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These 100% wooden gift boxes are hand made to our specification to fit a beanie or t-shirt, adding that little something special. The boxes measure approx 15cm x 15cm x 15cm and features a laser engraved logo on front and reverse and metal swing lock. Also, what is it with speculative fiction game manufacturers who constantly announce new building ranges only to give us mostly pods and connectors to connect the pods? Casually browsing Google maps (Looking for a new secret lair)Looks like there are some islands at the bottom of the Southern Ocean, zoomed in for a closer look and found the Heard and McDonald Islands.
OK so when you colonise a new world or reoccupy a war-torn, disaster- struck or post-apocalyptic land in the future, the basis would be pod or container buildings. Even if we runs away it means we can always come back for anuvver go, see!QUEENSLAND RAIL NOT FOR SALE!!!!!!

All well and good in the middle of an empty field, out in the emptiness of the country, but all clumped together in a town? Personally, I'd be a bit leery of sharing every moment waking or sleeping with the neighbors. Radiation is also a big problem - depending on the material used for the shell - I guess you can paint it all white and make sure it reflects across the invisible part of the spectrum as well. Also, note that adding or adapting additional layers on to a curved surface will be more expensive and more difficult than just picking high R materials, readily available in the form of flat panels and assembling them over a Buckminster type geodesic home, for example.On one hand, minimising the surface to volume ratio does in fact volumetrically reduce the heating cooling time.
Rather, one can choose easily-trimmed, -shaped and -tucked glass fibre batting or blown cellulose, styrene beads or vermiculite insulation. Admittedly the latter are prone to settling, but glass fibre batting is commonly used in (ahem) airframe construction precisely due to its relatively low weight and ease of conforming to compound curved surfaces.

The biggest issue with respect to the Futuro in particular would be rescaling the outer skin to accommodate the greater volume of insulating material.Radiant heating and cooling are likewise of potentially minimal impact, as these effects depend solely on the migration of heat energy between the inner and outer skins, and the entire purpose of high-R insulation is to minimize this migration. Try to use that thing around my way and, without constant air conditioning, it will get hot enough inside to kill you, with the entrance shut.

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