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If you are looking for heavy duty art shipping boxes, art shipping crates may be the solution you need to provide maximum protection for your finest art pieces. The outermost layer provides the first level of protection, and is designed to block or deflect the initial blow should something strike the crate.
Many times, art shipping crates will feature soft internal foam inserts of various sizes.
Some art shipping crates will have little or no foam inserts, but instead will have internal wood framing that will secure the art in place and leave plenty of room in between it and the internal walls, or other pieces.
Below is an image of an art shipping crate that is especially designed to transport framed art pieces of differing sizes. Here is an example of a shipping crate that is designed to ship a single, small sculpture. For larger sculptures or statues, shipping crates like the one pictured below are often used.

These inserts protect art by surrounding the art with cushion that can absorb the shock of a blow to the external shell, or in the event that the crate is accidentally dropped.
This cushion of space in itself can provide a good level of protection from external forces. Frames are secured in place by sliding them into the built in grooves, which are evenly spaced out to to ensure that the art pieces won’t touch each other.
Notice how the crate is much larger than the sculpture, but the remaining void within the crate is filled with a soft foam insert that encases the sculpture on the inside, securing it in place as well as acting as secondary layer of protection.
Notice how this art piece is flanked by several pieces of wood that connect to the internal walls, which in turn prevent it from moving about excessively. So even when the external shell is damaged, many times the will be undamaged because of these soft inserts.
By minimizing excessive movement and jarring, the level of protection is enhanced because it prevents damage caused by pieces banging against the internal walls.

This particular model can hold up to five frames, from largest to smallest, left to right. Furthermore, this prevents damage to art, fragile pieces in particular, caused by sudden and strong movements. The blue material is a soft, felt material that protects the frames from scratches and scuffing while in transit.

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