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As you know, we’re having a really hard time getting past all the bureaucrats that decided to stick their noses into our little project.
I started thinking about how you could get a house up, in a time period of about 3 months, that had the potential to house a small family.
The goal here is to build a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home that will provide all of the goals we ‘ve noted, for under $300.00 a month.
You can if you have “equity.” Equity is the amount of money you already have invested in your property, based on it’s current appraisal. That’s about $115 a square foot, the national average for “appraisal footage”, in this category of homes. I wanted the family to be able to build this home, out of pocket.  It’s a young married couple, with one child, a little girl.

They have “In-Laws” who generously agreed to donate $15,000 each, to help them get the house going. So, we have an acre and a half of land with good south exposure, all the water we need, and $65,000.00 to build with. Through a fleet transport broker, we found a guy who has cargo to move fromSavannah to Columbia.
So, we get this guy to use our boxes to haul his stuff to Columbia and then we truck the boxes from Columbia to the building site, a distance of about 80 miles.
But, can you actually build a home out of three ISBUs’ that will comfortably house a family? Now, remember, according to “Ronin’s Rules“… that house has to be affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient.

And, they had a piece of ground with a nasty trailer sitting on it, just begging for demolition.
They are 40? High Cube Shipping Containers, and they’ve only been used twice, as near as we can tell.
Okay, we’re gonna use some fuel, but it’s a far better cry, than paying over  $700 each, to have them delivered to us, via tractor trailer. That’s the price of a new car, if you can keep yourself from driving into the local Mercedes Benz Dealership.

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