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The easiest and most common way to buy a shipping container is through a local, retail provider. Retail outlets are probably the best option for those with little or no experience buying shipping containers. Experienced buyers, or those who are familiar with shipping containers, can save a few dollars by finding a wholesale distributor that is willing to sell to them. In general, the primary users (shipping lines and leasing companies) selling shipping containers have relatively few staff to manage large geographic areas and high volumes of containers, so they're equipped to provide a lot of hand holding during the sales process. Unclaimed shipping container auctions aren't as common place as the television shows may lead you to believe. Several things need to happen for a shipping container to go unclaimed, and there are several people in line before it goes to auction.
Unclaimed shipping containers are rare in any case, and little information is published about them. It's not hard to find shipping containers for sale in just about any area of the United States and Canada.
Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s a good time for spring cleaning. The inside of your shipping container can be more difficult to clean if you have it loaded with things, especially if it's loaded with long term storage items. Keeping your new or used shipping container well maintained will extend it’s life by many years, and the time and cost involved with it the maintenance are very minimal.
Also scheduled later this month are several containers auction in Baltimore, Maryland.A  These containers have been manufactured to the same specifications as those in Memphis and have an estimated arrival time in early September. Terms of Auction Auctioneer, Bidder, and Buyer agree to be bound by these terms for this auction: 1. Get daily email alerts when new items become available that contain the following category and keywords. A retail outlet normally will have their own facility, with several shipping containers to choose from. They will be able to meet directly with the sales person and inspect each container, and they can normally pay directly at their office once they select a specific unit. It's important to note that in many cases, wholesalers like shipping lines and leasing companies prefer to deal with larger buyers because the buyer must be qualified and approved with their company, and the this type of buyer is also able to purchase multiple units at one time.
When dealing with this type of seller, you will be able to find a lower price, but if you decide to inspect the container you may end up doing it alone as the seller is often out of state and the shipping container is stored at one of the shipping line's depots. Television shows like Container Wars operate out of Los Angeles and it appears that they move unclaimed shipping containers into the port from other areas.
The easiest example: The person that owns the items inside must have either closed operations or filed bankruptcy, if the latter the bank would want to liquidate the contents of the container to collect on the debts owed to them.

These terms control this auction in all regards and supersede all previous announcements, advertisements, and published information, however distributed, except for any announcement made by Auctioneer at the auction, which will take precedence and be controlling in all instances. 2. Most all of the containers will be repaired, cleaned up and repainted, and in top condition. With regards to delivery, depending on the seller they may have the ability to arrange delivery for you, but you might need to have a way to remove the container from a flatbed (usually with a forklift or crane). Once in Los Angeles, they disclose the origination and destination then open the container and hold an auction for the mystery items inside of the container. This scenario is leaving out the shipping line that owns or manages the container, the organization that financed the container itself, and the depot or port that are would be owed storage fees.
The shipping line or finance company that owns the container typically hires an asset recovery and remarketing company to look for any lost containers. For starters, once the snow clears there’re are really only a few basic things to look at when checking out that shipping container. Bidder agrees to leave the auction site immediately and quietly upon request by Auctioneer. Any act of theft, vandalism, or disruption will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 4. Bidder should carefully guard his bidding number to avoid unauthorized purchases for which Bidder will be responsible. 5. Catalogs and brochures are guides only based on information from sources believed to be reliable, but their accuracy cannot by guaranteed or warranted. Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any lot, or portion of a lot, from the auction, or to cancel the entire auction without notice or liability to Auctioneer or Seller. 7.
Each lot will be sold AS IS, WHERE IS with all defects and faults known and unknown, and no warranties or guarantees of any kind will be given by Seller or Auctioneer, including no warranty of fitness, merchantability, or suitability. Bidder acknowledges that all lots were available for inspection prior to the auction and that he relied solely on his own inspection of the lots and not on any information listed in the catalog or otherwise provided by Auctioneer, the auction staff, or Seller. 8.
The highest bidder for a lot recognized by Auctioneer will by the Buyer, subject to the satisfaction of any reserve amount for that lot. Bidder agrees without exception that if he is the highest bidder for a lot and it is sold to him, an enforceable contract of sale is immediately formed, and no further writing of any kind will be required from him to satisfy any decision, principle, rule, statute, or other requirement in law or equity which the parties specifically waive and disclaim. 10. Should a dispute arise between two or more bidders, the decision of Auctioneer will be final.
Ownership, possession, and the risk of loss from any cause pass immediately to Buyer when Auctioneer announces the sale of a lot. BUYERS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PURCHASES,and Seller and Auctioneer will have no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged lots. 12. ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PAYMENT INCLUDE CASH OR CERTIFIED FUNDS – Online bidders will use wire transfer as their form of payment.

Legal action will be instituted to collect any unpaid accounts, and Buyer agrees to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys fees. 13. Nothing in a lot may be moved from its location prior to being paid for by Buyer, and Buyer must present Auctioneer with a paid receipt. All lots must be removed from the auction site by the end the auction, unless specifically approved by Auctioneer. Any lot not removed from the site within this time will be deemed abandoned and be promptly disposed of or resold for Auctioneer’s account. 14. Bidder agrees to indemnify Auctioneer and Seller and hold them harmless for any injury, death, or another damage to person or property at the auction site which was caused by Bidder. 15.
Except for announcements made pursuant to paragraph 1 of these terms, the terms may not be amended in any way, except by a signed, written agreement between Auctioneer and Bidder. 16. This agreement will be construed and governed solely in accordance with the laws of White County, Arkansas. 17. Bidder agrees that any controversy or claim arising out of this auction, or any related dealings with Auctioneer or Seller, must be resolved by final and binding arbitration, with no appeal permitted, except as provided by statute, and conducted in accordance with Uniform Commercial Code.
The parties voluntarily waive their rights to seek traditional remedies in any court, including the right to a trial by jury. The prevailing party will be entitled to collect from the other costs associated with the arbitration, including reasonable attorney’s fees. BID RIGGING IS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME AND ANY ILLEGAL CONDUCT BY BIDDER, OR OTHERS, WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REPORTED BY AUCTIONEER TO THE US ATTORNEY AND DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FOR INVESTIGATION AND PROSECUTION TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.
Title 15, Section 1 of the US Code provides any agreement among potential bidders not to bid against one another, or otherwise to dampen the bidding process, is a felony under federal law.
The law provides for fines of up to $10 million per violation for a corporate offender, and $350,000 per violation for others, as well as imprisonment of up to three years. 19.
Auctioneer will have no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from Auctioneer’s staff carrying, handling, or loading any item(s) for any person. 20.
Registering to bid or attending the auction indicates full understanding and acceptance of these terms, along with the agreement to be so bound. 21.
If there is anything relevant to this auction that you do not understand, please ask Auctioneer or a member of Auctioneer’s staff to assist you. We want your auction experience to be an informed and positive one. Check for updates and terms announced at the auction, they take priorty!

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