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Saw Tron last night on DVD, drooled at his shipping container house but can't find any more pictures of it online!
The idea behind shipping container conversions in Australia is to ensure that individuals can have access to affordable housing or structures without having to spend huge amounts of money. The Greenhouse Pop-up Restaurant is a good example of successful shipping container conversions in Australia. With the Building Protection System framework, the restaurant was built using recycled materials, was constructed so it could be easily dismounted, is transportable, was designed to show that there can be balance between urban growth and sustainability, and can be adapted to all environments. Shipping container conversions help reduce the cost of building or owning a home, constructing a cabin or even an office. These converted homes are usually very energy efficient, consume less power and most of the amenities can easily run on solar power. Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC) is the leading manufacturer and supplier of metal products, building system, containers and machinery products in China.
Besides shipping goods, shipping containers are also suitable for building beautiful homesin low cost.

Last year we saw this stunning Brisbane property made of 31 shipping containers wide eyes and make headlines. Czech architect Ales Javurek won the AC-CA (Architectural Competition – Concours d’Architecture) with his plans for a stunning and sustainable holiday home overlooking Sydney’s Bondi Beach made out of steel shipping containers and wood panels. Venessa has worked in digital publishing for over a decade and has been a passionate online community builder even longer. An excellent combination of contemporary building and sustainability processes, this highly modern and urban design by Joost Bakker is one of many successful shipping container conversions in Australia.
Now, you can easily afford to built a non-traditional home with ultra modern designs and decor. Many container conversions in Australia are aimed at turning one or more shipping containers into something as beautiful as the Greenhouse Pop-up Restaurant. Since they can dismantled, transporting them to new locations is often easy and stress free. Combine with a fantastic designed like Joost Bakker and you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with. From innovative downsizers, to grand designers, the humble shipping container has become a popular, unique choice of material to fashion remarkable properties.

Now a design competition has invited architects to create a vacation home created entirely from shipping containers – and the winner is another stunner. It features an open concept living space on the entrance level, bedrooms on the upper floor and a roof garden (which also acts as insulation). That is why I provided clear, straight connections between platforms with barrier-free entrance and corridors which are orthogonal to the main axis,” explained Javurek. She's the proud owner of a place to call her own and wants every Australian to have that same opportunity.
Initially situated in Campbell’s Cove, it was was used as exhibition in European Furniture Fairs and Tradeshows.
Wooden slabs are used to define spaces and create zoning throughout the home, while wooden pergolas protect from solar exposure. The design makes use of natural ventilation and light to regulate internal temperature, while glazing adds an additional layer of sustainable support.

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