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This project started in a coffee conversation, with other three persons related to real estate.
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While on campus accommodation is not just expensive, but also limited, affordable student housing has always been scarce especially in bigger cities.
The shipping containers were lifted into place and bolted together above the silos using a heavy crane. 90% of bulk overseas goods are shipped by containers and most are a 1x use and sit rusting in yards.
One Berlin investor however has come up with a solution that may sound a little crazy at first, but fits in with Berlin’s unique culture. Shipping container housing can be created for just a fraction of the cost of new construction, and has a green aspect to it.
Duske opened up the design phase to a number of firms and decided to go with a plan developed by the Zurich-based Holzer Kobler Architecture.

By the time the fall semester begins this September, EBA51 is expected to have the first 73 units completed and the remaining units are then on track to be finished by April of next year.
Stephen FuchsStephen founded German Pulse and LGBT Germany out of a passion to introduce Americans to a Germany that goes beyond beer and polka (although with enough beer he has been known to polka it up a bit). The main idea of the brainstorm would be find something new that had not been developed yet in the local real estate sector. In an attempt to address this issue, Johannesburg based property developers Citiq has converted the city’s unoccupied grain silos into a student housing project.
After the completion of installation, they were given a fresh coat of paint resulting into a vibrant and colourful addition to the city’s skyline…Bold, colourful and very creative! The city was created for O+A as a temporary city for their annual festival called  Over het IJ Festival which occurs annually in Amsterdams NDSM shipyard.
He's a coffee addict, lover of wine and good times, a hit in the kitchen and editor of TV commercials. Mill Junction comprises of 375 individual apartments built by installing recycled shipping containers above and on one side of the 11 storey silos.

Later we concluded that the project should follow the creation of a sustainable neighborhood for young university students, but the construction method should be different from the traditional way. The housing unit features additional amenities like libraries, lounges, roof decks and free WiFi throughout the complex.
Since that time, shipping containers are being used as homes, office buildings, art, hotels, pop-up stores, retail spaces, tree houses and more. So the research started individualizing other similar projects, study that solutions, triyng to find a new way of using this containers, proposing something new. The preliminary project stopped before it started.

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