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Mason WoodchippersA small highly specialist engineering company dealing specifically in refurbished Woodchippers. GM Stephenson LtdSupplying the UK and export market with a wide range of agricultural machinery. By using this website, you accept the use of cookies, that in turn allows us to give you personalised services and content.
3 Plus 1 Modular Toilet system 4 Single Cubicles in oak2 Twin Vanities finished in oak1 3 bay urinal finished in oakAll ex hire stock but still in good condition. This has an over sized cubicle in the ladies side that could be turned into 2 cubicles making the unit a 3 Plus 1. Two 6 months old gas operated shower blocks using Rinia E17 gas boilers with water tank reservoir and high pressure pump to maintain pressure, each block has three cubicle with anti vandal shower head and shower tap with foldable shower seat and sink with hot and cold tap. Versatile wooden blocks cut from reclaimed weathered Canadian Douglas Fir docking beams. Made from juice tanks, these dog kennels are dry and durable and won't rot like wooden kennels, as well as being good for the environment. These have thick plastic sides and large outlets, and could be turned into wonderful hot tubs. IBC tanks, as Intermediate Bulk Containers are known, are approximately 1.1m3 tanks usually made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a galvanised steel framework sitting on a pallet.
Originally I was just planning to use mine to supply water via a hose pipe for my veg patch, but I soon realised that I could do so much more with them.
I needed to situate my tanks low enough that the trickle of water I could pipe in from my small spring (or rainwater harvesting) would reach them, but as high as possible so I could water with a hose pipe or by channelling water to the beds rather than by filling a watering can. Even though I have planted 12,000 willows on this land, it is still quite a windy and exposed place to grow tender crops, so I placed my tanks in a line to reduce the prevailing wind.
By growing plants on top of a tank you have many of the advantages of a traditional raised bed. Water is a unique substance that stores roughly four times the amount of heat per weight compared to other materials such as rock or clay. We can enhance this by making the sides of the tank darker by using rough sandpaper to lightly abrade the walls and rubbing in soil, charcoal etc. If you wish to go further with heat storage you could encase the tank in bubble wrap, plastic sheet, even scrap double glazed units from the recycling centre or a local window installer's skip.
Also when water freezes it releases large amounts of heat energy (about 93kWh of heat if the entire tank turns to ice) which will help stop the soil and surrounding plants from getting even colder as the heat is released.
Not only do you have the microclimate afforded to the plants growing on top of the tank, you also have a small rise in temperate around the tanks, the shelter from the physical forces and cooling effect of the wind, and a shaded area.
Mice can still scale them unless you put some kind of barrier half way up that they cannot get past. During a run of hot dry weather you may need to water your plants as the wick may not draw up enough moisture from the tank. During cold and dark weather the top of these tanks will be a very exposed place for plants, so some form of protection will be probably be necessary. I would love to hear of your experiences with this type of growing and any improvements that you might come up with, photos etc. Permaculture - practical solutions for self-reliance, a magazine filled with useful and inspiring features, stories and ideas about all aspects of sustainable living from gardening and farming to green building and renewable technology. First i unscrewed the base and discarded it so it became an open ended tube and then took an angle grinder with a thin cut off blade for metal, and cut it into two staggered L shapes with an overhang at one end. These i covered in plastic sheet and used one on the ground as a cold frame with straw bales at each end opening like a car boot and the other up against a south facing wall to utilise the full height, again with bales at the ends. These L forms if bound together at the bend also make a very decent roof structure and could straddle bale or cob-walls. With cement in mind the grid actually lends itself to a ferro cement treatment and as a repetitive unit presents infinite possibilities. The uncut cage is also a stable framework for pallet wood or bamboo to be tied to, or willow and mud and it has occured to me that if the botton is cut off the tank to make a fifteen centimetre deep tray it could be inverted and wired tightly into one end to be used as a roof, or the other way up maybe, filled with earth to make an insulated roof you could grow plants in, draining through the outlet and then use the internal area for chicken coop, dog house, tools storage, firewood whatever. They are also a decent depth for a gravel filled vertical operating reedbed to filter grey water, dug into a terrace so that it can empty from the bottom and give a small crop of bamboo.
Another good use would be as a sunken water storage within a diversion swale., and i am also contmplating a duck pond that could be easily emptied from the base. Some great ideas there, I had not considered damaged ones and many of your ideas would work fine even if they were not water tight.
This wonderfully photographed book explores the diversity of London's gardens, helping us to look again at that which is very literally beneath our feet. An inspiring book for beginner cooks who want to break away from convenience cooking and learn how to use colours and textures with local, sustainable and fresh food.
28’ x 38’ Capri Plus including side walls - ?4,950.00 + vat28ft x 28ft Capri Plus including side walls - ?3,750.00 + vat – New for 2016!Tried and Tested in New York State throughout the winter, withstood everything the weather threw at them!
