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If you have specific questions about building materials or designs please send me an email through this contact form here. If you remove the entire length on the 40 foot side, you will find the the roof will collapse. Hi Guys, thanks for letting me have a look around on sunday, am following your journey with interest. To get the project started you can draw up a very simple hand sketch of the house and list every component on an excel spreadsheet. James and I are not trades people however we are qualified product design engineers, project managers and hold an environmental sustainability qualification. We build on a bushfire affected property, which means the council was very lenient on their requirements. James and I are qualified engineers, we created all the drawings and specified the connections and steel member sizes. The structural engineer usually needs some drawings from an architect or a drafts person to specify required member sizes for your required spans. Lindsay is a charted engineer and has the relevant accreditations to provide certifications for every state in Australia. Hi, am so impressed by your design, my partner and I are in the process of designing our own shipping container home, so thanks for sharing your project. Was wondering how this went through council as a suitable building for a bushfire prone area, as the area we are looking at has also been classified as such. Every council is different, your best option is to call your local planning department and talk to them directly.

If you have no eve overhang then you will definitely need some form of flashing to cover any gaps. Between 3k and 4k delivered, however you can find them cheaper on ebay if you have the patients and somewhere to store them. I don’t know anything about houses, but recycling shipping containers to serve a purpose such as this…brilliant! There are lots of different ways to heat and cool the house (not just insulation) When the roof is exposed to the sun the steel will get very hot. The engineering degree helps lots when facing the challenge of working with shipping containers. If you want to get a good result in terms of time, cost and quality of finish, it’s best to utilise the skills of experienced people. Keep in mind if the structural engineer specifies everything, you may have to use a connection method that is hard to work with onsite. Our roof stops the direct light from hitting the container roof and considerably helps to cool the house on a hot day. For example working out connection methods, dealing with the building surveyor and structural engineer. There is a massive diversity of skills required for the job, I have listed some from the top of my head below. The engineer required some of the member sizes to be increased, which we changed and then submitted to the building surveyor. I want to put a pod roof over the top of two containers with a cavity in between which I will build in.

A roof plumber usually does the flashing on roof sheeting and would be a good person to speak to. If go to the container yards you can expect to pay $3000-$4000 including delivery for each container.
Our neighbors were concerned about overlooking into their space and it was getting very close to the boundary, so we removed that section. We will use cellulose fibre spray insulation, our preference was closed cell polyurethane spray foam, but much too expensive in Australia.
We use a book called Rawlinsons Construction Cost Guide, you might find a similar one for Texas. And would you think someone with fairly good handyman skills could handle this type of build? I am concerned about water getting in behind the cladding with the roof having no overhang at the front.
When making your cutouts you can leave a few inches of wall at the top to strengthen the ceiling. My understanding is the product is much cheaper in the States and would be a good option for you to consider. To achieve the best result we worked with carpenters for the timber work and we plan to use professional plasterers.

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