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Building homes, shelters, and survival bunkers from recycled shipping containers is a very economical and efficient way to build your home.
Shipping container homes are the PERFECT base to start building you off grid home or cabin.
1280 square foot ranch style home for less than $10,000 in materials. This design, like most others I’ve designed uses a minimalist approach to maximize livable floor space.
The two containers off the each side form the outer walls, and contain the bedrooms and bathroom.
The rear of the house doesn’t have to be a glass wall, but I like it because it just looks nice, and will give the interior space a large feel opening onto the back patio.
This is a more complex design than my first $10k 1280 Sqft Ranch Style Container Home using two shipping containers, however the cost of extra materials to complete the railing, upper decks, and extra structural materials needed to support the added weight should still have this shipping container home coming in under $40k including the solar panels.
The strawbale will be about $5 per bale and we’ll need about 200, so $1000 for the strawbales. Not bad for a 3 story 3000 square foot house… This is cutting it close, and we can find tune these numbers, but this whole system is very doable for under $100k. 4 large helix wind turbines and a solar panel array with 48 solar panels generate a combined power of 44,000 watts.
Here is a simple yet practical design I made that accents the simplicity of the shipping container, yet is paneled and sided such that it’s indistinguishable from a traditional contemporary home design. This unit is complete with Solar Power and a Atmospheric Water Generator to supply drinking water and power.
This next design is a spin on the above design, but with a sun deck and sliding glass door atop the ground floor. About Off Grid WorldAll about living off the grid, sustainable living, homesteading, prepping, survival, solar power, wind power, renewable energy, permaculture, hydroponics, recycling, DIY projects, and natural building. Crash victims survive after car is crushed flat by lorry's, Crash victims miraculously survive (and give the thumbs up) after their car is crushed flat by a lorry's shipping container load. December 4, 2011 by Eric 27 Comments You might seriously think about building your own Zombie Fortress. The outer perimeter is secured by 16 foot tall steel walls constructed of 48 reinforced steel shipping containers stretching 1000 feet in length around the entire outer perimeter. There are four 40′ tall steel guard towers, each complete with dual 50 caliber sentry guns capable of wiping out even the largest of zombie hoards.
Beyond the 16 foot tall steel reinforced wall, the interior compound is fortified by a large open expanse of land with no trees, bushes, or shrubbery that can be used to conceal a zombie threat, or surprise the inhabitants of the container castle keep.
The container castle is fortified by structurally reinforced 14 gauge steel walls, and solid steel plating at weak points. The Zombie Fortress complete with container castle, moat, and perimeter wall,  is heavily fortified against hoards of attacking zombies. I think you missed the part where it says the lower container around the entire perimeter wall is filled with dirt. You could get by with just the outer perimeter, using only a single row of containers and dig a slope leading up to the wall (or just situate it on a hill I guess), that way most of the bodies will fall down the hill. The moat and the huge building are useless, zombies don’t drown and people can live in tents or huts, you will need as much growing space for food to sustain the compound. Also If what is in the moat is a Crocodile or Shark, ditch that idea; you could get killed yourself or they may not attack the sharks. You started with a very good, viable concept (container fortress) and made it fantastical (whimsical, unrealistic). You’re on the right track my friend, just get your head out of the clouds and be a bit more pragmatic. Hi My name is Kitten, i writing my first blog and part of it is an idea for a self sustaining floating city and i just wanted you tell you i am referencing your blog as like minded individual.

