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You can place your order over the phone 1-877-872-2060 (toll-free) or 1-404-885-6066 or online. Full Container Load - FCLWe offer: 20 foot standard containers, 40 foot standard or high cube containers and 45 where available. Maybe, you are looking for some useful car shipping advices and auto transport tips, when moving your car internationally? Martin Transports International Inc 2016 © Login When quality service is important, companies providing top international car shipping from USA are strongly wanted. Purchasing a car is a very big decision as; outside from the purchase of a home, this is the biggest decision that you will have to make. If you are looking at car shipping from Canada to Europe because you have purchased a car as a present for a close friend or a family member, and you are looking to ship overseas, the only option is to find a freight company located in Canada that will provide this service.
A1 Global is located in Toronto, has operations in Montre ¬ and provides you with overseas moving and shipping of cars, along with large containers of items.
Although car shipping from Canada sounds like an extreme proposition, the experience you get with A1 Global is one of positive reinforcements because you are dealing with a company that has many years of experience in providing you with car shipping from Canada to anywhere overseas including Europe.
It is very important that you find reputable overseas movers that will be able to transport your important items from the country of origin to your warehouse and in turn, be able to send items that are stationed in your warehouse that needs to be sent out and overseas to a destination that you need to be sent.
Overseas movers can offer you competitive pricing on the task at hand of sending the items via international cargo to your warehouse from a country in Europe or Asia, however, it is also according to the types of items that you will need to be shipped and if there is any cargo insurance. When wanting to deal with overseas movers, one overseas movers that you can trust in Toronto to ship your freight anywhere in the world is A1 Global, located in Toronto, with offices in Montre ¬, providing services to countries in Europe, Asia and South and Central America.
We have contracts with all major carriers for container shipping purposes.Less Than Container Load - LCLThis type of service is provided based on the needs of your cargo.

Regardless whether the vehicle is a brand new car that will cost a lot as opposed to an older car that will be more inexpensive, it is still a big decision, as the car that you purchase is one that you will use to take you around. The good thing is that there are many trained and experienced companies located throughout Canada that provide car shipping from Canada to anywhere in Europe and in Asia.
Specializing in the Eastern European market, with offices in Russia and the Ukraine, if you are looking at shipping your vehicle to the eastern part of Europe, A1 Global will offer you a great experience from beginning to end.
You will also receive a high level of customer service, and that will be backed by a guarantee that your car will arrive safe without the misfortune of having to worry about any complications along the way. With many choices available for overseas movers throughout the world, it is sometimes very important that you find a company that is both local, which could mean wither at the place of origin where you are sending the items from.
Many overseas movers can provide your company with great service in terms of monitoring the items for you, distributing the shipped goods for you in there warehouses and making sure that no damage has been inflicted on the items that you are shipping overseas or if the items that you are receiving are been monitored properly and shipped carefully. We have large forklifts and cranes for these types of jobs and will make sure that your shipping needs are handled in a timely manner. However, what if you decide to purchase a car, and certain things happen in your life, where you will be relocated and you have to move outside of Canada, what happens then to your car? Yes, there are people that ship cars all over the world and one company that provides transport service to enable car shipping from Canada is A1 Global Shipping. You will be able to monitor the progress of your car being shipped by following the tracking information that is provided to you.
The first name in car shipping from Canada that you should consider is A1 Global, providing you with the service you need to get your car there on time. A1 Global can transport your shipment from anywhere in the world including Toronto, North America and transport it to Western and Eastern Europe, South America and Asia.

All cargo will be combined for your destination and shipped in a container becoming and (FCL).International Car Shipping ExpertsMartin Transports International, Inc. You can choose to have the car shipped to wherever you are deciding to move to, however, this is something that will require the services of a freight company to transport the car for you, if you are planning to move overseas.
It also could mean that it is important that you choose overseas movers that will be able to be stationed in a location where you will be receiving the goods that are transported to you. With specialized freight services such as customs formalities, preparation of shipping budgets, specializing in over-sized items and items that are considered dangerous, A1 Global is your source when choosing overseas movers when you are in need of services that require you to transport important freight cargo items all over the world when you need it to get there on time and damage-free. They require a specific starting digit (called a package level indicator) and require their own unique base UPC code.
If you are moving within Canada or the US, then simply driving it there is the best option. You MAY NOT use the UPC from an actual item inside of the box as the base for the shipping container code for a mixed shipping container! If you are unclear about this requirement, please call us at 1-404-885-6066 for further explanation.

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