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There might not be anything more shocking for the fans of the ocean and underwater exploration from the natural unique formations that exist below the surface of the water. In Florida USA there are several underwater caves with fresh water to explore, but Ginnie Springs stands out both for its accessibility and for its crystal clear waters. In the peninsula of Yucatan, the semi submersible cave with an underwater river offers great swimming underwater experiences to its visitors. In the hot springs area in Utah Midway USA’s an underground geothermal pool 10,000 years.
In the Bay Georgian Bay Ontario waves have designed a magical underground passage and the area is one of the most famous places, with guests enjoying the wonderful, turquoise waters. Underwater caves photos: Brett Matthews, Michael Rubenstein, djdanny2, Quiero Cancun, Danny Morrow, MarkOrm.
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Building houses with shipping containers is a fairly new concept, but is gaining traction due to low cost and durability.
Container homes are not simply containers that have been placed on the ground and people move in.
One such example of what can be done with a container home was built for an art collector and his family in the Andes hills outside of Santiago, Chile. This mass of containers, concrete, and steel turned out quite magnificent with two storeys, plenty of lighting, and great views over the valley below.
Your home is made out of STEEL, which means it’s resistant to floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and fire. Does this mean that the dream of living in an affordable, safe and efficient home is out of reach for you and your family?
I know the thought of living in a house made out of shipping containers is pretty radical to some people. Because my new book, Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings, is your first step in learning how to build an ISBU home yourself, on a budget. My name is Alex Klein, and I’ve been helping families build with ISBU containers for over 30 years now. This is why I decided to create a series of books to teach people how to work with these containers.

Right now, we’re offering Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings for an incredibly low reduced price. We wrote Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings with one goal in mind: to help you, and other families, see just how easy and affordable it is to build with ISBU containers. We’re talking safe, affordable, sustainable, livable homes that will shelter you and your family for decades to come. And, yes… if you need that tactile sensation of feeling pages turn in your fingers (we understand completely), simply use Adobe Reader or your word processor to print the book out!
You’ll never spill water on it, tear the pages, or forget where you put it, because it’ll be tucked safely on your hard drive for years to come! Learn ALL the ISBU Facts and TRICKS from EXPERTS who have been doing it for over 3 decades!
If you’re dreaming of living in a safe, affordable, sustainable home that you (and not the bank) own, then ISBU is the answer. It is an ideal destination for swimmers and divers, but you have to be quite adept at diving. Discovered first time in 2005, when a farmer stumbled across an entrance while chasing an iguana. Nobody can make diving at a depth of 10 meters in waters where the temperature reaches several degrees Celsius. There is abundant marine life and there is a second cave, created by lava and forming impressive underwater arches. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. In some cases container homes can cost as much as seventy-five percent less than tradition homes. When inside container homes, they look like they’ve been taken out of any normal cookie-cutter catalogue (albeit a slightly smaller interior). The Caterpillar House, designed by Sebastian Irarrazaval, comprises of five 40ft containers, six 20ft containers, and an additional 40ft container for the swimming pool. The architect achieved this successfully using low cost, low maintenance materials which will keep this home looking amazing for years to come. Building with Shipping Containers has a special history all its own. Sure, you can have an energy efficient, safe home, but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.

And, my goal is to help you learn how to do this so that you can build a safe, affordable home for your family.
My goal is to share with you all the tips and tricks I’ve learned through the years of working with ISBU containers. If we published this book in print, we discovered that it would drive the cost up to more than double our target price. Whether you elect to print it out or not, you’ll ALWAYS have a copy of it to go to, as a reference. Funds from this book go directly to “The Corten Cavalry” to help families build homes! Here are some of the most exciting underwater cave in the world where you can swim and explore scuba diving. Also you can visit if you have the necessary courage, and the cave of bats which says its name is home to thousands of bats.
The cave was opened to the public in 2008 in order to be able to admire the impressive stalactites, stalagmites and eliktites cave.
One could spend months exploring the hot, bustling streets by day and indulging in deliciously rich food by night. Building with shipping containers means you’re giving new life to these steel boxes that would otherwise be scrapped. Our goal was to make obtaining this information less than the average price of ONE family outing at a Fast Food Restaurant. An ISBU shipping container home will keep your family safe from anything nature, or man, can throw at it.
It’s also really easy to make ISBU shipping container homes energy efficient, or even off-grid. Compared with traditional building, ISBU containers are incredibly easy to work with – which means you can build your home yourself.

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