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Whether you are shipping automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles, trucks, heavy equipment, machinery, commercial cargo, or household goods – Our Company is your best choice in USA to Europe shipping! Europe is a huge importing partner for the US-made products especially vehicles, boats, machinery and other motorized or wheeled equipment.
In international LCL sea freight service offered by international shipping companies, a minimum charge is the amount that will not go below regardless of volume of your shipped cargo. In order to avoid "surprises" with your international shipment at the destination, if you ship household goods or personal effects oversea, we suggest that before you make any arrangements on your international shipment, contact a local Consulate or Embassy of the country where your goods will be shipped to.
You may also request customs duty and tax estimation from a Customs Broker in your destination country before making any arrangements on your international shipment. If you use service from an international moving company, then always try to obtain as more details related to your your shipment as possible in advance.
Unaccompanied Baggage, in international shipping of household goods or personal effects, means shipping a portion of luggage that cannot be taken with a passenger and travels to its destination separately, but which is required to be used immediately upon or soon after you or your dependent's arrival at destination. An international ocean freight shipment, which includs vegetable or animal products may require additional shipping documents like Phytosanitary certificate, Veterinary certificate etc. International shipping of live plants or animals is prohibited in household goods or personal effects shipments. If you still need shipping of live plants or animals overseas, then search for a special international shipping company that specializes in such services.
If you are a first-time international shippers and ship your goods overseas using LCL ocean freight service, then in order to avoid possible misunderstandings of final shipping cost in your international shipping, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND READING AND UNDERSTAND INFORMATION IN THIS WEB PAGE before you will be involved in LCL ocean freight international shipping.
International shipping of LCL sea freight using methods above has advantages and disadvantages.
If you are using shipping boxes in your international shipping, then you may use cardboard moving boxes of different sizes. ADVANTAGE: International shipping of loose items is the most cost-effective way to ship LCL ocean freight.
IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTEND AND REMEMBER!: If you are shipping up to 4-5 boxes, then you may request an international shipping company to ship it loose.
If you palletize your ocean shipment, then always pay attention to wooding-packing restrictions (ISPM15 rule) in international shipping.
ADVANTAGES: International shipping of palletized and shrink-wrapped cargo has much higher probability to reach destinations without damages or loss. Typically, during LCL international shipping, shippers may ask the international ocean carrier's shipping warehouses (CFSs – Container Freight Stations), which they deliver loose boxes to, to palletize the shipping boxes directly at the ocean carrier's shipping warehouse.
In order to avoid "unpleasant surprises" in final international shipping companies invoices on your palletized cargo, international shippers must clear understand that regardless of sizes of your palletized boxes, international shipping companies will always use in theirs calculations LONGEST, WIDEST AND HIGHEST POINTS OF YOUR SKID. You may also using a professional packing company to crate your gods to the international shipping.
Note that crates of any sizes and forms used in international shipping by sea, same as pallets, must be forkliftable and fit into 40' multimodal ocean freight containers.
Depending on what you ship, sometimes it is the good idea to ship international LCL ocean freight mixed. Full Container Load - FCLWe offer: 20 foot standard containers, 40 foot standard or high cube containers and 45 where available. Maybe, you are looking for some useful car shipping advices and auto transport tips, when moving your car internationally? Martin Transports International Inc 2016 © Login When quality service is important, companies providing top international car shipping from USA are strongly wanted.
FCL COMMERCIAL CARGO (Full Container Load): Shipping entire containers that contain a commercial cargo. In international shipping using ocean freight service, LCL is an abbreviation for "Less than Container Load". If you are a commercial shipper and your international shipment is considerable small, i.e. If you are shipping Household Goods or Personal effects, then there are many advantages in using the LCL ocean freight service offered by direct or indirect international shipping companies (Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, VOCCs) VS.
When you share a 40 foot sea freight container with one or more exporters, you pay ONLY for the space used in the container, but NOT for the entire container.
