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Unlike conventional living containers currently on the market, our units are purpose built for human habitation and are NOT old modified shipping containers.
Each individual HAS unit consists of a custom built solid steel frame (roof and floor) made to the external dimensions of a standard high cubic 40 foot container, complete with ISO corner castings. As well as standard core efficiencies HAS units can be integrated into a variety of other energy saving systems such as water recycling, waste alternatives and solar power. By building a fully insulated structure which maintains a constant internal temperature and combining it with a small but effective ventilation system, HAS have eliminated all internal condensationand moisture (we refer to as sweating).
Units have the same logistical capacity as a standard high cubic shipping container and can be moved by all conventional forms of transport (air, sea, rail and truck). Constructed in 2006, this home is one of the first official shipping container houses in the USA.
The Manifesto House takes environmentally conscious construction to a whole new level with up to 85% of its exterior and interior being created from recycled, reused and eco friendly materials.
The units are in no way converted sea containers and are made to this size to maximise their logistical capabilities and complexing attributes toform larger structures. They are all fitted standard with internal venetian blinds (no cleaning) and thermally broken frames.

Sweating is paramount in reducing the lifespan of transportable buildings as it causes rot, mould, mustiness and sickness resulting in the buildings being uninhabitable and requiring replacement after 5 years. A lot of the time our occupants feel their home is better than a conventional house in many ways. They can mix and max from our product range or customize something to their specific needs.
This durable internal finish to the units also means they can be stripped of the furnishings on the inside and sterilized if required before redeployment and maintain a good resale value.
As such they are the only accommodation units available in Australia, which meet both Australian and International (including Europe’s most stringent requirements) standards for permanent and portable buildings. This stunning home in Redondo Beach was constructed from recycled steel shipping containers in conjunction with conventional building methods and prefabricated assemblies. Utilising a prefabricated and modular design allowed for cheaper and faster construction methods. Even a small equipment failure can have a catastrophic financial effect on a business, so a high quality temperature controlled switch room or control room is vital.At Port we recognise the significance of a high quality, reliable switch room. HAS units eliminate the need for additional energy consumption (gas or electricity) to heat or cool the internal temperature of the units 95% of the year round.

Assembling 70% of the house offsite lead to substantial time and cost savings, as well as a reduction in construction waste.Shipping containers are renowned for their strength and durability, and make this house resistant to fire, mold and termites. Our portable shipping container switch rooms are lined with the highest quality 50 mm insulated sandwich panelling available on the market.
This means the units will maintain an internal temperature of 18 to 22 degrees with external temperatures of 38 plus to 40 minus with little to no use of the heating or cooling system. Heavy duty air conditioners are also available to keep your electrical components and critical technology requirements temperature controlled.Modified Shipping Container Switch RoomsOur shipping container switch rooms are available in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes, and we can customise the switch room to your exact requirements with a wide range of accessories. High powered air conditioners, penetration and gland plates, fire safety systems, emergency push bar doors, ceiling cable trays and uni strut fit-outs and much more are all available in your customised switch room.Our container modification centre is one of the largest in Australia, and we have years of experience creating custom-built switch rooms and specialised portable building in collaboration with a range of clients, including the Australian Defence Force, Government agencies, mining, construction, telecommunications and energy companies. Control Rooms are Suitable for all IndustriesControl rooms (aka switch rooms) can be as simple as a place to test equipment that requires little more than a bank of electrical points and a cool room to function.
Whilst other control rooms can look like the deck of the Starship Enterprise, with a raft of technology and flashing lights on display.

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