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Containers are home to not only the 1000 units that each have a private balcony, but a cafe, supermarket, office space, and even a sports area.
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I guess you are mixing up these shipping containers with other prefab student housing complexes in the Netherlands.
Furthermore, if all students are really unhappy with their home; why would there be a waiting list to get a room of appr.
While on the surface, the idea seemed like a good one––considering the level of design schools in Amsterdam, and the fact that the students hated it…whose idea was this, and were any students consulted in its design?
These containers are also being used by some people as nuclear bomb or above ground disaster shelters. I saw some negative comments about the project, and i would probably tell them that these type of housing is not for hollywood stars or for someone who never been in need of housing when they can not even afford corner of apartment. I understand that there gotta be building standards and requirements which suppose to be checked by health department and architectures or that mets the city code. I studied 7 years to get my BA and MA Degree in my home town and in foreign country, biggest headache i always had was my rent money not my academic results. Now i work for university in Mongolia as Director of International Relationship and Cooperation. Is someone out there who can give me more information about this project or any other ideas? Indeed these habitational units were made out of new containers, in China, and shipped "turn-key". However it is possible to recycle shipping containers that are not suitable for transportation, as long as the frame is not out of site, that means has not received major structural damage. There is as well the possibility that actual market rules (the fact of being cheaper to get brand new container in origin than shipping back empty units from destination) makes container market allow the possibility of using containers that have no other use to be upgraded to habitational units, really then achieving a recycling attitude. If you look on, you'll see, it a great starting point for a house that then gets finished off quite nicely. With that said, I hate all the negative people who feel a need to be negative for no other reason then the fact that they ARE negative.
Usado como espacio para estudiar o como oficinas, en mi caso, no me gustaria estudiar o trabajar en un lugar asi. Because some students in Le Havre, France are living the stacked life in sweet housing designed by Cattani Architects.
The architect Cattani said of the thoughts that accompanied her work: a€?How do I prevent students, prospective tenants, they feel put in the box? Stacked shipping containers translate into furnished dorm suits that are about 24 square square meters, and every unit has a large glass wall that lets in a lot of natural light (not to mention a water view).
I love the idea of shipping containers as student housing – I mean, these units are a lot bigger than the dorm rooms I had back in the day, and add to that the luxury of a kitchen, a private bath, a balcony, and a great view?
Christa Terry is a writer and wedding and lifestyle expert whose book iDo: Planning Your Wedding with Nothing But a€?Net is a one-stop planning resource for modern, free-thinking brides and grooms. My only criticism is that they are brand new containers direct from the factory in China ,it would be better if the Architect could have used second hand containers at the end of their useful life. Recycling should be at the heart of every construction project, as far as I’m concerned. A New York couple took the creative route when it came to finding affordable real estate in the city building a home entirelly out of shipping containers.
David Boyle and his wife Michele Bertomen purchased a 20-by-40-foot plot of land in 2008 in Williamsburg -- a trendy, up-and-coming neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The project was officially completed in 2012, but the couple did experience some hurdles along the way.
Boyle and Bertomen plan to run a nonprofit out of the home to work on quality of life issues with the hopes that the space will serve the Williamsburg community as a whole. The following quotes are from a paper by Napier and Asher published in Astronomy & Geophysics. We know that about one bright comet (of absolute magnitude as bright as 7, comparable to Halley’s Comet) arrives in the visibility zone (perihelion q<5AU, say) each year from the Oort cloud. Most designs that can be found online for a Faraday Cage are for something the size of a shoebox or similar.
An episode of Doomsday Preppers features Tim Ralston (the guy who shot his thumb off) who is using shipping containers to build a bunker (I hope he reinforces them!), partly as protection from an EMP attack. I would HIGHLY Recommend you also install some Ground Rods that will attach to the four corners of the shipping container into a confirmed earth grounding system.
That will pass the EMP to the path of least resistance and eliminate any stray fields that may be present. I had two 6 foot copper grounding rods left over from a construction job, I beat them into the ground with a sledge hammer and attached them to the shipping container with #2 copper wire.
However you have to isolate the car (and any other contents) from the metal of the shipping container.
All metal houses (shipping container houses) have to be grounded by code with at least (minimum) 2 copper ground spikes, each are at least (minimum) 8 foot long and have to be grounded using heavy gauge wire. For a Faraday cage to work it has to completely surround the contained objects, sides, top and bottom. Even a thin aluminum skin say aluminum siding with metal screen over the windows will act like a Faraday cage as long is the whole thing is connected and grounded. You would have to do a better job of grounding the doors than just the hinges and also I would use 8 to 12 foot grounding rods to make sure it is properly grounded, but yes in theory these dudes would make a big Faraday Cage.
