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Shapiro's project is built with two 9'6" x 40' x 8' shipping containers -- obtained for $2,500 each (including delivery) -- to act as the roof for the rest of the container studio. Sunset Magazine endorsed shipping container architecture at the beginning of this month when they unveiled the 2011 Sunset Idea House at their annual Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park.
Hybrid Architecture has been working on a series of shipping container modular building systems, which they call Cargotecture®.
For the 2011 Sunset Idea House, Hybrid Architecture built the c192 Nomad, which is a 192 sq ft space with a galley kitchen, bathroom, built in storage, flex space and room for beds. The containers were placed on top of 9' foundation walls, and most of the steel flooring was removed to open up and provide access to the lower level. Designed by Seattle-based Hybrid Architecture and built by One Build in Klamath Falls, the compact modular house made from recycled shipping containers shows off small space living.

Relocatable, adaptable and compact, these modular homes can be used for backyard offices, guest rooms, extra living space or sustainable and smart housing. In this version of the Nomad, a pull out couch turns into a bed and a fold down wall unit becomes even more sleeping space.
The cut out container sides were used to create sliding exterior doors to close up the home when not in use. The bright yellow home is capable of sleeping up to four people, is powered by a rooftop solar system, and can easily be transported and relocated if necessary. The units are completely built in a factory then easily transported via truck for a one day installation on site.
Finally, a solar system mounted on the roof of the container provides power for the hot water heater, kitchen stove, radiant heater and lighting.

The c192 Nomad was on display in Menlo Park on June 4th and 5th and will also be shown at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference from June 22nd to the 24th.
Hybrid Architecture is selling these completely built out housing units starting at $59,000.

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