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With architectural designs done by Modulus Architecture and the sea container home built by SG Blocks and Norcal, key materials used were 3.5 high cube shipping containers. The sea container home has a bedroom, a sleeping nook equipped with bunk beds, bathrooms and a shower outdoors. Since the home is located in the mountains, the couple had to pay a lot more to ensure adequate fire protection and meet all building requirements necessary for constructing sea container homes in the mountains.
Unknown, but we estimate that it would take 4-8 workers 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for no longer than 5 weeks.
Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. And thanks to innovative and contemporary architectural designs, your sea container homes can be gorgeous and stylish like the Dewitt and Kasravi home. Because of their unique nature, you can incorporate unique designs and stylish architecture. Some people have taken it a step further though, and they’ve made recycling a part of their homes as well as their lives.

Each shipping container used in building the sea container home was 8ft x 9ft x 40ft (width x height x length).
The ground floor gets adequate lighting thanks to the installed metal grate on the floor of the top container.
The cost of building this sea container home on a different terrain or location would be much less than the $408,000 spent on building this sea container home. That said, sea container homes are perfect for building where traditional homes are otherwise disallowed. The Adam Kalkin Quik House, for instance, is a shipping container home kit with a 6 month waiting list. What sort of container home plans draws that sort of public approval, especially for a $184,000 project that only comes in orange or natural rust bloom? Well according to an overview of the full shipping container floor plans, these structures use roughly 75% recycled material by volume. That’s a pretty impressive amount for a 2,000 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bath home.

A Quik House shipping container home exterior can be put up in a day, with the interior taking another three months of concentrated effort to put together. All in all not a bad time line for having your new home assembled on site, even given that this particular home has to deal with shipping container dimensions and the instructions that come with any kit home project.
While it’s true that shipping containers have become something of a blight at the docks districts, since there are always more containers then there is product to ship, recycling them is just the first step that Quik Homes takes.
These houses also attempt to provide additional recycled materials in the homes, as well as options for clean, renewable, off-the-grid power. For those that are willing to incur this additional expense your Quik Home can be accessorized with a wind mill, solar panels and any other means of conventional, green power generation you can afford.
It may be this option, over and above the others that come with these kit homes, that makes the Quik Home such a sought after product for sustainable, ecologically friendly living in today’s modern age.

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