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Airbnb is a startup, allowing individual homeowners to offer their own spots to rent by the night, and to connect with prospective guests online. Shipping container homes come in all shapes and sizes, considering the fact that they make use of boxes of standardized dimensions. Amenities include a full kitchen and a washer and dyer and is about 10 minutes away from the airport in the middle of the action in the center city. Shipping Container Pros is the best place to find and get great deals on shipping container rentals. If you've never rented a shipping container before, you are probably asking yourself tons of questions and don't know where to start. Shipping container rentals are about $100 - $150 for standard 20 ft shipping container rentals and about $175-$225 for 40 ft shipping container rentals.
10' portable storage container rentals are a great option for those seeking flexible, portable and secure on-site storage. 20 ft cargo container rentals are all wind and water tight, and as with all container rentals are equipped with state of the art locking systems and security features.
40 ft shipping container rentals are a top choice for longer term portable storage rentals or if space on your property isn't an issue.
40 ft high cube shipping container rentals less popular than other containers, but are the only option if you have tall items or equipment that needs to be stored. WILL I BE CHARGED FOR THE WHOLE MONTH IF MY CONTAINER IS PICKED UP AFTER THE FIRST OF THE MONTH?
It is your responsibility to check with your local authorities about the placement of the container.

We do not provide insurance for your goods and liability of stored items rests with the customer. WILL YOU DROP OFF A CONTAINER SO THAT I CAN FILL IT AND IT CAN BE MOVED TO ANOTHER LOCATION FULL?
We ask that you not store any of the following materials in the container: illegal, toxic, waste, contaminated, controlled, hazardous, restricted, explosive, flammable, chemical, paint, or any inherently dangerous material of any kind. These types of dwellings have become a trend as of late, with some used for more permanent residences. The containers can link together to form an apartment, housing three people even though it only has one bedroom and one bath.
The best way to make sure you get the lowest rental rate is to compare prices from a few companies.
If you are storing expensive things, make sure that your shipping container has an advanced locking system (most units do).
This basically boils down to two things, how long you plan on having the container, and if you can afford to purchase a new or used shipping container right now. They are cheaper than a storage shed while more convenient than storage pods or self storage. Durable, 20' steel container rentals will keep your items safe from wind, weather, and any other threats. Large construction jobs often require a few 40 ft conex container rentals to keep valuable construction equipment safe. 40' high cube storage containers have the same dimensions as a standard 40 foot container, but they are 9.5 ft high compared to just 8 ft for standard mobile storage containers.

If you need the container for less than a month, that’s fine, however you are still billed for the minimum rental period of a whole month. The driver will back in the truck, tilt the bed, and drive out from underneath the container.The container will gently slide off the truck, onto the ground.
For example, if your container is picked up on February 9, you will be charged for February 1- February 9, 9 days.
This rental option is a reused shipping container that is definitely not your boring bed and breakfast getaway.
We have a large network of national and local shipping container companies, so no matter where you need to rent a shipping container, we've got the local, affordable solutions you've been looking for. With more than 10 years in the industry, we are experts when it comes to shipping containers. If you plan on renting the shipping container for more than a year, then you should look into buying one instead, if you can. 20' container rentals are the most popular size due to their versatility, making them ideal for construction sites, schools and more.
Keep in mind that a container might sink in a soft surface and our truck could leave tire marks. Some even prefer to rent the containers and have them delivered, in this way they can afford a house without actually buying.

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