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Bespoke Hydroponic Shipping containers, With designs ranging from the very basic to super advanced set ups.
We can build a Growroom with how you want, with what you want to grow as many plants as you want. We have built hundreds of various custom Hydroponic growrooms for people in the last 5 years for a multitude of purposes and varities and have supplier over 30 different countries.
Hydroponic Growrroms and shipping containers have been custom built for projects and purposes such as. A 5-6 thousand pound difference alone, The same goes for ventilation and environment controls, nutrients, nutrient an ph monitoring and automatic dosing, hydroponics systems, Type of contained contruction from bare shell to full insulated and fireproof.
If you have a rough idea of the amount of plants you want to grow, the grade of lighting and ventilation and or a certain budget we can accomodate all situations. We can also just supply a container full of the requirered equipment and materials if youw wish to convert yourself.
GreenTech Agro Inc., managed by Glenn Behrman, a 40-year veteran of the horticulture industry who founded The Plant Shed in NYC, recently announced the launch of the “Growtainer” project, a new concept in controlled-environment farming.
The Growtainer introduction is one of many interesting initiatives proposed by GreenTech Agro.
The GreenTech CEO spent a year researching and meeting with major players involved in the development, design and manufacturing of the components required for the controlled growing environments.

Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Custom Built Grow room Shipping container, with or with out hydroponics system for up to 100 plants, grow twice as quick with automated hydroponics systems and all year around with our controlled closed loop lighting and ventilation. 1 x 16 x way Heavy Duty Commercial Lighting control Board for timed iginition and safety control. Orca Premium Mylar or Megalux thermal heat reflective mylar plus additional diamond pro light reflection on all container walls and ceiling. Closed Loop, Co2 injection and Air cooled ventilation system to control and keep the room at optimal temperature at all times, night and day. Grow up to 80 Plants in either Flood and Drain Tables Containing 9 plants per tray and in turn connected to a large main central feeding station or an 80 x single pot proffesional flood and drain individual pod feeding system and master controller.
Although a fairly new concept of food and plant production i dont think many people reliase how many of us take that little patch of grass outside the backs and fronts of our houses for granted.
Growtainers are specially equipped insulated shipping containers complete with the most advanced LED lighting, water conserving hydroponic or drip-irrigation systems, adjustable shelving for high yield vertical production, and a state-of-the-art HVAC system, all controlled by a specially designed PC-based microprocessor system which can be monitored from anywhere. The start-up has already begun the process to submit the project to the US Military for use in locations like Afghanistan where it is difficult to provide fresh vegetables to our troops. He traveled the globe, investigating options for LED lighting, hydroponic systems, HVAC systems and greenhouse controllers, and learning from Dutch universities researching optimum production environments.

Growtainers, which are either 40 or 20 feet long, may qualify for grant money through state or federal programs such as the USDA’s Value-Added Producer Grant and other federally funded initiatives. Owning a Growtainer is an excellent small business opportunity.
Growtainers may be purchased as complete growing systems with nothing to set up or install –  just add seeds and start growing. GreenTech Agro is also in discussions with a senior aid to the Obama Administration to establish an urban re-development program in the Northeast centered on indoor farming, and they are also proposing the development of an indoor farming facility to be built underground in the midwestern United States.
For a small investment a local entrepreneur can provide fresh, healthy organic produce 12 months a year. The individual containers could be owned or operated on their own as gardens or livestock operations, such as for a restaurant to grow some of their own produce, or run as a single large urban farm, and because of the modular nature of the design, residences or office units could be interspersed with the growing containers as a mixed use building."The idea of this ecosystem is to bring farming down-town and grow fresh produce near their urban consumers. Remember to follow our instructions carefully to boost your chances of being chosen for publishing!

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