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Garth Risk Hallberg, writing at The Millions, provides a useful (or, perhaps, purposefully useless) guide to seven simple methods to write a book that is totally incompatible with The Kindle. For example, the critically beloved and intrinsically "physical" in nature Nox by Anne Carson. Hallberg feels that Kindles have trouble with endnotes, though I don't follow his logic on this one. Given this, we thought we pick a few of the vids at random to run on MobyLives today and tomorrow from each of the official categories.
The book was originally, "Designed to add some intellectual heft to Trump's light political resume," as first reported on the site Real Clear Politics. Though Trump has now announced he will not run for president, the book is still going forward. Regnery Publishing is known for its long list of bestsellers from high-profile conservatives, including Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, David Limbaugh and Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Trumps 2000 book, The America We Deserve, articulated his pro-choice stance, advocacy for a universal health care system and his belief in a one-time luxury tax on the wealthy.
It looked to many as if gazillionaire John Malone was nuts a couple of weeks ago when he offered $17 per share --- aka $1 billion --- in cash, no less, for Barnes and Noble stock. As a Bloomsberg News report explains, B&N is now trading for 15 percent above the $17 per share of Malone's bid. It's a business model regularly cited by business people who want to show a deep understanding of --- and a deep sympathy with --- the consumer.
Not long after I came onboard as art director here at Melville House, our publisher Dennis came to me with an idea for a new series. The project brief was simple: the Neversink Library needed a series look that would stand out on the shelf, but remain flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of titles from throughout the 20th century. The first place my mind jumped was to Penguin's handsome Great Ideas series, designed by David Pearson. For the rest of the graphic style, I drew inspiration from mid-century printmakers like the artists of the WPA program, best known for their home front posters during the Second World War. Now, nearly a year after the project's conception, the Neversink Library launches with After Midnight, Irmgard Keun's eye-opening tale of a teenage girl trying to live her life during the rise of the Third Reich. So authors, publishers, press, friends, friends of friends, the party starts at powerHouse Arena at 8 pm. Sarah Palin on Larry King Live Last Night - "Buy this book and burn it!" from OR Books on Vimeo. And apparently, it's not the only company suddenly interested in Borders: "Other suitors, whose identities couldn't be learned, are also in discussions with Borders, these people said. Finally, some developments in the Google Book Settlement case: At a "status hearing" in New York, an attorney for the publishers trying to strike a new deal with Google asked Judge Denny Chin for another sixty days, saying they were still working on it. While the hearing itself was uneventful, statements made by publishers and authors after the hearing were perhaps more telling.
Those statements stand in contrast to statements made just after the settlement's rejection on March 22, when publishers and authors expressed eagerness to strike a revised deal. The winners for the 2nd Annual Moby Awards were announced before a very finely dressed crowd at powerHouse Arena. A day after word that Borders may have a buyer for half its remaining stores (see yesterday's MobyLives report), the company got another break in its long slog through bankruptcy court: "Over the objections of the Creditors Committee, the most contentious issue since the start of the Borders bankruptcy on February 16 was resolved in Borders favor Thursday, with the retailer being given an additional 120 days beyond its original June 16 deadline to file and solicit acceptances for a Chapter 11 plan," reports Judith Rosen in a Publishers Weekly story.

Nonetheless, the extension still seems centered around the possibility that Borders will indeed, someday, reveal a reorganization plan --- the missing element frustrating most publishers and other creditors.
Borders's official committee of unsecured creditors argued that Borders is taking too long in its case and said it wants to be kept more in the loop in the case. I read a piece of writing and within a paragraph or two I know whether it is by a woman or not. Also, some good fun: In response to Naipaul's claim, The Guardian has posted The Naipual test, challenging you to decide the gender of 10 writers based on passages from their work. In an article at the Wall Street Journal, children's lit columnist Meghan Cox Gurdon depicts YA fiction of becoming "ever-more-appalling" since the 1960s, transforming into "hall of fun-house mirrors, constantly reflecting back hideously distorted portrayals of what life is." The article opens with an anecdote about a mother unable to find any titles she deems appropriate for her teenage children at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. Gurdon accuses publishers and editors as using the shield of censorship as a way to turn a profit from depraved and harmful narratives. By f---ing gatekeepers (the letter-writing editor spelled it out), she meant those who think it's appropriate to guide what young people read. The book business exists to sell books; parents exist to rear children, and oughtn't be daunted by cries of censorship. Last Thursday Dennis Johnson sat down for a short interview with Robert Siegel on All Things Considered to discuss the state of book trailers and just what makes them so laughably bad. Full transcript and audio are available HERE- important note: you'll have a lot more fun listening to this than reading it. Melville House go to such trouble every year to host an award show for something we make a lot of fun of? While on the one hand the Moby Awards are, as Electric Literature's The Outlet blog notes, "a welcome opportunity to laugh at this mad, mad literary world in which we live," it's also an opportunity for a reality check, a time to critique the impulse that drives us toward these promotional tangents in the first place. Is there anything that more pungently demonstrates the desperation and confusion within the publishing industry than book trailers? On the surface, book trailers seem like a fairly ridiculous concept: trying to market literature to people who would rather wait until the movie version comes out. Of course, there is one thing about book trailers we're totally sincere about: they're a damn good excuse for a party.
Since I think it's one of Charles' best videos yet--and reportedly his last (we'll see about that)--we'll let him have the last word. Frances Evangelista of the Nonsuch Book blog, told us that she is going to attempt the seemingly impossible: read all 42 titles in the Art of the Novella series during the month of August and write reviews of every one on her literary blog.
In the spirit of Frances' remarkable reading marathon we're launching The Art of the Novella Reading Challenge.
Priced in "as is" condition these need some TLC below;Also a 28' insulated storage highway semi trailer , single axle road worthy with title only $2850! Rock & Go is a local Guitar School in Victoria, which delivers expert tuition right to your door.
Yes, that's right, the now-annual awards show devoted to the best and worst in book trailers is back and ready to rock your face.
Again, since we can't show all of the nominees in a single post, those featured here are random picks meant to convey the diverse cross section of entries and in no way represent any sort of favoritism. So, this new volume promises to be of interest to those wondering about the development of his political thought --- and, of his hair. Just four days after Malone's offer, fellow gazillionaire Ron Burkle, a B&N shareholder (via his company, Yucaipa Cos), who tried and failed to wrest the company away from the Riggio family last year, bought a huge new chunk of stock, at a higher per-share price than Malone had offered.

