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Helps prevent upending semi-trailers when they are not connected to a tractor during loading and unloading operations. You are viewing a limited version of the website due to your browser, an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. Reclaimed shipping containers are ideal nesting spots for the residents of these five homes.
Though this Texas garden retreat and guesthouse is only 8' x 40', it features all the comforts of a larger house: floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, heating and air-conditioning, a green roof, bamboo flooring and wallcoverings, a small sink and shower, and a composting toilet. Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan's loft in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood was formerly a Chinese laundry and a tooth powder factory. Architect Stephen Shoup's Oakland, California, home was once the shop of the late master woodcarver Miles Karpilow.
Three containers make up the 1,538-square-foot Houston home of Kevin Freeman and Jen Feldman. Here's the living room, which is furnished with two red sofas from Room and Board and thrift store finds. Architect Christof Jantzen turned to shipping containers to cut down construction costs on a renovation of his Topanga Canyon house. Each week, we tap into Dwell's Instagram community to bring you the most captivating design and architecture shots of the week.
An adaptive reuse project transforms a derelict Australian streetscape into a vibrant public space—and picks up two 2016 Good Design Awards in the process. The Swedish retailer unveils its third Life at Home report, a look at how residents of 12 cities around the world define the concept of home.
A dramatic trellis adds bravado and a passive cooling element to a recently renovated mid-century ranch house. A landscape architect in San Francisco harnesses an underground water source to create a lush marshland in his own backyard. The late architect David Boone was always one to take his work home with him—he just kept it in the home’s office.
With clever storage and a retractable skylight, a London apartment feels larger than its 576 square feet. Dwell has big plans for the month of June and it all starts with the third stop on our Dwell Home Tours program, which will begin on June 19th and resume on June 25th and 26th.
A family’s remote island retreat becomes a more permanent home base, thanks to the efficiency of building modular. The Spanish designer tries out a larger scale, bringing his whimsical vision to a play area outside the High Museum of Art. When architect Francis Garcia first began developing his plans to build a family home in Danville, California, he quickly found out that the project would be anything but simple. As founders of a thriving design collective and parents to three young children, Matthew and Jesse Hufft have their hands full, to say the least.
Two modest cabins in coastal New Zealand make waves with their respectful approach toward their environment. Toying with a conventional form, an architect designs a modern house meant for alfresco entertaining. A family enlists Brooklyn design-build firm MADE to renovate a brownstone using surplus and salvaged materials for a budget-conscious patina. We finally got the 1800ft of  PVC pipe installed after Ikea coming through with the missing parts to the kitchen cabinets. There are several companies out there now offering tubular skylights but the reason I picked this one to show is that the video shows its basic functions but also the fact it has a dimmer feature and LED light installation available means you only need to install one setup. ALSO BEFORE ORDERING ANY SKYLIGHT MAKE SURE ITS SUITABLE FOR A SHIPPING CONTAINER FLAT ROOF AS MANY ARE DESIGNED FOR PITCHED ROOFS.
One of the important messages I try to get over on a regular basis is that shipping container houses don’t simply have to be a dull blank wall of metal in this design you can see a lot has been done with the concept as well as the use of colour and glass to make it a spectacular home. The added deck area and pool give it a homely look that is not only inviting but the mix of soft colours make it pleasant to the eye.
The sitting area also offers up some interesting mixes of colour as well as light beaming from the opposite side of the house giving free lighting and warmth to the room. Although the upper window on the left looks an interesting concept its not practical but the light beaming down from the roof in the centre is allowing light right across the open staircase to the windows on the opposite wall giving free light and warmth to the room.
The gap expansion between wall and support beam allows light to radiate through the house and even though its a small space the fact that it exists also gives space for heat build up from the light spanning through the glass giving free heat in those winter days.
The whole concept on this modern summer house is maximising the light and colour manipulation. The home is approx 1,600 sq ft and resides on a 60ft by 160ft lot in Fire Island Pines, New York (off south shore long island).

I would advise taking a look at Fire Island via Google as it throws up some interesting ways of life. An interesting use of shipping containers that blends in with the look and feel of the environment by being exterior cladded. This is an idea that could get round some of the size issues of a shipping container as it allows another unit to slide out from inside the container.
Container homes don’t have to be ugly homes and here is a design and built home in Bangkok in an area that suffers with high heat. A roof was added for heat reflection as well as a gap underneath to allow airflow, adding the porch canopy also assists in removing heat from the main building. Skylights are an important factor of designing a shipping container home that is often overlooked.
Still a bit of a rant with me simply because the size of a shipping container home makes a lot of sense and many units are a lot smaller that people reside in round the world.
Because I have lived both lives and to be honest I prefer the minimal living to the cluttered life of consumerism. This is our bedroom currently as you can see its got a bunk bed for our two kids plus our double bed. I think its peoples perspectives that need to change as Filipino’s here generally live in smaller homes, Japan is similar in fact most of Asia. I was never 100% on shipping container homes as a solution to the housing problem until I started looking at the skill level and availability of capital people have. Now the shipping container units themselves are already ISO approved as container units and have specific weights that they adhere to. Initially doesn’t look like much but the fact the container is designed to be moved as well as multifunctional makes this beast ideal for the exhibition market as you can lock everything up securely, pre-wire etc so as soon as it gets to site it jumps up like a jack in the box ready to go. Sends the right message and quick to get the doors open without too many headaches these could be the future of small exhibit stands.
