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Our 20’ high-cube shipping containers are a popular item when it comes to storing your contents long term or for furniture removal. We have a variety of delivery methods available depending on your site access or you can arrange your own transport. If you would like a quote on any of our products then simply fill in the below instant quote form to receive our current price guide.
LATEST NEWSPort Containers have just expanded it's rental fleet and have containers available for rent across the country. For more information, see our Container Rentals page and submit an online quote to see our prices. 20ft high cube Open Side Container Shipping for sale, View open side container shipping, LongTeng Product Details from Tianjin Longteng International Trade Co., Ltd. This unit is typically 2-5 years old and is in superior structural and cosmetic condition to an A Grade Container. All of our storage containers are secure, wind and water-proof, rodent-free, fire-resistant, with hard wood floors, and come with lock boxes installed. With an additional foot taller in height compared to our standard container for sale, high cubes make a good temporary or permanent storage solution for the home or business.

Our containers are made of heavy duty materials designed to withstand the elements and protect your goods while they are in transit.
We can usually deliver a container a day after processing your order, so you have it on site where you need it. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. You can expect a 20% to 30% price increase for this product grade.(See product pages for details and specs) Cargo Worthy containers have been repaired back to the condition required to carry cargo via inter-modal transport. Ideal for storing just about anything, but commonly used for bulky goods that generally don’t fit in a standard container. Your high cube container will also feature double doors, timber flooring and multiple tie-down anchor points inside the box.
For approximate shipping container dimensions on our high-cube containers, see the below specifications chart. This may or may not be of importance to you, but if you plan on using your Shipping Container for transport of cargo, it will need to be in Cargo Worthy condition to be certified for transport. You can secure your contents by locking a padlock on the door bars or we can fit a security lock box for extra measure.

That being said, B grade units are still a very popular product.(See product pages for details and specs) Modified Cargo Containers have been altered with custom or standard modifications. The containers have been changed from their original ISO Container status into one of the many variations of portable storage; housing, kiosk, office or other portable use solutions in the market. Modified Containers can typically no longer be restored to Cargo Worthy condition, but talk to your sales rep about your requirement to see if we can accommodate your request. (See product pages for details and specs). Not only 13 feet longer than a Std 40ft ISO Container, but depending on production date, this unit can also be 6 inches wider and always a foot taller. Delivery is challenging and can be costly, so make sure to have a detailed conversation with your sales rep about receiving this unit at your location.

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