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Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. A portable summer market in Melbourne is gearing up for a new season with a fresh new design by Steven Vidovic and Kristina Taranto that focuses on reused materials.
After the sun drops the market is designed to turn into a music venue or theater, doubling the use of the space and engaging all of the city’s occupants. Inventors in the US, Netherlands and India are moving closer to easing a headache that costs the shipping business billions of dollars a year, reported The Wall Street Journal. Empty containers must be shuffled around the world to be refilled, requiring millions of ship, truck and rail journeys that yield no revenue. Industry officials say trucks, trains, barges and ships could carry four times as many containers if they were folded and stacked on top of each other.
The world’s biggest container shippers, including AP Moeller-Maersk, CMA-CGM, NYK Line and Evergreen Group, say they are waiting for proof that foldable containers work and are affordable before they will commit to investing. Because of their complexity, foldable containers would cost at least $4,000 each, roughly double the cost of normal containers. On ships, containers are stacked up to 10 deep, so each one needs to be able to withstand 350 tonnes of weight. Cutting the expense of moving empties would raise profit margins at a time when the shipping industry is reeling from the financial crisis — the industry reported losses of about $20 billion last year, according to Drewry. Engineers say recent innovations, to make reinforced steel lighter and composite glass sturdier and more flexible, as well as new design ideas, can meet the technical challenges. Rene Giesbers, heir to a central-heating fortune in Rotterdam, in 2007 designed a composite fiberglass container and started a company, Cargoshell. The container’s vertical walls fold inwards, giving it an X shape as it collapses on itself.
Boston-based Compact Container Systems has also come up with a design for a container that also folds by hinging at its side walls.
Simon Bosschieter, a 28-year-old engineer from the Netherlands, designed a container with folding walls that slide into each other. Indian banker Avinder Bindra designed a container that, like HCI’s, has sliding walls. An Australian designed collapsible steel container was certified by Lloyds to the highest sea going ISO standard last month.
February 19, 2015 By Victoria Cheng Leave a Comment Scadding Court Community Centre located in downtown Toronto, Canada has absorbed our former Sea Container Cabin Showroom (Model URBAN) for their repurposed Shipping Container Market 707. This new space will become their largest retail store but if you look at the space closely, it’s completely different from the typical repurposed shipping container retail store.

What Makes Sea Container Cabin Retail Spaces Different than the typical SeaCan Retail Space? It’s a one-trip container meaning we had this built and shipped to us so this new space will enjoy a very long life. Construct spaces using the best materials available on the market and consider all available alternatives to typical construction materials. TEST, TEST, and RE-TEST these installed materials and validate they pass our expectations for ease of use, quality, and most importantly, work well for our cold winters.
Our team of engineers, site designers, contractors and our interior designer Rebecca Purdy are capable of great ideas and only the highest quality workmanship. When we started Sea Container Cabin, our goal was to meet all 4 mandates while proving out that construction costs can come in at half of traditional construction costs. Practical shipping container living and working spaces that are appealing to the eye , includes the comforts of modern day living and were constructed at a reduced cost can exist.
We’d be happy to share our knowledge with like minded individuals who believe in sustainable living. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, or if you’d like a tour of the OCTOPOD or URBAN models to get a feel of what it truly is like living in a Sea Container Cabin, just contact us. This has created a slew of problems for the city, but that's not to say that only bad can come from these wide streets.
The aesthetically eccentric Peoples Market and Flea will feature shipping containers housing shops and eateries and draped in greenery.
Shipping containers will divide spaces within the vacant car lot to create room for a bar, a music scene, an outdoor cinema, and of course shopping. Stacks and stacks of milk crates along the brick wall spell out the market’s name while creating walls that double as signage for the storefronts. That would cut the cost of moving empties by as much as 75 percent, saving billions of dollars, say analysts and the makers of the foldable containers. The boxes must be able to withstand the heat, cold and salt water of the high seas, and the rough handling of dock cranes. They also must work within the standardised systems used worldwide in highly automated ports. The number of shipping containers doubled as the industry grew at 10 per cent a year, to roughly 16 million. He is hoping for help from the Dutch government in the form of a green label that would give companies buying his container tax breaks. He says his container saves 75 percent of the fuel needed to transport it, and says the material is as strong as steel but won’t rust and requires less maintenance.
It demonstrated its first prototype at a trade fair in November and is now working on revisions.

He says his company, Holland Container Innovations in Delft, has a manufacturing partner and is planning to put its first containers on the market by this summer.
But his folded containers are stacked vertically instead of horizontally, which he says makes them more balanced and makes it possible to use standard lifting equipment to move the stacks.
Just pull the steel doors and walk away with peace of mind that your retail space is secure.
It is designed as an attractive storefront without modifications to the original container. Even if you wish to remain connected to the electricity grid, keeping energy conservation in mind will help you make the best energy decisions. The tenants range from from clothing stores to an art gallery, a bike shop, and even the local humane society. Artificial trees made from reclaimed lumber and graffiti-strewn walls will create an urban-meets-green vibe that aims to attract folks from all around to shop, eat and relax starting in November.
He says he has a contract with a manufacturer and plans on selling the first containers by this summer. His company, Simpri Investments, is in the final stages of completing a prototype, he says.
If it rains, you can still hold a conversation instead of feeling like you just walked into a heavy metal concert. The OCTOPOD design’s non-structural back walls were removed but those cuts did not require any reinforcing. They’re smart, patient, have attention to detail and most importantly show pride in their workmanship.  This combination of character traits happens to attract respectful and pleasant folks to work with so our exciting projects have always remained fun projects. Enter Granary Row - a pop-up market and festival space made from recycled shipping containers that is located in the middle of the street in Salt Lake's largely vacant, industrial Granary District. There were other unsuccessful attempts in the 1980s and 1990s — they were too heavy, or fell apart or took too long to put together. A STATE OF THE ART FULLY AUTOMATED COLLAPSABLE SHIPPING CONTAINER HAS BEEN REALIZED IN ITALY AND ALMOST READY TO BE LAUNCHED. The retail space has been drawing entrepreneurs that prefer smaller, more affordable spaces that will give them lots of exposure to a unique client base.

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