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We’ve discussed endlessly about various shipping container home designs and several other related ideas. But before we delve into the realm of our list of top 10 shipping container homes, let us clarify that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Orange has always been a questionable choice of color, not just for container homes, but for every other contemporary home as well. There really is no other color that would fit this home better than orange, given its somewhat desserted surroundings.
Mixing and matching genres has always been a challenged to designer, especially when you’re attempting to mix direct opposite.
This might look a little familiar to some of our regular visitors, but that’s because we’ve featured this shipping container home before. Coming in 9th place is this shipping container home with its own pool that oversees an even larger body of water.
If you’re the type of person who simply loves the great outdoors, you’ll definitely fall in love with this container home design. It resembles a camp site in the safari, with plenty of open-air areas and limited need for electricity. Now that you’ve seen our list of top 10 shipping container homes, go ahead and come up with your own list. Converting a shipping container into a house is one of the latest trends in modular housing.
There are several ways to build or buy a home built from shipping containers, and each option is cost effective in it’s own way.
The highest end of the shipping container home market is a custom designed container house. As with a traditional home, the cost of a shipping container home varies greatly with the amount of square footage, features, and amenities that you would like to include.
But usually for me the smaller the better because I like efficiency and the idea of not going beyond our needs too much. In this post I’m going to show you an example of what can be done with a couple of recycled shipping containers. I also like the exposed beams and I love the structure they built to combine the two containers and make the entire thing one awesome home.
If you enjoyed this shipping container house you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter! It also occurred to me that two box trucks could be parked head to toe with the boxes almost touching. I had these thoughts when I was brainstorming inexpensive urban alternatives to overpriced row homes. Put those containers underground and make yourself a underground bunker home for the up coming Apocalypse. I have helped design and build a few shipping container homes and there are lots of ways they can be modified. I designed one that is insulated with strawbales on the outside and stucco for a super insulated and strong shipping container home. LaMar, I’d love to know how you protected the metal exterior from moisture with the strawbales up against the container, and what is done to keep animals from nesting inside the straw bales. Hi Mike, the strawbales are left 1 inch space from the container and that space is filled with pea gravel. Are there any references on how to build out and finish containers & interiors you know of?
This site is a very valuable resource, as it walks through the complete construction, start to finish.
Sure looks like it, and it also looks like the Containers of Hope would be a more expensive version.
You could easily secure the doors but you bring up a problem I see revealed in you question. I really like the looks of this two container home but have a problem withe cost of such a home.
If all that Tiny House blogs showcased were low end, bare knuckle tiny homes on wheels with exposed plywood walls, a futon, a water jug and a sawdust bucket, the audience that would draw inspiration for downsizing would be miniscule. As an architect who specializes in add-ons to high end homes in Chicago, I am constantly repurposing away hundreds of thousands of dollars of fixtures, appliances, wood paneling and windows per year to my friends and family. And since we all have Free Will, you are certainly within your rights to create a container home as low cost as makes you happy. New Jersey based Architect Adam Kalkin has earned the reputation of employing shipping containers in very inventive ways.
It was not too long ago that one would be hard pressed to find anyone who would even consider living in a shipping container.

Needless to say, finding out the top 10 shipping container homes is almost entirely based on personal preference. We’ll be revisiting some homes that we’ve featured before, as well as introducing some new ones.
The usage of a single blue shipping container to create this spectacular home leaves no room for squander.
From the small garden on top, down to the clean tiles on the floor, this shipping container home has everything that anyone would ever want in his or her own home. This is primarily because there’s a limited amount of space for designers and architects for work with.
A whole lot of thought has clearly been put into its design, especially the tree that grows through the flooring. It certainly deserves a placing in our top 10 list of shipping containers for its elevation and usage of black.
However, this designer managed to line up this shipping container home with wooden pieces that are polished, and the results are impressive.
Peace, serenity, and good vibes will all that you’ll feel if you had the opportunity to stay in this shipping container beach house. Situated in a forested area, there’s practically no need for you to incorporate any more greenery than what’s already around you.
This is the perfect spot for you to embark on a jungle adventure or a hike through the woods. As we mentioned earlier, many of you might not agree with our rankings, especially since everything’s practically based on personal preference. While container homes are environmentally sustainable and ideal for green living, the designs and floor plans are incredibly creative and are considered attractive and stylish by even the most discerning of home owners.
Hiring an architect to design a custom home gives you the opportunity to provide input on the structure and your specific needs, and the architect can take into consideration the environment and natural surroundings where the home will be built. Increasingly, shipping container houses are being treated similar to modular homes and designed, assembled, and delivered direct from the factory. It’s completely possible for a creative individual to take the initiative and build their dream container home by themselves. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. I’m quite keen on both the exterior quirkiness and the supreme openess and light of the interior.
One of my focuses has been on converting box trucks that will no longer be used on the road. The meeting faces could be removed and framed, which would effectively double the interior space. Empty lots with good privacy are affordable, whereas lots with any technically-livable structure sell for ten times as much. He goes into detail on his recommended interior wall method (wood 2×3 studs, and spray insulation).
I kinda like the fact that the one featured on this page doesn’t attempt to hide its origins. Could someone close you inside with that mechanism with no release to let you out of there??? I had to bring my laptop to a computer expert, have him strip out the software and download my old browser. Four cracked ribs, brutal blunt force trauma to my internal organs and a severely bruised hip bone. I have seen Mr sly here and there, but Alex took the dates off the postings, so some may be older, you can’t tell from when. He has a minimalist home with wooden and steel furniture—combining warmth and coolness with the materials. For starters, there are loads of them, they are easily transportable, you can stack them on top of one another, they are extremely durable, and they are quite cheap (you could pick up a used container for under $1000).
However, with the gaining popularity of sustainable green design, shipping container homes are becoming increasingly popular as well.
So without further ado, here is our much anticipated list of top 10 shipping container homes. Every nook and cranny has a clear and specific intent in its contribution to making this shipping container home the aesthetic beauty that it is. It has a modern touch to it, a scaled-down version of a balcony, and plenty of other features that make it such a magnificent sight.
It’s entrance alone is more than enough for visitors to feel as if they were entering a prince’s palace.
The skillful approach of incorporating a modernised top storey and a vintage-looking, rusty ground level might seem a bit confusing at first, but it’s definitely a fresh take on the new and the old.

