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Taking your part, or math data we can design a purpose built container to maximize transport efficiency and line delivery.
Container Design Services can support your container production requirements, from 1 to 10,000, be they racks, bins or totes.
CDS is an ISO 9001 certified company, which prides itself in delivering a superior product at a competitive price. Giant Container Services and I-V have partnered to offer our customers design services for any shipping container retrofit and build.  As the demand for creative builds increases we felt the need to incorporate a service like this to offer our customers the option to fully customize the interior and exterior of their shipping containers for shipping container houses, condominiums, modular spaces, shipping container pools and much more.

I-V is a Toronto-based studio which exercises a collaborative and multi-medium approach to engaging the contemporary culturo-aesthetic dialogue, through the development of wholly original environments, as well as custom industrial objects and graphics. Please fill out this simple form and one of our sales representatives will prepare a quote for you. The new Shipping Container Home Design is based around one forty foot container and four twenty foot containers. Home Design: Container Ideas Hoangchautran Container Design Homes Container Design Services, Killer Container Design Container Design For Shade.

With customers such as OVO Sound, TBWA and SPiN Toronto its obvious I-V has the experience needed to execute some incredible projects.
The main porch has a portion that overhangs the lower containers and a sitting area surrounds the tree that protrudes through the decking.

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