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We electronically process customs release for cargo arriving direct in ports anywhere in the U.S. Posey International is a Customs Broker which allow remote filling for all US Ports especially: Houston, TX, Los Angeles and San Diego, CA, Miami, FL, New York, NY and many more.
Posey International provides cargo handling, heavy machinery shipping and oil and gas transport. We are based in Houston Texas and provide super cargo transport, non containerized imports and special projects exporters. Posey International offers containers freight carriers, breakbulk shipping and project cargo transportation. Transportation, Warehousing Logistics, contract logistics, consumer products, Dedicated Warehousing, Multi-Client Warehousing, Multi-Temp Warehousing, Transportation Network,.
We are pleased to introduce ourself as one of the established Clearing and Forwarding Agents, having Customs approved Licence.

We provide Texas Heavy Equipment Transportation, Canada Overweight Project Cargo Shipping and Nationwide Overweight Break Bulk Movers. Posey International logistics include Texas Oversize Break Bulk Transportation, Nationwide Heavy Cargo Transportation and Texas Heavy Equipment Shipping.
We offer Canada Overweight Break Bulk Movers, Mexico Overweight Project Cargo Transportation and Canada Oversize Project Cargo Shipping. Posey International specializes in Canada Overweight Project Cargo Shipping, Nationwide Overweight Break Bulk Movers and Mexico Overweight Project Cargo Shipment.
We are based in Houston Texas and provide oil rig imports, project services and cargo transportation. Posey International provides project logistics, heavy lift trucking and oil well shipping. Flat Rack Containers are designed to transport cargo which exceeds the dimensions available in General Purpose, High Cube and Open Top Containers.

Below you can find some photos of our flat rack shipping containers in stock that can be delivered to your door. They consist of a flat bed with fixed or collapsible ends and have a high loading capacity frame meaning they can be stacked.
Our sales team look forward to helping you with your storage needs so give them a call today or click on the instant quote button. Built with tyne pockets to allow you to load your flat rack container then lift it ready fo transport via road or rail.

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