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Bland is not necessarily bad when the goal is to cheaply and easily reuse something industrial as a residential space.
Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! My wife and I have been searching for a house to buy in Port Lincoln to give us our own little piece of paradise.

While a lot of cargo container homes delight the senses, these few dozen rather austere, bare-bones modular designs somewhat boldly focus on the nuts and bolts, so to speak, of living in a metal box. There is nothing fancy (in a good way) about the fold-down chairs, tables and beds the tuck neatly into walls when not actively needed, opening up floor area and serving multiple uses.Unlike many more-conceptual approaches, there is an appropriate minimalism to the process laid out by this pragmatic Midwestern company.
So I'm on the hunt for alternative solutions to getting that dream home for as little as possible.

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