However, there might be a maintenance issue in the long run if the tree were to sprout branches and get in the way of everything else. The green backdrop behind the glass panels give it a bit of an edge, making it look even more striking.
The idea of using different shades in a somewhat disorganized fashion give the home a pattern of unpredictability, which is balanced out by an even larger standard shade towering over it. There’s no definitely no better place to spend a beach vacation at than here, which is exactly what earns its place in our list of top 10 shipping container homes. Taking that into consideration, this shipping container home isn’t what you’d normally expect.
These factories often have plans and pictures that you can select from, and in some cases you can provide input and receive some customized features. There are lots of great books and container home floor plans available on the market; many of them are very specific in providing details of what you need, and exactly how much of it. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. If the engine is running poorly, you can get one inexpensively and limp it to a final resting spot on your land, where it will live to serve a new purpose. The joint on the outside could be protected with a roll of instant roof (the best product ever), rendering it almost invisible.
The bales sit on a gravel and rail road tie base and the stucco extends to the ground so rodents can’t get in. The only thing that would bother me is the fact that the opening mechanisms for the shipping container doors are still on the outside. On my latest redo, I took out $15,000 of Kohler bathroom fixtures because the new owner HATED the Jet Black colour that the previous owner loved.
The masculinity is brought about by the dominance of black in the furnishings and other accents like tiles and the kitchen backsplash.Tiny Home by viVoodAre you a cubist? The front porch has yet to be furnished, but with a few decorations, this home can look as welcoming as it is intimidating.
The slanted roof concept has become increasingly popular among shipping container home owners, and it’s a nice change of pace from the common flat-roofed container homes that we’re normally used to.
Nevertheless, it’s a very fresh approach to container home designs and definitely deserves a placing in our list of top 10 shipping container homes. This sort of urban design is what makes consumers want to swap out their vintage styles for modernisation. I hate when there's only a limited amount of photos to inspire a person when 10 minutes more of taking photos could have supplied a more complete appreciation. I know that I deeply appreciate seeing both ends of the scale but I lean more heavily toward the upscale end of design because that’s what makes my family happy and we can afford it. Whether we outright purchase the items, barter for them, go to craigslist or Dumpster Dive, who knows what inspiration these high end homes can provide?
I sold them for $2,000.00 to my best friend who installed them in his own home this Winter. Though by no means small these homes reused the containers and are a safe building alternative. It has a straightforward layout and the light interiors are complemented with darker fabrics on the furniture. The living room is right beside the bed and there’s also a small dining area which can accommodate three people. Cement pilings are poured with steel plates on top with the containers welded to the plates.
It has a small bathroom and separately enclosed wet room and you can expect the entire house to be brightly lit because of its glass panel faces in front.Salsa Box Tiny HomeThose who go around a lot and would like to bring their home with them ought to consider adapting the idea of the Shelter Wise Salsa Box Tiny Home.
You can pull it by your trailer truck and feel like a very stylish turtle with a compact portable home! It has a wonderful stainless steel kitchen and stainless wet room plus a cozy two-window bedroom too! It even has a small patch of green by the highest window for added color and texture.Shipping Container HomeTrailer-style homes have been in the scene for a while but the Port-A-Bach Shipping Container Home makes the most out of one of the trailer sides.
It can be opened for an additional living space out in the open while having floor to ceiling glass panes to protect the rooms inside.
This two-bedroom space is accentuated with glass shelves and a small glass-walled bathroom to give the illusion of wider interiors.Hand Built Tiny HomeThis 7×20 home has a nice living room, some book shelves, an L-shaped kitchen and an attic-style bedroom with three windows!

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