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Our team of experienced container technicians will help you find the right shipping container for your needs and can offer you a shipping container at reduced rates. Below you can find our range of shipping container products that we supply to most states of America. For more information, feel free to call one of our experience shipping container technicians. Ferras Cargo works hard to ship all your rolling stock with optimal speed and care, throughout Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia; we also cater for special cargoes, including all crane operations. We are shipping single and multiple vehicles (RoRo for Autos, Trucks and any kind of rolling stock).
Ferras Cargo arranges, land, sea or combined transport to offer the best solutions to guarantee our service. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on offering the finest most personalized logistics services anywhere.
Ferras Cargo–Shipping provides domestic and international coverage for transports, sea freight, inland freight, and logistics management solutions. International freight shipping requires a bit more careful planning to ensure that the cargo will arrive at the proper destination on time.
We have expert's professional who will take care of all the details about the cargo shipping, making the process as easy as possible. Having proper documentation is essential for your international freight shipping to arrive on time. The Land transport of Ferras Cargo has various trailer types for all your freight needs to ensure load security and safety. We are responsible for coordinating all events and communicating the status of your cargo transport from the time of loading through the final destination. Our international shipping department ensures you that our customers’ cargo arrives according to the terms agreed.. Ferras Cargo transportation offers the most powerful combination of sea freight and land transport to a good price. We have a wide range of transport services that allow you to do business faster, safer and efficiently the 364 days of the year. We stock a large range of products that include 10', 20' & 40' shipping containers that can be fitted with additional shipping container accessories. The full container load process starts with collection of empty container at the yard followed by loading of cargo at the shippers end. Ferras Cargo helps you planning the sea shipment in the most profitable way for the shipper in terms of budget, preference and shipment requirements.
Companies and individuals can schedule freight shipment online, and avail the best shipping solution in a few clicks.

Ferras Cargo has We are responsible, Warehousing and shipping all these services available to ensure a proper shipment of the cargo to the destination.
The freight exchange process via global shipping network can be profitable and useful to all involved in the process of freight transportation. International shipping is also subject to numerous export and import controls and regulations.
The international freight shipping documentation can vary greatly depending on what you are shipping and on what country you are shipping your item.
We involve personal attention and professional approach to solve any inconvenience during the preparing, handling all documentation and reporting for customs export title clearance, shipper's exportation declaration, dock receipt and bill of lading for each vehicle. Ferras Cargo is connected with a worldwide network of freight forwarders, customs agents, and carriers in every port and terminal. The international transport and shipping cost of vehicles, cars, vans, trucks, buses and heavy equipment never was so profitable from anywhere in Spain to anywhere in the world. We have made strategic alliances with other shipping companies to get the highest level in quality and service; we together are now much more significant.
We are a transport enterprise dedicated to deliver the highest level of professionalism to our clients, focused on giving instant and reliable solutions with a strong commitment since 2007. Our main services are freight forwarding, logistic, car carriers, special transports, sea freight and container transport. Ferras Cargo is specialist in shipping containers with 5 years of experience & global shipping network available to make your job easier, and take your business to the next level. We have been expanding our sea shipping and land transport both internationally and in quality providing reliable and cost-effective services. Ferras Cargo provides an efficient service with effective shipping cost and very profitable for shippers. Our shipping rates are competitively priced in domestic and international shipping; these internationals shipping cost are ideal for both personal and commercial freight shipping. Our real-time platform is ideal for shippers and carriers, looking for information on ocean consignment.
From big to small sailboats utilize shipping containers to transport from port to port throughout the world:  in Oct 2013 the Moth World Championships are being held in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. Shipping Containers repurposed to be used as modular workshops is a perfect way to work from the dock the ease of locking the door and walking away when you are finished, is most ideal.
We service the entire United States of America from these ports with our extensive range of new and used shipping containers for sale as well as shipping container hire. They will be able to find the best container product for your needs at a competitive price. RORO shipping (Roll-on Roll-off) is a simple cost effective method of cargo freight as it offers many advantages to ship self-propelled units such as cars, trucks, heavy equipment, trailers or cradles.

The company is focused on the shipping and logistics business while providing to our global customers a quality shipping service. They may also offer additional services to aid you in notification of when your item has arrived at the destination. Most delays are caused by missing or incorrect documents, so make sure you know exactly what you should have prepared depending on the country you are shipping.
With our process oriented and strong customer focus, you can be assured that we work extra hard in meeting any of your special requirements in this area.
Offers the perfect solution and supports the transport system to ensure streamlined operation of the freight transportation business.
We supply specialized shipping container equipment such as insulated containers, refrigerated containers, flat rack containers, open top containers and high cube containers, all sizes and types are available.
Eventually, the cargo is transported to the port via truck , and then finally sent to the destination via ship . We simplify your shipping overseas by providing full import and export cargo shipping services from your point of origin to your final destination. Our professional and experienced staff works to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination quickly and safely. Our customers can obtain the shipping rates and many options for moving your international cargo around the world. Depending on the weight and volume of the cargo, the shipper can choose the type of transportation that suits best. Grace has held previously responsible of export and import department and global operations.
We offer most suitable sea routes to the customers according to their budget and preference.
On the larger size the owners of boats competing in the popular world wide one design class Farr 40s complained for years about expensive shipping costs being that the boats had to be shipped in cradles and did not fit into any type of ISO Shipping Container. We also have specialized shipping containers for sale, insulated shipping containers, flat rack shipping containers, open top shipping containers, refrigerated shipping containers and high cube shipping containers.
Time to go decompress and have a beverage in containers that have been assembled as a portable venue that contains a retail store, lounge area, upper deck and two bars.
Port Containers’ Shipping containers are built tough using corten steel to last for years.
Our clients include local, state and federal government agencies, schools and hospitals, construction and manufacturing businesses, large corporations and also members of the general public for personal use.

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