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The idea of using shipping containers as a building component and in architecture is by no means new, as Paul Sawyers identifies in his book Intermodal Shipping Container Small Steel Buildings. The standard dimensions of an ISO container means that they are an excellent modular unit and their inherent strength, weatherproof nature and availability makes them an ideal modular structural component or as a whole standard accommodation unit. Containers can provide temporary solutions to a particular shortage, be it housing, office space or another accommodation need. The reuse of a container as a prefab building component in architectural design provides a second use (for a container) and assists in reducing the embodied energy of buildings. There are several companies selling or leasing modified containers for civilian temporary or emergency accommodation.
There are a great many architectural practices using shipping containers as the basis of their designs.
A further enhancement to the use of ISO shipping containers has been developed by George & Harding Ltd and Buro Happold consulting engineers, together they are pioneering what they call ‘Verbus’ a system of oversized containers that are manufactured alongside standard ISO shipping containers in China then shipped to the UK (with a single cargo inside similar to the Container City projects). The following list is of vertically integrated modular building companies that can provide fully modular container solutions including pre design and permitting services. The SG Blocks Building System is a proprietary structural engineering method that offers the building industry a safer, greener, faster, longer lasting and more economical alternative to conventional construction methods. Devised by Urban Space Management, Container City™ is an innovative modular system that creates affordable accommodation for a range of uses.
Finally the benefits of Container Cities can truly be seen in short and medium term land use projects.
The Verbus System is a proven globally deployed patented technology which allows high quality modular accommodation to be produced at low cost and delivered to any site in the world. The Verbus System utilises established production techniques and capacity to manufacture top quality accommodation solutions at high volume.
Tempohousingis a leading project developer, using modular solution in different markets all over the world. When it comes to prepping, many folks are interested in using shipping containers for a secondary retreat or bug out shelter. Using containers for a fallback or bug out shelter is a great idea, and done more frequently all the time.
ContainerAuction, Inc was founded in 2010 and is working to become a global leader in the sale of new and used shipping containers. A very good article, it points out the fallacy of trying to bury a container without some serious planning.
If you are leaning toward burying a storage container, consult with a professional in your area, preferably someone that has a lot of experience in underground construction.
A local professional would know best, emphasis on *local* – soil types, compression, water tables, flood zones, they could all come into play.

On the non-hill side I’d run up a little ground, then plant something like a Boston ivy or whatever is natural to the area.
That being said, there are two good options: First, get a used container and change the floor, or to be safe do as John suggests and just buy a new container. I covered my conex with a used swimming pool liner before covering it up, also used a beam of wood supported by two 8 foot house jacks to support the center. These containers are reusable but if the need for imports exceeds exports then, as most countries find themselves now, there will continue to be a surplus of containers gathering in cities and ports.
They can be used in disaster areas or areas of need and for key worker homes or student housing. Four of Lacey’s container projects have been built to date and his concepts have been continued by Urban Space Management’s director Eric Reynolds through their container city projects. Construction costs (not including site work and soft costs) range $150 per square feet for large projects (15,000 sq.ft. We redesign, repurpose, and convert heavy-gauge steel cargo shipping containers into Safe Green Building Blocks ("SG Blocks") for commercial, industrial, and residential building construction. Containers are an extremely flexible method of construction, being both modular in shape, extremely strong structurally and readily available.
Short-life sites can have Container Cities that simply unbolt and can be relocated or stored when land is required for alternative uses. Verbus modular accommodation is robust, easy to assemble and can be adapted to suit any planning or end user needs. The basis of the system is a range of High Strength, corrosion resistant steel manufactured modules fully certificated, tested and approved that can be combined to create a wide variety of building shapes and be adapted to suit any planning or end user needs. We have our own unique construction system based on the intermodal units (ISBU’s), based on standard container sizes: easy and quick to transport world wide at low cost. However, there are a lot of misconceptions and mislead ideas with regards of how to move them, use them, and maintain them – and we’ve heard most of the questions several times over.
This insurance policy involves stockpiling supplies (food, water, medical, personal protection) as well as learning new skills in order to become more self reliant. We’re happy to sell you any number of containers, but would also like to see your project be successful. The sides of shipping containers aren’t designed to hold or support weight for an extended period of time. Shipping containers are designed to carry their weight in the corner posts, which makes stacking them easier. Containers tend to flex a little, so the frames need to be sensitive to this, as does the seal of the window and the door locks.
As with any project, a strong shipping container shelter takes planning and dedication; and the end product is very rewarding and secure.

We specialize in helping sellers of all sizes market their shipping containers and related equipment. Future supply of these units is not an issue with ocean routes still increasing in number and larger ships being built to take up to 10,000 containers at a time. From the pictures on these sites it can be seen that Lacey’s designs are simplistic and honest to say the least, but this system of building has provided an affordable and quick to erect product. You’ll need to investigate a way to keep the pressure off the walls of the container. Think of it like this: Take a piece of plywood and stack two bricks on top of each other under each of the four corners.
There are a few suppliers of doors and windows that are specifically designed for shipping containers. If you have any questions about buying, moving, or using shipping containers as survival shelters feel free to ask us.
Design and exterior cladding are limited only by the imagination — SG Blocks is changing the way the world builds, one Block at a time.
With the completion of the largest container village of the world, we have set new standards in quality, speed and design in the modular industry. For me I’d want a container only for above ground use and would fortify it with heavy sheet metal for extra protection.
While many companies offer nowadays modified container homes, only a few are really capable to deliver a complete project with all the design services and calculations required to meet international building standards.
If I just had to go underground I’d opt for a cellar with multiple exits and at least one of them hidden from view.
Tempohousing designs can be used in all climate zones and their storm proof and simple set up make them suitable for every country, for both short term temporary use and for permanent structures in residential and hotel markets.
Plus with a cellar you can customize the size, shape and interior design that best fits your needs. Inform the seller you are aware of the Panama canal retro fit , and they may make a better deal . If you are fixed on doing this you’ll need to find a way to truss out the top of the unit and keep some of the pressure off the roof, or just not bury it as deep.

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