I think you should add some CCTV cameras cause if you don’t add it , how are you going to see out . You should also fill the inside of the steel containers with concrete for a precaution and reinforce it with steel bars .
You should have search lights to let you see outside at night and have tear gas grenades to repel any human invaders . There’s a extremely big problem also , how much ammunition do you have , it is best you have a big underground concrete steel composite bunker to keep a lot of your precious ammunition .
It started off as a good, practical idea but got way too fantastic with the addition of sentry guns and the like. You could save on containers, too, by not having the corner towers, which I feel are unnecessary. I think adjusting to live simpler would save at least $100,000 on the construction of this and make it far more practical. Cost-wise, there are million-dollar homes all over the world, very few of them specifically designed to allow its residents to survive end-of-the-world events. Some people balk at the idea of living a a shipping container home, but if designed correctly, and smartly, you can design a home which is indistinguishable from traditional homes. From one extreme to the other, cheap and small, to extremely large and extravagant these are some of the most popular home design styles made from shipping containers. 1280 square feet is a good size to start out, and even if you were to splurge a little with more expensive materials you could double the cost to $20k and still have one very affordable, and very nice home.
The bottom back glass wall faces west to catch the afternoon and evening sun, and the top deck is for viewing those beautiful desert sunsets over the mountaintops.
The first design is small 2 story, but the second is a 3 story, and the 3rd is a massive Container Castle at nearly 10,000 square feet with at least 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms.
4 Stories, consists of 18 40? shipping containers forming a ring around a central atrium like vertical space 32 feet tall by 40?40 (1600 sqft) wide in the center.
This contemporary unit has everything the first has, and the addition of and additional 160 square foot sun deck. It’s not for the faint of heart or those with shallow pockets, but should in the end protect a large group of people from the zombie hoards indefinitely. Your commenters have some very good input that I have been contemplating myself (NBC, bulldozers, snipers, etc). Place a reinforced concrete trench around a buried course of double-wides that are just below the surface (under the living quarters) and are used for storage and safe rooms (with egress tunnels, of course).
And instead of water , if possible add acid instead because then you can just let the acid dissolve the zombies and save you the trouble . And instead of water , if possible add acid instead because then you can just let the acid dissolve the zombies and save you the trouble clearing the zombies and if you have the budget , add a helipad for quick escapes if somehow zombies get into you fortress and you should just have a backup fortress in case . Two containers high will be about 16 feet or so, which would be plenty high enough to see any zombies approaching. A project of this magnitude would definitely have to be completed well before any known outbreaks of undead become known.
A little bit of creativity, paneling, flooring, and siding and from the street you’d never be able to tell that a container home is made from large steel modular boxes.
If you build a traditional home or cabin, and ever have to move, you can’t take your home with you, which forces you to sell it and start from scratch.
When you turn a used shipping container into a home, you’re helping contribute to the betterment of the world.
Technically, I could add another 8 feet to the width and increase the common area floor space by 33% to 960 square feet, but that would increase costs by $3000-$5000 more in materials.
Adding more windows to the south facing side of the home will also capture more of the Sun’s energy.

The four stories total a square footage of 5120 sqft not counting the 4 40? towers at each corner of the castle.
The primary idea of course being affordability and simplicity, plus the added benefit of a good sized 3 bedroom home design. This 2720 square foot workshop could be built for about $25,000 including foundation, roof, and electrical.
The pricing presented here are for BARE BONES materials, does not include freight, moving, crane rental, or any amenities. Anyone is welcome to use this design under an Open Source Creative Commons Share and Share Alike License, with credit given to this page.
There are 4 stories not counting the basement level which cannot be shown here for security reasons. Why not start thinking more rationally and see how you can actually make your concept a reality (a filled moat is a waste of precious water due to evaporation). Surround the entire compound with the same cable barriers that are used to separate freeway lanes of traffic (it stops vehicles). I think a better idea would be to have a ditch on the outside of the wall – perhaps have farmland on the outside of the wall and then a ditch dug around that.
I think it’s bigger than it needs to be, though, and you should add some roofing above the open areas that seem like a courtyard. The construction and delivery of almost 100 shipping containers alone would be a monumental task. Another very powerful incentive for creating your home from shipping containers is strength. I’m not sure is this is a good thing in the desert, but, it’s probably good in colder climates.
This means you can probably place these in the desert anywhere in the world and still stay cool in 100-120 degree heat. If you shop around you can buy an acre or more of land for about $30k-$40k here in southern California. Each tower level has a floor space of 64 sqft, for a total of 1024 square feet within all 4 towers.
Utilize the tried and true security practices that are in use around the world (concentric areas of ever increasing security, for example). The spoil from the ditch could be used to make a slope on the ground just inside the ditch, making it harder for anyone caught in the ditch to escape. And, if you consider the landscaping and foundation prep that would be required to install them, you will no doubt have to contract several outside sources just for that. There is a 10 foot round dome skylight on the roof which lets in plenty of sunlight to grow many species of plants and even trees INSIDE the castle.
The front and rear gates are also made of steel, and reinforced to withstand the strongest zombie attack. Shoot, in any type of civil unrest of a non-zombie nature regular humans with guns are a problem here as shipping containers aren’t bulletproof in the least and the material to make an 11- 14,000 sq. Those walls at the bottom act like 8 foot tall berms impervious to bullets and even small amount of explosives that might be used by small bands of human infiltrators. Decent insulation and also using older plumbing techniques like flues would be cheaper, simpler, and easier to maintain. Though as I said, the moat should go; replace it with storage space or growing space for an inner farm that could be used to survive short-term if the outside were surrounded. Much stronger than stick built homes, and in some cases, stronger than brick or stone homes.

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