As a rule transit time on your international shipment will be the same or even less as if you would ship a full ocean freight container. If you self-deliver your boxed cargo to international shipping company's ocean freight shipping terminal, you may request to palletize your loose boxes into one or more shipping units at the shipping terminal. You can ship motorized vehicle using our sea freight service for shipping vehicles in containers or Ro-Ro, but LCL. However, even drained motor parts may be considered dangerous goods by the steamship line (VOCC) when cargo is delivered to the origin shipping terminal for the international shipment from US.
If motor parts are considered dangerous goods by the steamship line then additional documents related to shipping dangerous goods must be provided and hazardous surcharges apply.
International ocean freight shipping rates may be ALL-IN (all-inclusive) or to be subject to surcharges related to a particular origin-destination country.

Important!: Do not confuse total shipping cost on your international shipment with an ocean freight rate obtained from an international shipping company in an ocean freight quote provided. Typically international LCL sea freight rates offered by international shipping companies on EXPORT cargo from the USA include origin charges, but do not include destination charges.
International ocean freight shipping rates offered by international shipping companies on IMPORT to the USA may not include charges at origin as well.
As a rule, origin charges at CFS are included in the international ocean freight rate. Be prepared to pay destination charges at the destination upon arrival of your ocean freight to the destination. However, in order to use the international LCL ocean freight service all your shipping items must be properly boxed or crated and labeled for shipping purpose. An international ocean freight freight forwarder should guide shipper in complexity of international shipment's procedures.
Notice: some countriers require proforma commercial invoices for international personal shipments as well. Laws allow to your consignee working on the cargo recovery directly with your destination county's customs and other parties related to your international ocean freight shipment. This is due to the fact of large number of manufacturers in USA and even bigger market for used cars, boats, trucks and other vehicles. We can advise you on all shipping options available to your country and help you save money. Unaccompanied baggage may not include major items of furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, washers, dryers, freezers, large-size refrigerators, beds, mattresses, etc. Violations to these regulations can result in detention, confiscation, or destruction of cargo, as well as fines and criminal charges.
International shippers has to decide in advance, which way they are going to prepare cargo to the international shipping. Cardboard moving boxes for your international shipment can be purchased at any local store, from moving companies or ordered online. However, if you ship many boxes OR any one shipped box or shipping unit exceeds 100 lbs (i.e. Then international shippers should pay for the palletizing service directly to the international ocean carrier freight terminals (CFSs). Regular or custom-made solid crates can be purchased from packing companies or ordered online. That means that you can palletize and shrink-wrap small shipping boxes, crate most valuable or fragile items and leave oversized items loose. We have contracts with all major carriers for container shipping purposes.Less Than Container Load - LCLThis type of service is provided based on the needs of your cargo. This international shipping term is commonly used to describe an international ocean freight service that designed for shipping boxed, crated or palletized cargo that cannot fill an entire 20 or 40 foot sea freight container. Since international cargo vessels capacity is not in fact limited by weight of cargo, but by hold of the ship, in general WEIGHT IN INTERNATIONAL LCL SHIPPING IS NOT A PRICING FACTOR (you may find more about dimensional weight in ocean freight and inland (LTL) trucking in our website). Department of Motor Vehicles) registration (auto, motorcycles, mopeds, jet skis, ATV’s) will not be permitted to an international shipment from US as LCL freight. Freight cost per a motorized vehicle should be equal to freight cost of shipping a mid-size car, but always must be re-confirmed upon a booking request. International transportation company (freight forwarder, NVOCC, international moving company) or shipping line (SSL, VOCC)  will not be held responsible for any delays or difficulties resulting from the failure to properly drain fluids or arrange proper packing prior to shipping, nor for additional charges incurred as a result thereof.
Refer to samples of calculations of total shipping costs on Export and Import cargo to and from the USA below. These charges are payable to the destination station (CFS - Container Freight Station, international ocean freight carrier's receiving terminal).