Instead of working on sealing up doors, maybe create a mesh wall just inside the door like those old hippie bead doors.
If you are really worried then I would put whatever electronic equipment in a steel trash can within the container. We use shipping containers exclusively in the ROV industry; we convert them to control vans for the vehicles.
I worked in a pulsed power lab for a while, and the most common thing we did for shielding was a combination of impedance matched instrument cable (teeeeeensy tiny coaxial cable) and either zinc or nickel spray paint inside our enclosures.
Note: Wrapping the cell phone in the foil, but WITHOUT placing on top of the cardboard box inside the cage, does NOT prevent the cell phone from ringing.
Robert, a steel shipping container would be a very solid EMI shielding solution although a ground is not necessary. Lastly, you mention expense being a huge factor because none exist for the consumer market.
Keetwonen, a student housing project in Amsterdam, turns shipping containers into 1000 units and provides all the amenities a student could ever want.
The modular housing constructed with sandwich panels is the lowest in cost, most rapidly erected, simplest in design, and most structurally sound basic housing in existence today.
The Keetwonen units in Amsterdam have a bathroom in which you definitely don't have to lean over your toilet while taking a shower.
For students, rent is high everywhere in Mongolia or even in USA except in some ghetto areas of course.
Many containers are left out of their function becouse of broken doors or other minor conditions.

Instead of bashing an idea, why not try to find solutions to the problems so that it can become an ever better, more effective, more appealing, more cost efficient, and possibly even more environmentally friendly.
En la universidad de Buenos Aires todos los niveles de talleres se ocupan de tratar ese tema y encontrar soluciones dentro del diseno, entendiendo la problematica sociocultural presente. My main issue with this is that it (obviously) uses more energy to recycle or reuse these things than to not build them in the first place and then have to recycle them. The first floor is raised off the ground, allowing for both privacy and bike storage, and to minimize the boxed feeling one might get, the shipping containers are staggered and separated from one another by sound-proofing of rubber and concrete. With one husband, one toddler, and more on the way a€“ kids, not husbands a€“ Christa somehow manages to stay on top of the tricks and trends that make getting married and living life stylish and fun. The couple purchased six shipping containers at $1,500 each in potentially the first private residence made exclusively of that material. At one point even received a stop-work order from the Department of Buildings over the lack of open space in the back yard area among other issues. It seems to be securely established that ~1–2% of these are captured into Halleytype (HT) orbits. A simple description is a tightly-closed metal box (like an ammo tin), covered in tin foil, grounded, with some form of simple insulation on the inside (like cardboard). Still, what about one just sitting on the ground – would that be a cheap, effective means to having a Faraday Cage big enough to park a vehicle in? This is in case of an electrical short in the wall against the metal structure and to off set the potential lightening strike. And yes, they provide a measure of shielding; cell phones, radios, and hand held VHF radios do not function inside without an external antenna. Then close the cage up and call your cell phone.  If you can hear your cell phone ring, the your cage (or at least the item) is NOT EMP resistant. The positive and negative charges are re-distributed on opposite sides of the container thus nulling out internal fields, in fact, testing has shown that grounding a faraday cage can actually disrupt this re-distribution.
And aside from the obvious green usage of surplus shipping containers, Keetwonen has integrated a rooftop to accommodate efficient rainwater drainage while providing heat dispersal and insulation for the containers beneath.
Also there are no vibrating problems at all (there is no laundry machine within them; the complex has a Laundrette). Use the containers to ship relief items, then use the container itself as a starting block to new housing. Shipping containers are built to ship things, and not house students, so they have to be extensively retro-fitted anyways. The dynamical lifetime of a body in such an orbit can be estimated, from which the expected number of HT comets is perhaps ~3000.
Put anything electronic inside it and it will survive an EMP – because the cage will receive the energy and dissipate it via the grounding.
Designed by TempoHousing and completed last year, this is a great example of large-scale shipping containers serving as functional and comfortable space. Not sure why so many people have negative opinion, not all of us are rich enough to build mansions.
Manolo Blahnik, any products bearing the federally registered trademarks MANOLOA®, BLAHNIKA® or MANOLO BLAHNIKA®, or any licensee of said federally registered trademarks.
However, the basic needs of us all, including the students I teach––to be clean, eat and study––should be accommodated in a comfortable fashion.

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