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USED PLASTIC DRUMS FOR SALE IN SOUTH AFRICAL products are manufacturers and machinery for natal south africa kawasaki zxr.
These quality containers are an excellent option if you need extra storage, living space & site offices. Our reliable service, competitive pricing and integrity make Oceanic Shipping and Marine the right choice for Container Sales and Conversions. Shipping containers can give you decades of use, but to ensure this you need to have it placed correctly and it will need to sit on reasonably flat ground.
These will have been treated so they never rot, and can form good footings for the shipping container. Concrete piers are a permanent solution and very easy to set up and if done right should give you many years with minimal hassle. You will need a two person motorised augur to drill the holes for these.
You should make sure that the tops of the piers are level with one another, and are at the four corners plus two in the middle of the container. This can be quite expensive due to the amount of concrete used and requires a lot of groundwork to level the site.
You name it and they will always attempt to set them down exactly as you need, no matter how difficult the situation. In preparing for the container’s arrival you should not only think of the container’s final placement – you will also need to make space for the lorry carrying it to the site and any crane required.

Where the lorry’s onboard crane can generally move a 20ft container, for the 40 footers you will need to arrange for a crane to take it off the vehicle and to place it on the pad.
Gateway Container Sales are experts in the sourcing, conversion and delivery of containers.
Gateway carry over 5000 containers in our 2 depots, have decades of experience and know the container business inside out. We guarantee delivery of containers nationwide by truck, rail or sea, or any combination thereof.
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If you will be using the container’s doors and the site is not level in one direction or another, they may feel stiff or not open at all.
Ensuring that they are level with one another (so you will still need to do some ground work levelling the site) you can use as few as six of them – two either end and two in the middle. They should be sited so the end sleepers are exactly at the corners of the shipping container, as the corners are where it is designed to take its load. Once you have drilled a hole in the ground you should place some rebar in the holes, and then fill them with concrete.
Once in place, you can weld the container to the piers and ensure that it will be there no matter what mother nature throws at you! The pad should be slightly larger in size than the containers going on top of it. The concrete pad should be considered where the soil is very soft and you want it to effectively ‘float’ on the site. They are cylindrical steel tubes that are hammered into the ground until they reach a harder substrate beneath.

You may want to be helpful, but be willing to take instructions from the driver and any crane driver – they know the safety issues and will tell you where you can help or should just stay out of the way!
Contact us to discuss what you will need – we are very experienced in this and will gladly discuss the preparations required. We can give you advice on what size and type of shipping container is right for your project, and our highly experienced team of engineers can undertake any kind of modifications and fitting out you may require.
When you use Find Shipping Containers to locate shipping containers for sale in St Louis, MO you'll find an extensive selection of containers at the best prices around.
From ordering your container, you now need you need to think carefully about where and how you are going to place your container when it arrives at its destination. While it is advisable to use a transportation company who are experts at the transportation and placement of shipping containers, you need to think of a number of things to make the professionals’ lives easier. Where with the three other foundations above you can do it yourself, this system requires a professional to do most of the work and as such is far more expensive than any of the other options above.
We can also put you in touch with design experts and architects to help you turn your dream home into reality.
Ideally you should always have it placed at least a few centimetres off the ground so any precipitation that falls on it can drain away without remaining in contact with the steel cladding.

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