Brand New Wheel Balancer SMIWB3003-P, motorcycle stand, wheel alignment and balancing machine, View wheel balancer, SUMOMOTO or CUSTOM Product Details from Hangzhou Sumomoto Industries Co., Ltd. Also use to level trailers parked on sloped ground and to prevent landing gear from sinking into a soft surface. For full website functionality, please upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 (or greater), Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Whether lured by the relatively inexpensive costs, ready supply, or aesthetic charm of containers, the residents applied their own perspective on how to reclaim and adapt these industrial castoffs.
Now it's home to their impressive collection of contemporary art and two revamped shipping containers that house a guest room and office.
This time around, we’ll be hosting self-guided tours throughout Los Angeles, which is also where our annual Dwell on Design event will be taking place the same week. Airy and although looking small in width the height gives a false sense of space allowing for a small room to look huge. In the evenings the internal lighting of the house illuminates the home promoting the internal structures. There are no roads its all wooden boardwalks and the majority of this house was transported on golf cart sized vehicles. Only when you look on the inside on the second photo do you notice the seam of the 2 containers joined together as the cladding and pitched roof hide it very well.
Advantages being if done on rails for example you could literally push half your room inside the other and lock it up for safety or moving.
Something that would suit many beach,resort locations with a more scattered approach to buildings instead of one main block.
I can’t see why more people aren’t adding them into the property as they offer up natural lighting that is also more healthy than electrically generated. Maybe people complaining should look at the home they are living in and ask do they need all that internal space? I still have my gadgets, I still have a double bed and plenty of clothes but what I don’t have is stuff I don’t use and don’t need.
Out of shot is a chest of drawers,bookshelf, wardrobe but the size of the room is actually smaller than a 20ft shipping container, our kids are 3 and coming up 1 so they are still young at the same time we are only running one light at night and one air conditioning unit, not one of each in Ewe’s room, Zoei’s room and our room.
Maybe its the fact even poor people on TV land have huge houses which makes people think they aren’t doing so well themselves and should look to do better. Which starts getting into the realms of conspiracy theories of why people are trying to put others off the construction.
Did you know that some are just about a process being in place and copied over and over again rather than actually putting a value on if the process is correct? They are built to a much higher specification than many homes ever will be and at the same time the mopping up of excess shipping containers for homes is still slow moving.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Furniture designer and builder Pat Carson tricked out the container with exposed copper piping and a Murphy bed. Our fridge isn’t magnetic for [our son's] artwork,’ but then I realized the whole house is magnetic,” Feldmann says. Having this type of unit allows everything to be in one which is not only more economical but its also better cosmetic wise on your shipping container home. Along the pool lights softly glow in the evening as with the deck giving an ideal area for entertaining. The majority of people move things around with pull-carts along the 30 mile sand bank stretch which is only 1 mile wide. The concept could work well for not only for things like mobile research labs but also in the field for emergency projects as it would allow doubling of floor space without too much effort. The Sun-Tek Skylights are aluminium and self flashing but before installing always make sure your going to be able to drain away excess water. Well companies have to pay for these and the more companies have to pay the less the people on the street can decide what they want in their own life. I know myself that specific areas are never keen on such developments as it bases things as “in keeping with the area”. This makes many people self sufficent which also means that governments may see this as a threat because your not bound by debt or portfolio development. I came across these style of skylights mainly on large corporate buildings I was involved in previously to help reduce electrical costs on the buildings.
Installation time took only one day to completion and blends in well the existing chalet styled shops and restaurants in the area. The article was originally posted in 2004 but thought it of use as I myself have only looked at the door area for balcony extension and not this type of slotting module which is a great idea. Stagnant water is how leaks can happen and why its worth raising the skylights on an angle to reduce the problem.
Next door we have a room that is around the same size with a bathroom attached to the exterior.
Today its got to be plugged into a computer that identifies the problem reducing your ability to fix the vehicle even though you own it yet the garage extracts money from you that you may not have had to pay before.
There is very little thought into the fact as social housing these buildings can offer up a very cheap alternative to the normal buildings. Introducing redirected sunlight saves companies fortunes on electricity at the same time why can’t it be saving us all a bit of money? I think this is the issue in the housing industry with codes and legislation to try and make it impossible to do things yourself and in the end relying on contractors who in turn rely on their suppliers giving them information for the latest products, that the goes back to the manufacturers who in turn go back to shareholders.
But even that falls into a funny area in the UK as houses were taken from council ownership into housing association the reason being that council housing is bound by law to provide a home where housing association is more inline with a rental agent being able to evict and choose its residents. If it makes governments feel uncomfortable as your land area is smaller, so less tax and your more likely to utilize the land to the max as well as more likely to be smart investing with the spare capital you have it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for government but it does make sense for an individual or family. Many people believe this came about due to the coal mining strikes in the UK as the social housing at the time may have meant back payment in rents had to be paid but at a negotiable rate to suit the miners and the courts. If your going into a multi levelled home its also worth looking into ways of moving the light down inside the cavity walls that are less obtrusive than tubes that may not fit inside the cavities.
I really don’t know these days and as a surveyor I come across many a legislation that makes no sense yet is followed because its taken as gospel even if nobody thinks there is a valid reason.
Using fibre optics is a good way to get light to travel inside walling and worth a scout round the internet net for information on gathering light from skylights for your shipping container home to move the light to other parts. Answer is no we have plenty of outdoor space and generally I will work in my office during the day (the bedroom has my desktop PC, Laptop and desk as well).
Create social housing with a threat of eviction you remove the ability to strike and this is why people believe housing associations exist. This gets things away from having to be directly below where the skylights sit making it more practical. Its not a shipping container home but its pretty much built in similar dimensions due to the shape of the bit of land that was available for it. This item can be mounted on the wall or be put together & placed on a table The stand is constructed of hard wood with a black finish.

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