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This amazing three story container house was designed by builder Todd Miller of Zeigler Build.
Made of 31 (!) brand new 20 foot shipping containers, this spectacular four bedroom, four bathroom, 6,000 square foot home is located 5 miles away from the heart of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The house was put on the market in late 2013, with an asking price of $1.55 million Australian dollars. Architecture & Design was started by an Afghan entrepreneur, he believes that wellbeing is affected by the spaces we spend our time in and that their design is an important notion to consider with regards to our personal comfort and happiness – whether we are at home, at work or at play.
About Us Architecture & Design is an online magazine that tries to unite all those orbiting in the Architecture Art and Design sphere. Shipping containers are an economic way to provide housing and office space not only in less developed nations but in hard to reach and temporary locations and they are eco-friendly. A 10-foot wide by 40-foot long container can be bought from a shipping company for less than $15,000.

Hi Keith; Still contemplating whether to buy in Canada and need to have the family see Kitchener area. New Jersey based Architect Adam Kalkin has earned the reputation of employing shipping containers in very inventive ways. It was not too long ago that one would be hard pressed to find anyone who would even consider living in a shipping container.
They are considered to be a terrific way of recycling and of saving resources like lumber and steel. We forget as real estate agents that the general public does not know how commissions work. For starters, there are loads of them, they are easily transportable, you can stack them on top of one another, they are extremely durable, and they are quite cheap (you could pick up a used container for under $1000). However, with the gaining popularity of sustainable green design, shipping container homes are becoming increasingly popular as well.

Melting down an 8000-pound container so that it can be reused for steel beams takes about 8000 kwh of energy, whereas converting to another use takes a fraction of the energy.
There are a number of “home-kits” available through several international companies to help you convert your container into a comfortable home. New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, China and other parts of Europe and the West Indies all have homes, offices, showrooms, student dorms, emergency shelters and even hotels made from containers.

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