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Lee-Mar Aquarium & Pet Supplies does not sell directly to the consumer, only qualified pet product retailers. In travel and transport situations; kennel size relative to your pet is critical to the animal's safety. Airflow: 450 CFM* on low, 550 CFM on high*CFM is a standard measurement of airflow that indicates how many cubic feet of air passes by a stationary point in one minute. Place lock nut on outside of fan plate and snug.Illustrations included on the downloadable instructions below. All words & pictures are copyright © 1997-2016, Gun Dog Supply or their respective owners. EXTRA LARGE -- 40"L x 28.5"W x 30"H -- fits Pet Porter and Vari Kennel 500 dog boxesThe Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover has many features that will allow your dog protection from the cold and rain making your standard dog crate a warm, dry and comfortable place for your hunting dog. Use caution when pulling trailers that may redirect exhaust into the back of your pick up or topper when using a Kennel Cover.
We do not sell direct to the consumer and only qualified retailers will be able to order from this website.

If they're not sprinting back and forth from window to window, they're trying to worm their way into your lap or down to your feet.
Free Shipping (US48) Code: 5673 The heavy duty Ruff Tough Dog Crate Fan gives you two fan speeds at the flip of a switch for maximum cooling for your dog, or for minimal power draw to conserve your battery.
The Mud River Kennel cover also has multiple side, rear, and top pockets and storage areas that help you keep all your dog training gear safe and secure.
Our pursuit of superior product performance will only enhance the Human and Animal relationship.
We offer over 15,000 pet supplies from over 250 manufacturer partners that cater to aquariums, birds, cats, dogs, ponds, reptiles and small animals. More than just nerve racking, a loose pooch is at risk for an emergency trip to the vet if you get in an accident.
Keeping with our quest for your dog's well being, we have loaded our kennel covers with a wealth of health benefits.Chosen material is a 2 ply infused 1200D that has a Water-Resistant coating for protection in foul and unpredictable weather. If you are a pet store or pet product reseller and would like to join our ever expanding list of authorized dealers, please apply free of charge to unlock our competitive pricing.

Give your best friend a comfortable, safe home in your ride with the PetEgo Pet Tube Dog Kennel.Unlike an old-school box car kennel that only fits in the back of your auto, the ingenious PetEgo Pet Tube boasts a cylindrical shape that rides right on your seat. Worry not -- when the mercury drops the microlite 3 insulation will supply thermal bliss.You will also find that we have placed a tough and tumble rubber mesh over each window to ensure air is dispensed properly and to secure fit while running 70. Whether you want to keep Rex up front on your captain's chair or on your back bench where he can stretch his legs, the Pet Tube Kennel comes in both a small and large size for any position. While the need for gear is essential you will find stash pockets in all the right locations.
Plus, it straps securely to your seat and won't roll off even if you come to a hard stop, so your pet is protected from dangerous tumbles.Constructed from sturdy yet lightweight materials, your PetEgo Pet Tube Car Kennel stands up to scratches, slobber and stains.
Best of all, its unique design lets you flatten this collapsible dog kennel for easy storage in your trunk or under your seat.

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