The problem, of course, is that these caring geniuses are so smart they miss the obvious and overriding truth: The main thing consumers who want to shave know is that they don't have any fucking choice. Furthermore, the idea should be easy to replicate so I or a future designer could put together any number of new covers quickly.
A creative all-type treatment would avoid the canned look of a staid font slapped onto a historic piece of art, familiar from so many other classics series. I've always enjoyed working within the restraints imposed by silhouettes---trying to convey the greatest amount of information using the most limited means---and while their historical origin is in Victorian crafts, they retain a timeless quality, capable of representing any era. The muted color palettes and modern (but slightly odd) hand-lettered fonts seemed like a perfect fit for this series. And with eleven more titles lined up over the coming year, we're looking forward to introducing a whole cast of characters to your bookshelf. Rombes provides two instances of the word being used in a way to suggest it means "great" or "good" rather than merely "calm" or "collected," a connotation the Oxford English Dictionary doesn't find in print until the 1940s.
Two watchmen---Smeldyke and Worlyput---come across Byrnewood Arlington (whose sister Mary has been seduced by Gustavus Lorrimer, soon to be revenge-killed by Arlington)---lying prostrate in the middle of the street, passed out. According to Spector and Trachtenberg, the company "is known as a distressed investor, scooping up stakes in ailing companies and trying to rehabilitate them. As Jim Milliot reports in a Publishers Weekly story, the company plead with US Bankruptcy Court Judge Martin Glenn yesterday to ignore demands by its Creditors' Committee that the judge deny Borders' request for "an extension for an exclusive period to develop its reorganization plan." The Creditors' Committee, made up mostly of publishers, argued that Borders has had plenty of time to present its plan, and meanwhile it lost $132 million in April alone.
Certainly, statements raising the specter of renewed litigation strike a different tone going forward, and suggests that after more than two years of stumping together with Google for the settlement, the parties' fragile alliance may be under stress.
I invite MobyLives readers to please comment with the names of female authors who are equals to and surpass VS.
These short video previews of books, often featuring a chat with the author or a dramatic depiction of the plot, and typically posted on YouTube, are truly strange cultural artifacts: They're painfully obvious attempts to adapt to technological change, but they're just as obviously off-key, not quite in step with whatever they're chasing. Most of the time, publishing houses create trailers that are visually arresting or entertaining, but have nothing whatsoever to do with the book they're trying to sell. It indicated to many that Burkle, supposedly a smart fella, thought the price would keep going up. But custom lettering for every title could be too labor-intensive if we were to publish a dozen or more Neversink titles at once, and since many of the titles would be from roughly the same time period---the mid-20th century---there wouldn't be a wide enough variety of aesthetic styles to accentuate the way Pearson has. In the end, I settled on a stark one-color treatment, using fonts modified to feel just a bit imperfect, evoking the era before precise, computer-aided typesetting.
At the very least, the lack of progress reported Wednesday, along with the statements from publishers and authors, suggest a new reality: coming to a revised agreement will be no easy task. Glenn told the court Borders has been "slaughtered" in the press, all but accusing the creditors committee of leaking to the media information about the identity of a potential buyer. We'll be giving away DAILY PRIZES (more info below) all August to randomly selected participants. We're giving away sets of The Duels, The Neversink Library, Melville International Crime, individual novellas, novella sets, Bartleby bags, Bartleby bags stuffed full of books, gift certificates to our website and much much more.
The more cynical reading is that this is a piece of faux-intellectualism intended to cover up the fact that consumers are being bullshitted.

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