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October 28, 2014 By Victoria Cheng Leave a Comment The local construction team specializes in framing and once you see the finished product, you’ll notice their attention to detail.
If you have any questions regarding the progress of our Shipping Container Cabin, or any specific questions about techniques and materials used in our kits for sale, we’d love to speak with you so contact us! September 24, 2014 By Victoria Cheng Leave a Comment Construction on the 7 Sea Container Cabin Project has taken off in full steam since our BIG crane day. Time has passed quickly but this is the start to sharing our summer progress with you. If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, please book an appointment and visit us at our new Urban showroom!
March 22, 2014 By Jason Rioux Leave a Comment This past winter was the coldest Ontario has seen in 20 years.
During our planned sea container construction downtime, we have been busy preparing for our next steps. Another long lead time item are the custom heavy steel brackets for connecting the post and beam timber works. Documenting interior design requirements so that a furniture, electrical and lighting plan could be created to optimize the living space. Did we mention we’re hoping to have the sea container cabin project filmed for a TV series? If you would like greater detail on any of these topics or just want to hear more about our experiences, contact us or leave us a comment below. March 22, 2014 By Jason Rioux Leave a Comment Once you are in the business of building with shipping containers, you can’t help but notice these types of projects when traveling the world. November 26, 2013 By Jason Rioux Leave a Comment Old man Winter was finding its way quickly into Southern Ontario and we were knee deep in building foundations for our shipping container cabin. Concrete forming commenced for the footings, with some crafty carpentry work to follow the natural granite. The excavator and our seasoned contractor George are making quick work of what is otherwise a mountain of carnage. If you have any questions about our demolition experience, please contact us or leave a comment below. October 2, 2013 By Jason Rioux Leave a Comment This is the best video I have seen which shows how shipping containers are made in China. One of our excited project followers has taken the initiative of printing a scale model of our Shipping Container Cabin on his home built 3D plastic printer. This shipping container project caught my eye given the sheer style and size of the complex. The Big Day (or days as it turned out) has arrived to take delivery of our shipping containers for our future shipping container cabin.

In Ontario, with all the snow melting in the spring time, it results in load restrictions for hauling heavy loads during this time of year.
Before the containers arrived, 50 cubic yards of gravel was brought in to expand the lay down area to accomodate all 8 containers beside the proposed construction site. Terminal Pacifico Sur Valparaiso in Chile recently purchased three Ship-to-Shore container cranes (STS) from Irish based Liebherr Container Cranes. The cranes incorporate the latest security and control technologies, and feature comfortable and ergonomic operator cabins.
Recent changes in the shipping industry have seen large Post-Panamax vessels calling to South America’s west coast, and central Chile has seen a 15 percent increase in container movement over the last three years. With this purchase, which is part of a comprehensive development plan in terms of capacity and technology, TPS is once again placed at the forefront of Valparaiso’s port industry providing a complete and excellent service to its customers in every port operation. As of October 2014, the Shipping Container Cabin – Project Octopod has been completed. Over the summer, many folks have been walking by a busy downtown Toronto corner wondering what was the newest addition to Scadding Court Community’s Market 707 Business out of the Box (BOB) program could be.
The Bobcaygeon area is known for rocky terrain with a clear presence of cambrian and pre-cambrian geology.
Demolishing the old revealed that this little cabin had multiple layers of material in every part of its construction.
You can also follow our project and be the first to know what’s going on by signing up for our blog. For those of you who are unfamiliar with 3D plastic printing, there is a niche following of techies that design and build 3D printers that literally print out 3 dimensional objects using melted plastic droplets. These cranes have an outreach of 62m and a safe working load of 65t under twin lift spreader. An integrated remote monitoring system allows for efficient crane operation and for monitoring and management of the cranes from within the terminal.. The acquisition of the Liebherr cranes by TPS allows the port to play a central role in meeting this continued demand by offering greater operational efficiency. In fact, if you would like to experience the Sea Container Cabin, we will be booking rentals for those of you who are looking for an off-grid adventure. After checking in with our builder, it appears we’ll need a little more patience before the roads dry up allowing us to get back into the construction scene. A series of containers were painted black, placed along both sides of this building and have been integrated in a way to provide furniture and goods storage. Rebar reinforcements were inserted into concrete footings and with projections for foundation walls and piers to come next.

In fact, there’s been so much interest in our project we are putting together a free of charge sneak peek of our Do it Yourself Shipping Container Cabin kit.
The floors were composed of steel beams, joists, tongue and groove subfloor, SM foam, plywood, and finally topped with hardwood flooring.
Think of it as a miniature hot glue gun with brains, motorized controls, and a computer interface. These are the largest container cranes that Liebherr has ever manufactured for the west coast of South America.
Our new Sea Container Cabin Urban Model showroom is the smallest model we offer at 20 feet long. I was particularly impressed with the beefy foundations and fastening detail they employed. Due to the uneven rock terrain, we decided bringing in surveyors to accurately locate the centre octagon points and outer piers would be a worthwhile investment. Sign up for our blog if you’d like to be the first to know once it becomes available. The walls were tongue and groove pine on the interior, studs, fiberglass insulation, tongue and groove board exterior, tongue and groove wood siding, topped with an extra layer of cedar board and batten. The cranes allow the terminal to meet shipping companies’ newest requirements, operating on large container vessels such as the CMA CGM Marco Polo container ships. The ceiling to roof was composed of tongue and groove pine ceiling, studded partially vaulted ceiling, fiberglass insulation, roof rafter joists, tongue and groove board roof sheeting, asphalt shingles, wood strapping, steel roofing. These ships have a length of 396m, a breadth of 53.6m and a TEU capacity of over 16,020TEU. Located at Bathurst Street and Dundas Street, we built this showroom to  give everyone a feel for what it’s like living in a Sea Container Cabin and more imporatantly, we used this showroom to test out our materials, their quality, ease of use, appropriateness for metal, and finishes at the Sea Container Cabin Urban before we applied our favourite features to our 7 Sea Container Cabin Showcase.
If you come across anything neat, please let us know so we can share with our community of shipping container architecture enthusiasts.
The amount of material to dispose, recycle, reuse and burn was equivalent to 2 or 3 such structures.

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