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Great Customer Service - We only work with companies that provide high quality customer service. Most people have never went through the process of finding a shipping container and they end up having lots of questions. Shipping container rentals usually cost around $75 a month for 10' containers and up to $250 for 40' containers. The humble shipping container is something that is a common site all over the world, being used to carry a wide variety of different types of cargo. You will find that in Australia, shipping container homes are classed as a temporary structure just as a garden shed is. As this style of building is becoming increasingly popular, you are also starting to find that it is possible to purchase these homes second hand. This is called refurbishing a second hand shipping container to make it look like new again. Of course, if you are having trouble finding a second-hand shipping container home that you like, you can always build a brand new one for not that much more.
In 2006, Architect Peter DeMaria designed the first acknowledged shipping container home in the United States. The world’s busiest shipping lane to date is the Dover Strait in which 500-600 ships a day pass through it. For both used and brand new shipping containers, the beauty of your home will only be limited by your imagination and creativity in transforming your metal boxes into beautiful and liveable spaces. So if you are looking for an affordable construction method, and also something which is eco-friendly, why not take a look at shipping container homes and see how the home of your dreams can be a reality?
Derek Markham lives in southwestern New Mexico and digs bicycles, simple living, organic gardening, sustainable lifestyle design, slacklining, bouldering, and permaculture.
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Here are some of the most common questions that customers have when looking for a shipping contianer.You can also check out our section on shipping container tips for more helpful information. It will cost anywhere from $1,500 - $4,500 to buy a used shipping container, and about $2,000 - $6,000 more for new containers.
The top reason to choose a shipping container over self storage or space in a warehouse is the price. Most cities do not require permits to keep a container on your property, but it's a good idea to ask the company directly.

These containers are built to ISO standard dimensions and upgraded features such as a lock box and high locking gear. As well as being a versatile form of freight transport that is available in different sizes, these rectangular metal boxes are also being transformed into different types of buildings, including people’s homes!
It does not matter how long you intend to live in the structure as you will only be able to secure temporary planning permission. A search of the internet using your search engine of choice should show you results of various different shipping container homes for sale. Refurbishing means taking your used shipping container and changing its appearance or sprucing it up. The great thing about making a new shipping container home is that you get to plan and design it to your own specifications and tastes. Clark, who in 1987, filed a United States Patent for a method of converting these shipping containers into something that’s habitable.
There have been many award-giving bodies who have lauded architects, builders and even a mere home-owner with their finished products of a transformed shipping container home. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. You can check out our guide on shipping container prices for more detailed information on prices.
Shipping container rentals are about $30 - $50 cheaper than any other option every month, and shipping containers are the only one that you can actually purchase. Recycled shipping containers can be formed into structures in a fraction of the time that it would take to create a structure of the same size out of traditional materials. Because the structure that you create from a shipping container is considered to be temporary, you will also find that some of the building codes that you would normally need to build to can be a little bit more relaxed than with standard structures.
You may find that some of these are only selling the actual structure itself, which can be moved quite easily. Shipping containers can easily be joined together and you can also remove internal walls so you do not have to worry about only having rectangular rooms in your home. Catch up with Derek on Twitter, RebelMouse, Google+, or at his natural parenting site, Natural Papa! With the largest network of local shipping container companies, it's not only easy for customers to find the right shipping container, but they can also save hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars in the process.
They are also more convenient, and they can be kept anywhere you want, and you can access them anytime you want.

This means that you can build a home quickly and easily, and also save yourself some money in the process. If you already have the financing in place, then you can purchase your shipping container home and move in straight away. It may surprise you as to how much space you can have when you join multiple shipping containers together, and the finished effect can be quite appealing. It is only just booming at this time but sooner or later, shipping container homes will be a dime a dozen. When you look for a container home for purchase, you will have the option to purchase either a second hand shipping container home, or a brand new one. You could also even change it if you wanted a new configuration and layout, and this can be done quite efficiently and easily, although will require some professional skills such as welding.
These minor repairs include patching holes around the sides and replacing of the floor boards.
There are many companies in Australia, which supply both new and used shipping containers, and some companies that can also pre-fabricate your shipping containers for you, which helps to streamline the building process. Foreseen as the next big thing to help save the environment, shipping container homes will be encouraged by the government through incentives, rebates or tax cuts. So get ready to do a little welding, grinding, priming, painting , cutting and eventually the smelling of the fumes from your cutter, spray paint and welding rods. After all the repairs, your shipping container is ready to be primed and then applied a fresh coat of paint to the exterior.
This will help clear up the thousands of empty and unused shipping containers around the world that are just sitting at container lots and docks. So if you’re still determined to make shipping containers your next new home, we suggest you get maybe 2 or 3 units. A refurbished shipping container is still as durable as a new one and is guaranteed to last for all types of use, especially if is to be used as a house. The used shipping containers will obviously come cheaper but you will have to do a little more effort in refurbishing your unit to make it look good.

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