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According to the Daily Mail, Forest YMCA's mYPads are shipping containers that will be used as studio apartments in London.
They cost about $31,884 to set up, but those who live there will pay around $119 per month.
Watch the video about to learn more about this housing, and be sure to head over to the BBC and the Daily Mail for more information.
A crop of brightly colored restaurants made from recycled shipping containers recently popped up in London's Southbank as part of the district's Festival of the World, which overlaps with London Design Festival. Yalla Yalla is tucked away in a quiet corner of the Southbank Centre, where it serves Lebanese and other Middle Eastern street food to be eaten either on the move or in the outdoor seating area surrounding it. Wahaca is also getting in on the shipping container act, with a larger space made from eight shipping containers stacked on top of each other. The Wahaca Southbank Experiment is a space for Wahaca to test out new recipes and ideas – the most successful of which will be rolled out to the main restaurants.
But perhaps the most interesting use of shipping containers, designed by Lyn Atelier, is a staircase that opens up a whole new route through the Southbank Centre.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. This past weekend saw the opening of Boxpark Shoreditch - London's first pop-up shopping mall made completely from shipping containers. Boxpark Shoreditch claims to be the world’s first pop-up mall, which isn’t quit the case, but a good idea is a good idea and we look forward to seeing the Boxpark Mall open its doors in many more vacant urban spaces.
The dark grey mall has a low-key aesthetic that lets the retailer’s windows and interiors do the bidding for attention.

Director Rodger Wade explains “The reality is, it’s very hard for small brands to be able to afford long leases and it’s difficult sometimes for them to get beyond the financial covenants required for big shopping centres. With Box Park it’s low-risk retailing.
The benefits of using a side access shipping container are that the doors can open outwards (fully) which creates an ideal walk-up space for customers. On that basis, we commenced the container conversions works at our depot, starting firstly with the external re-spray of the shipping container in the client’s colour of choice, which was a bespoke grey colour. After the additional conversion works by the client (including the up-cycled internal fitments) the unit was hi-ab delivered to its first home in London’s Canary Wharf, where it opened for business. As the images show, the unit became the Wharf’s first pop-up container bar and many commented on the intriguing design and up-cycled elements, including a DJ deck platform built from used pallets from our depot! If you are looking for any similar container conversions, including a pop-up bar and container cafe – please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 01707 648 400 or 0800 0285 634.
FREEPHONE 0800 0285 634 (landlines only) or 01707 648 400 with your requirements and we will give you a quote immediately. GalleryView more photos of the containers, site offices, welfare units and canteens, toilets and container conversions.
The FYMCA was given the green light on the project for two site: Coopers Lane in Leyton and FYMCA's Forest Road headquarters. The culinary cargotecture hot spot features two pop up restaurants - Yalla Yalla and Wahaca - and even a new staircase made of shipping containers!
The first Yalla Yalla, in Soho, was opened in late 2008 by Beirut-born Jad Youssef and his partner Aga Ilska, who is Polish. Located next to the Underground Shoreditch station to the north-east of central London, the mini shopping center is convenient, pedestrian-friendly, and packed with popular stores.

The mall is made from 61 containers total – 41 of them pack the lower section in a simple rectangular footprint. In real terms the pronouncement of “world’s first container shopping mall” was at stake, but perhaps it’s a moot point as cargotecture is now showing up just about everywhere and serving many functions.
In an interview with the BBC, Tim Pain from Forest YMCA says these residences are primarily for struggling adults, who even with full time jobs, can't seem to find housing.
They met while working in a Lebanese restaurant in London and always dreamed of opening their own business. The stores are compact in their own right, taking up only 1-3 containers - a refreshing rebut to ginormous vanilla shopping malls wrapped in endless parking lots.
An upper pavilion lets shopper stretch out a bit, and the remaining container shops are clustered to create a few gathering spaces.
The mall is populated with a diverse group of both local and large-scale retailers, along with coffee and food shops.
The mall’s simple design allows it to be placed on almost any urban lot for any amount of time.

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