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I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help in assisting me to purchase a shipping container.
Please use this email as a testimonial as I am so happy with my purchase and all the help you gave. Second hand shipping containers have been recycled into a wide variety of buildings around the world, from boutique hotels, student accommodation, schools and restaurants – but have you ever considered a church, temple or mosque constructed from shipping containers?
Gateway 20ft Container – Building Blocks For The Doctor Dr Michael Cass is an inspiration, moving from the Medical field to tutoring school children in Fiji, he is a modern philanthropist with his eyes on the future for a happy, healthy and thriving Fiji. Shipping containers are a great way of building a cost effective wine cellar (or maybe a home brewery if wine isn’t your thing!). Purchasing shipping containers can be a major and confusing purchase for a small business owner. The shipping container industry has a vast range of second hand shipping containers for sale. With an even greater global focus falling on the need to reduce our carbon footprint, architects and builders have begun to use second hand shipping containers in their designs. These incredible home designs are reducing the environmental impact of building new houses by reusing shipping containers. There are a number of innovative ways that storage container can be used in housing. There are a couple of reasons that the common storage container is increasingly being used for housing by creative architects and practical builders.
Gateway carry over 5000 containers in our 2 depots, have decades of experience and know the container business inside out. We guarantee delivery of containers nationwide by truck, rail or sea, or any combination thereof. Specials, expert tips, creative containers, innovative mods - shipped straight to your inbox! We have container depots strategically positioned nationwide and have a transport network system that can help deliver the right container to you.

Selecting a less-expensive second hand or refurbished used shipping container over a newer build is often the great choice, especially if you’re planning on modifying your container or using it for any number of common aftermarket applications such as storage. Containers First always stocks a wide selection of 3m, 6m and 12m used shipping containers available immediately for sale, hire or lease. All our used containers have been thoroughly inspected, repaired if necessary, and certified by Containers First to be fully secure, lockable, weatherproof, and vermin proof. At Containers First, our second hand containers are available in a number of grades that allow you to select the most economically priced container for your specific needs. Containers First can easily retrofit your used shipping container with accessories to enhance its useability.
Containers First specialises in transforming used shipping containers into everything from mobile field offices, to livestock shelters, to comfortable living units – and just about anything in between. CartNeed a Quote?Our friendly team are happy to provide fast quotes that will be the best value for your needs.
Just a short note to thanks you for your professionalism in relation to my recent purchase of a 40′ container.
Trade-In Your Old ContainerIf you have an old shipping container that you would like to trade-in and upgrade simply click below for a valuation. All in all, happy with the container modifications, the price, the speed in which the project was completed, the communications between us and the transparency when the logistics issue came into play. I am glad that we have established a relationship through this project and we will be sure to buy from you again when we require similar container modifications.
The time you gave in providing information about the shipping containers was fantastic and really helped in making an informed decision.

He spent a very long time getting the container in the right place as it was a very small space that was really difficult to access.
The steps are very similar to those used for building a survival bunker, though the lack of threats such as zombies or nuclear war make them even easier to construct. To ensure you make the right choice of shipping container for your budget, simply follow these simple steps to ensure you get the right shipping container for the right job, at the right price.
This is great for families and business owners who may have unique and individual storage requirements. Delivery to most areas is available within 72 hours; Same-day delivery may be possible to select locations.
You can expect many years of service from our certified used containers, with most requiring only minimal ongoing maintenance. You may want to choose a lower grade container for simple static storage, or a higher grade that is better suited for active transport. The container was delivered on Monday and was in fantastic condition – very clean with very few dings (amazing for being a used container). A Containers First representative will discuss all the options with you to make sure you hire or purchase the best used container for your intended use. Explore our customisation section for many more innovative ideas from Australia’s leading container modifications team.

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