If the destination agent is a CFS itself, then this charge can be included in a Port of entry CFS release. Covers express mail for payments and shipping documents transfers in order to get an entry and entry summary within a time slot allowed by U.S. However, it is shipper's responsibility to provide all necessary shipping documents related to his international ocean freight shipment that required by origin and destination countries officials. However, having a complete Valued Packing List submitted at origin, upon destination customs request, you will be able easy to transfer your Valued Packing List into a proforma commercial invoice required by the customs. Fumigation Certificate– Certification that cargo and packing materials were fumigated after cargo had been containerized and is free of infestation.
FCL ocean freight (Full Container Load): International Shipping of entire seafreight containers with Household Goods and Personal effects (No motor vehicles). International shipping of cars and other types of motor vehicles (small boats, motorcycles, jets etc) consolidated in multimodal ocean freight containers. International shipping RO-RO: Shipping cars, trucks, trailers, boats, heavy equipment etc from the USA overseas. Worldwide known website as eBay and other online auctions make it very simple for anybody in Europe to purchase any type of product in USA.

International shippers should always remember that international LCL shipments with international shipping companies always have a MINIMUM CHARGE.
It is a good idea to check also if you are unsure about any particular item you want to ship overseas.
Always remember about the unaccompanied baggage status when you pack and mark your shipping boxes for the international shipment.
Pay extreme attention to information stated in your sea freight bill of lading, which is the final document on your international shipment and the title on your shipped goods. Loose items in international shipping LCL are less protected from thieving during the international ocean shipment well.
When palletizing, your shipped boxes will be stacked by the international ocean freight carrier's terminal on a pallet(s), as many as it can fit. Since all shipping boxes are safely kept together in a pallet(s), then a partial lose in your international ocean freight shipment is not possible. Since it paid by shippers to CFSs directly at a time of delivery, then these charges will not be included in final international shipping company's freight invoice. It will help to recognize your shipping boxes in event if your skid would be broken during its international ocean freight shipping. If possible use steel, rayon, polypropylene, nylon or polyester strapping to band the ocean freight. Freight Forwarder we suggest you always asking your packing company if they are familiar with packing regulations in international shipping of ocean freight including wood packing regulations. We have large forklifts and cranes for these types of jobs and will make sure that your shipping needs are handled in a timely manner.
Shipping rates and procedures for commercial cargo are different from international shipping of Household Goods and Personal effects.
This is due to US Customs Regulations that will not recognize any ocean freight carrier's warehouse as an exam site for inspection. Notice that this rule may not apply if you are using shipping service from an international moving company. However, an international moving company may send to you a surveyor, estimate packing cost and provide total pricing for your international shipment. Depending on destination ocean freight carrier's station policy it varies between 7 to 14 days.
IMPORTANT!: Shipping rates and procedures are different from international shipping of Household Goods and Personal effects. In international shipping of FCL a shipping cost of entire container is the 'minimum charge'.
Certain commodity such as live plants or seeds, animal skins, medicine, alcoholic beverages or tobacco etc may be restricted or not allowed to import. If you use service from an international moving company then always ask for a detailed valued packing list done by the international moving company on your behalf.
Palletized ocean freight is much better protected from potential theft on any stage of the international shipping as well. Cost of palletizing may vary depending on the warehouse and type of used pallets from $35 to $75+ per skid (pallet) including cost of pallet. All cargo will be combined for your destination and shipped in a container becoming and (FCL).International Car Shipping ExpertsMartin Transports International, Inc. See samples of total shipping costs calculations on Import or Export to or from the USA below. International moving companies may provide to you all-in service for a shipping cost including all charges related to your international shipment.
Make sure that contact information of consignee initially provided in your booking request and transffered to your international ocean freight bill of lading is correct and valid. You must NOT use this pricing schedule on international shipping of Household Goods and Personal effects.
In LCL ocean freight international shipping it is permitted to use a variety of types of pallets with different sizes and forms. Government-related charges, which in general consist of a Customs Bond, Merchandise fee, and Harbor Maintenance Fee. All skids on pallets for the LCL international shipping must fit into a 40' multimodal ocean freight container.

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