feels limiting, and it takes extra work to create meals that will fit in each section.
They have 3 varieties of containers, the uno, duo and trio, with you guessed it 1, 2 or 3 sections.
My boys complained about how huge the easy lunch box cooler bags were, and wanted something that could fit in their backpack.
The sandwich kit ($8) consists of a sandwich size container on the bottom, a convenient ice pack that clicks in the middle, and one medium container and two small containers that sit on top. For me, I’ll be using them to pack morning snack and after school snack on the days my older one has Martial Arts right after school. If my large section isn’t filled with the main part of the meal, I can toss one of these in and create another section for another side.
For the past week, I’ve been making lunches how I will for school, in the Easy Lunch Box containers, and in the cooler bags.
You can make your own with a simple sweet I love you, or maybe include some stickers, a joke or a trivia fact of the day. We all have different criteria, and your job is to pick what will work best for you and your kiddos. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Arched handle provides convenient carrying and locks snap securely fasten both compartments together. It seems everywhere I turn there is chatter about which of the myriad of choices of lunch boxes is the best! Do you want something your child will think is cool, or do you care more about it being practical?
The other con I heard a lot was that the case will inevitably get filthy by the end of the year, so that becomes a $20 replacement.
What I really like about these bags is that you can keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them, and the built in freezer system will keep your food cool. My older son got the planetbox this year (and we’re one week in to school and SUPER happy with it!), and my younger son who is still in preschool got this set since the planetboxes are pretty heavy AND his backpack is pretty small.

I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” I appreciate your support of my blog and business! In her awesome book, Undiet, the inspiring rock-star nutritionista Meghan Telpner cited a study showing that if everyone on the planet created and consumed the waste we do in North America, we’d need 3-5 planets just to manage it!
Mine are the type that if I tell them their food will be all over the place if they tip it, will do everything in their power to make sure it stays upright!
Lunchskins seem very well made, and are are dishwasher-safe, certified food-safe, quick-drying, grease-proof, moisture-proof, lead-free, bpa-free, and phthalate-free. I also think that my runnier foods will probably be the stuff I’m using a thermos for, and if I do happen to put something leaky in the containers, I can always put some press-n-seal wrap over it.
The containers fit nicely in the insulated bag ($12), leaving room for something extra like an apple above the containers.
After trouble-shooting, if he’s still having trouble, he can ask his teacher nicely to help. We need not look any further than the creepy trash vortex in the Pacific, which covers hundreds of miles, to understand the magnitude of the mess we’re in.
That does include the divided container, the soft carry bag, 2 small stainless steel dipping containers and some fun magnets that I know my son would love.
One is very large, so can fit a full-sized sandwich for an older kid, or a good amount of leftovers from last nights dinner.
That does defeat the purpose of my waste free lunches, but as I said, I don’t think that will be a very often occurrence. He’s had no problems with the lids or his thermos, so I think we’re good to go! I did hear that even though the carrying case is designed in such a way that the food will tip when you carry it, the food stays in place. But my friend who recommended this system RAVED about it, so I’m sure there are many happy customers. You can get 8 dipping containers for $8, and then the Insulated Lunch Box Cooler Bag that fits nicely with these containers is another $8. That’s another important criteria of mine, because who wants their food all mashed together?!

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