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Steel Slimline tanks are one of the most space and cost effective solutions for rainwater storage around your home. When it comes to choosing a rainwater tank you should ensure you are buying a strong and sturdy one from a reliable supplier. Every Bluescope steel water tank is individually water tested before it is delivered onto the slab at your home. While we have more than 5,000 steel tank size and colour options, selecting the right size and nominal capacity for your home is easy using our sizing tool below. If access to the place where you want to put your rainwater tank is limited, we have a range of steel Slimline tanks that can be delivered flat-packed and assembled on site. We also offer various other tank options, including water bladders and flexitanks that may better suit your available space and needs. When you install a rainwater tank around your home there are a few simple rules you need to follow in order to be able to capture as much rainwater as possible and to ensure that the quality of your harvested water is as good as it can be. If you are using your rainwater for drinking water, install an in-line water filter between the rainwater tank and your taps.
If you have any questions regarding the guidelines or would simply like some advice, call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

A full range of accessories including larger fittngs is available for the steel slimline range. Shipping containers are part of our every day life at International Export Packers; we now have a few surplus to requirements and are offering these for sale. Shipping containers are stackable, tough, hard-wearing,  metal containers that are used to transport goods by land or by sea. Invented more than 50 years ago, the modern shipping container is the key element in our worldwide distribution network of products, they are used to ship tea from China, textiles from India, recyclables  from the USA and motorbikes from Japan to name just a few. Resourceful people have converted shipping containers to makeshift shelters for  many years; architects and designers are also turning to the strong, cheap boxes and using them like building blocks. Read more about the exciting possibilities of shipping container uses, from temporary classrooms in developing countries, to luxury homes, swimming pools, artists studios  and shipping malls.
With over 25 years experience within the freight industry, International Export Packers can help with almost any consignment.
Typical round rainwater tanks are cost efficient, but often do not adequately utilise the available space. So that means you can vary the height, depth and length of your tank to suit your available space.
We really do have all options covered when it comes to providing you with Australia’s largest range of steel Slimline water tanks.

Shipping containers can be easily modified with a range of creature comforts, they can be connected and stacked to create interchangeable, valuable spaces for a fraction of the cost, labor and resources. We can even provide rectangular edges on our tanks to give them a unique look – or to help you get a little more capacity for your available space. Please note that the size of fittings that can be included in a tank are determined by the curvature of the tank.
So a 10,000 litre tank needs to hold up to 10 tons (measuring 10m³) of water safely around your home.
The extensive range of Colorbond® colours also enables you to match or contrast your rainwater tank with the colours of your home. January 10, 2014 Shipping Container Dimensions November 18, 2013 Now Offering Mobile Offices For Sale September 6, 2013 Where to buy a shipping container? You need to have peace of mind knowing your Australian made rainwater tank is made from high quality Bluescope steel and is strong enough to do the job without the risk of hurting anyone or damaging your property.

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