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Now that the green revolution is here and people are making efforts to cut back on the amount of CO2 they emit, people are beginning to look for alternative, cheaper and energy saving ways to own and build homes, offices, and site sheds. Whether you know it or not, prefabricated shipping container homes are becoming more popular. If we’re going to conserve the world’s remaining natural resources, this is an excellent way to begin. But instead of allowing them rust at the docks, they can be converted into prefab shipping container homes and offices. And the best part is when you’re done using them, you can get decent resale prices for them. Prefab shipping container homes are an excellent alternative to standard homes and office buildings. Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. Learn more about products detailed description, pricing and service, Please send mail to us! EVEREAST LOGISTICS specializes in providing international logistics service including ocean freight, air freight and international express.
Through years development, our business has covered many regions, including Central South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Middle east, Asia, etc.
We currently have long-standing contract with many major ocean freight liners, which can surely guarantee the smooth and timely delivery of your cargo. Our professional service and favorable price will save your cost and satisfy you with a wide range of service including CY-CY, CY-DOOR, DOOR-DOOR, DOOR-CY. Shipping Container Home construction has become one of the biggest home and office construction trends globally.

There was much resistance to the change from the Dock Worker's Unions and shipping companies. Thus, the ISO Shipping Container was fully born, legitimate and standardized as we see it now. So what is this incredible box that faces wind, rain, salt, typhoons, extreme weight, dropping and bumping for years?
Now we have a perfect box that is strong and virtually won't rust - what else can we do with it? Almost everyone who has seen, or been inside a shipping container has thought, wow, and instant home. The ISBU shipping container has been popular in Europe, UK, Australia, China, and the US since 2005 or even before. In 2007 some big players were in the news for their use of ISBU shipping containers commercially. If you don’t have space in your home for a guest room, you can easily get one of these prefab shipping container homes, furnish it and put it in a lot near your home.
Australia’s ports are littered with thousands of shipping containers that won’t be used ever again unless they are used as shipping container buildings. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. They can be used as temporary or remote homes, portable emergency housing units, modular container homes, basements, wine cellars, storage units, Mine site buildings or virtually anything else you can think of.
Some people have taken it a step further though, and they’ve made recycling a part of their homes as well as their lives. The Adam Kalkin Quik House, for instance, is a shipping container home kit with a 6 month waiting list.

What sort of container home plans draws that sort of public approval, especially for a $184,000 project that only comes in orange or natural rust bloom? Well according to an overview of the full shipping container floor plans, these structures use roughly 75% recycled material by volume. That’s a pretty impressive amount for a 2,000 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bath home. A Quik House shipping container home exterior can be put up in a day, with the interior taking another three months of concentrated effort to put together. All in all not a bad time line for having your new home assembled on site, even given that this particular home has to deal with shipping container dimensions and the instructions that come with any kit home project. While it’s true that shipping containers have become something of a blight at the docks districts, since there are always more containers then there is product to ship, recycling them is just the first step that Quik Homes takes. These houses also attempt to provide additional recycled materials in the homes, as well as options for clean, renewable, off-the-grid power. For those that are willing to incur this additional expense your Quik Home can be accessorized with a wind mill, solar panels and any other means of conventional, green power generation you can afford. It may be this option, over and above the others that come with these kit homes, that makes the Quik Home such a sought after product for sustainable, ecologically friendly living in today’s modern age.

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