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If you determine an amount that you feel comfortable with as an average item of purchase and multiply that number times 40 you’ll have a rough ball park figure on “How much it costs to fill a shipping container with antiques?”  Obviously you’re not going to be buying 40 chest of drawers so this isn’t an exact science but it leads you down the path to determining what your budget should be for buying overseas. When shipping remember it’s better to overbuy and overfill your container than underbuy – the less you buy the more it costs per item in the container.  The best way to save money shipping is to squeeze as many items into the container as possible!
Net, net – there is no easy answer on how much it costs to fill a container – but if you use this as a guideline for shipping antiques you’ll have a starting point in determining your budget for buying antiques overseas.

Toma, You didn’t address the cost of shipping the actual container…is it dependent upon weight or size? So far, the maximum of items we were able to ship in a 40″ HC is 933 line items which is 4353 pieces. If you have a chest of drawers you can easily pack those drawers full of smalls so there is no wasted space!

205 were pieces of furniture ( from nightstands to large armoires) I hope this will help you with your planning.

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