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With Shipping Container Homes you can really get carried away with the unique-ness of small living.
We will be installing the motor next month, so for now we are using a long cable and my truck to open the sidewall. A-frame roof system and space creation between insulation and wallboard to minimize the heat. Check out this shipping container conversion from here in New Zealand, it is an upscale version of Jimmy’s and is to die for! All of these are very appealing, but what they don’t tll you if you need the land $$$$ and you need water and power hooked up $$$$ and if you live in a cold climate you really need insulation $$$$$.

There seems to be lots of container homes being developed lately, it’s good to see these used containers being recycled. The size of the opening of the unit can be done with several options depending on the client’s budget.
For more information and pictures of this home visit Jimmy’s website Container Homes.
Theres even the Lot in Costa Rica for $60k with the Container home,I hope to be a customer in the near future!
The ability to entirely close it, yet lower it easily would make it a particularly good seasonal place.

I admire the sturdiness of container homes- but like some of the Tortoise Homes with their sliding glass entries, I have yet to live anywhere safe enough for a wall of glass.

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