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Pre-production controlWe perform a pre-production control in accordance with your product needs and requirements. This is an essential phase for you to get an idea and evaluate the quality of materials and resources employed before the production starts.
You can also spot potential problems or dysfunctions in advance, especially if it is the first time you work with the factory or the project is very complex. It enables you to check the work organization and to correct all eventual malfunctions in order to avoid bad consequences for the rest of production. Pre-shipment controlWe perform the pre-shipment control once the majority of products have been already manufactured and packed. Inspectors with more than 10-year experience will test a quantity of products defined by chosen AQL.
The full final report including photos, details and number of detected defects will be sent to you rapidly. In case of any problem, your personal consultant will help you to negotiate with suppliers.
Container loading controlIf you choose this option, we will represent you at shipping location the day of loading. During this supervision, we will verify the state of your containers and the quantity of shipped products. Moving a product from one type of transportation equipment (container) to another type (truck trailer).
The name of this new certification is SIR which will be administered by International Equipment Inspections, Inc. Building contractors, architects, engineers, building inspectors, lenders, insurance underwriters, consumers and ISBU container dealers.
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There are three main methods of transit: dedicated vehicle (removal truck), shipping container and air freight.
Dedicated vehicle; this transit method entails your possessions being packed and loaded into the vehicle being driven directly to the place of destination, and then unloaded and your possessions unpacked. Exclusive container; mainly for shipping by sea, packed and loaded at your residence, which is security sealed and taken immediately to the port for shipment. Many countries, the UK included, will allow normal customs clearance to be done without a physical inspection so the container goes intact to the final residence before being unloaded. Groupage by container - there are a number of consolidation services that specialise in household effects. LCL via freight forwarder - LCL means less than a container load, with transit organised via a freight carrier. Airfreight; Airfreight is for you if you want or need some items urgently at destination, perhaps the bare essentials to allow a family to survive whilst awaiting the main sea shipment. Your choice of transit method will depend largely upon how much you have to move, when you need it at the other end, and how much you are willing to spend.
In fact, the development of CLG's Specialized Port Services (SPS) is a direct result of providing for our customers' unique needs. Services using dedicated vehicles are usually restricted to where a move is within a continent, such as Europe.
Here, a number of consignments are loaded into one container and then shipped to the destination. The advantage here is that there is no delay whilst waiting for groupage, but it is more expensive. Your specialist remover will be able to advise you of which is the most appropriate method, and make all the arrangements. CLG's SPS specifically targets out-of-gauge, distressed, hazardous materials and project cargo. Australia and New Zealand have strict quarantine restrictions so will always have the containers unloaded for full inspection normally at an agents Customs bonded warehouse.

It can however take time to consolidate a full load and some companies delay this even further by waiting until a 40ft container is full.
Airfreight is charged on size or weight, whichever is the greater or directed by the airlines (they like to avoid planes being full of low paying volume cargo).
Trained in the latest standards for securing and handling of all cargo, including ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IMO (International Maritime Organization), we solve your problem in a cost and time-effective manner.
If special inspections, fumigation, or cleaning, is required, expect an additional charge to be made. Care must be taken as there are many forwarders offering cheap rates but are not all together kind at handling your cherished possessions. CLG also utilizes load-planning tools to ensure the safest methods of securing material on any form of transportation.
These containers are consigned to one selected agent at the destination who will act for all the customers. Like LCL, it is unwise to send loose goods to airports as they are not known for their tender loving care.
Our CLG team works with Port Authority representatives, surveyors and government agencies to keep the cargo moving to its final destination.
Over-packing in special palletised airfreight modules is the way professional companies will complete the service and minimise the weight.
Some companies have used this ploy to gain higher rates after initially quoting low to get the business.

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