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Nice piece on designboom about architect Patrick Bradley's new shipping container office, designed and built in collaboration with Thornton Modular which specialises in turning shipping containers into a range of sizes suitable for working and living in (Bradley's is a TO45 model).
Shipping containers typically cost only $1800 – $5000 (some as little as $800) depending on their size. Built on a army base, made from reclaimed materials including the shipping container, old weapons boxes and remaining bunker materials. Innovative, flexible and just darn cool, the Outdoor Room take shipping containers and transform them into anything from a retreat or home office, to a spare bedroom and chill out zone. Available for purchase or rent from late this year, the 20-foot modular units are decked out with power, lighting and air conditioning and feature timber flooring, superior insulation and glass sliding doors. Delivered to your door as a blank slate, the portable and secure container solutions can be used and furnished by consumers to create whatever type of room is needed, with colour-customisation available to suit any setting. Available to buy from $19,950 and hire from $133 per week, they are the perfect solution for those looking for either permanent of temporary extra space. I’m a long time lover of the shipping container and those pictures demonstrate how versatile and gorgeous they can be. However, we rather like this charming design by Shane Peterson who - using 3D Studio Max 2012, Vray and Photoshop - has turned a standard 20′ steel shipping container into a garden office which could be put together off site and then delivered to a home.

It may be less expensive and quicker to achieve a habitable space than standard construction but one should really compare costs of other construction methods. Grand Designs fans will have seen their work on an episode aired last year (more details here).
While the location of the homes may have significant impact on the price of the home, the house itself costs a lot of money, a lot more than what most people can afford. They are readily available for purchase as containers that are shipped to their final destinations are usually too expensive to ship back. These containers are also eco-friendly, as they are re-purposed into homes instead of being melted down when they are scrapped or shipped back empty. Modern urban ingenuity allowed us to create and make use of living spaces that would have been considered absurd at any other point in time. The deteriorating economy, rising levels of pollution and rapid increase in population forced people to consider more eco-friendlier ways.

Typical homes in US seem like they are made of paper, they can’t handle extreme climate conditions. I was driving down this storage in delray beach fl and the place is like one mammoth shipping container! They are build to handle heavy loads, harsh climate conditions, and being handled by cranes.
These sturdy houses can be welded together and built in a very short time, and handle just about anything that is thrown at them. Just like with any other irregular structures, container homes do have some disadvantages, so be sure to do some research.

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