Here we have a set of 12 brand new led 6 in 1 led par cans each par can has red, green, blue, white, amber and uv leds to create any colour you wish.
This tepee is in used condition and does require a clean and a couple of small repairs to the material. Highly qualified engineers are always at hand to help you decide what machine is suitable for your needs. We specialise in sales of used agricultural machinery including tractors, combines, forklifts and plant machinery.

1200 litre water tanks made by kingspan (the green one is 1230 litres) the tanks measure circa 70cms wide x 200 cms long x 120 cms high. Anti bacterial hand wipe system, fully skirted stabilising jacks placed on the front, I have two spare jacks that could also be mounted at the rear of the trailer. It’s in very good working condition which connects to mains or can be run by generator and waste storage tank if needed.
Can be connected directly to mains, pumped using fresh water, or on a recycle system running a similar principal to the trailer type units. This unit has 4 LPG gas boilers and additionally has an external hot water connection for the addition of a washing up area (suitable for a campsite). Looking for approx 3 ladies, 2 gents toilets, 2 urinals, 3 showers ladies, 3 showers gents + wash basins etc. They have been used for VIPs at festivals over the summer and we don't require them over winter. These are used commercially for the transportation of foods and other liquids such as glue, so it is important that you ascertain what they were used for before buying.
What started me thinking about this was, that the IBC tanks would eventually degrade due to the action of UV light, making the plastic brittle, and they would break. So instead of just trying to protect the plastic tanks, I spent a little time examining what attributes these tanks and contents had and how I could put these to best use.
When I get enough of them, I will form a circle or square around an area and effectively create a walled garden. Easy of planting and picking, reduction of weeds and some types of pest damage, such as by badgers or rabbits. I would suggest painting as an option but I have not yet found any paint that will resist the combination of UV light, flexing and that will stick to MDPE.
Remember to ask first, generally they will be very happy for you to take them away as it will save them disposal costs.
Some herbs will do well up the north side of the tank, peas or beans may be grown on trellises attached to the metal work on the west and east sides and squash or melons could be grown on the sunny south side.
By keeping a good sized hole in the top we can also put weeds into the tank that slowly rot down (producing some more heat in the process) providing some feed to the plants.
They are always moist and, during hot dry weather, dew forms and trickles below keeping a cool damp environment at the base.
Ensure that you have a stable and strong base for your tank and that when fully filled you will be able to access the tap at the bottom. If you plan to dispose of weeds in the tanks, then they may block the butterfly valve or garden tap. Drill a number of holes (around 3-7mm) in the top of the tank to allow excess rain water to help refill the tank and some roots to find their way in. If you are putting weeds into the tank then place some kind of tough collar around the filling hole of the tank leaving enough space for the wick to come between the hole in the lid and the collar. To prevent the weight of soil squashing the top of the plastic tank, affix some strong bars or mesh to the metal framework.
Place some capillary matting (you can use some old cloth or carpet but it may not soak up water fast enough during hot dry weather or may rot) all the way to the bottom of the tank.
Now attach the wood, or other materials to the sides of the metal framework, to the desired height (15-45cm) depending on how tall you are, or other requirements.
If you want to add an extra framework to this tank, such as glazing, or the ability to shade (useful if you are away for a long period in very hot weather) then do so now. Check out a free digital copy HERE and read about our digital subscription and Apps services PLUS see how to read 36 back issues completely free of charge online. Thats two metres wide, one across with a pitch from the middle and could be covered with plastic tiles cut from the tanks or bamboo or burlap impregnated cement-latex slurry. You have the right to view these pages and where applicable, to copy these pages and any images to a cache for reference by yourself only at a later date. The TC25 has a large condensate tank capacity of 12 L, low electrical input of 2.41 kW power consumption and features tough castors for portability.
It can be erected as a square marquee 40' x 40', 40' x 60' and 40' x 80' That makes it a very flexible marquee to own.
Developed to give large heated air volume with up-rated air moving system.Powerful alternative to Gas. The experience and knowledge gained through the years of the business is vast & any new owner will gain full attention from us to control and manage the business.
The more extreme weather conditions of sun, wind and snow will age your tractor at an accelerated rate.
They can contain up to 1,000 litres of water and will weigh around 1,100kg when full so be sure that you have adequate foundations. This may sound a little 'over the top' for such a simple item, but you may be surprised as to how many advantages they can offer. Remember to remove this glazing or cover it during hot and very sunny weather as you may literally cook your veg in the soil! An application of lime under and around the tank base (I am not sure how this will effect the pallet the tank sits on over time) may deter them, or the use of a small moat, but regular eviction may be needed initially. Most IBCs will come with a large butterfly valve (around 50-80mm) that is great for flood irrigation of an area. So you will need some kind of, non-degradable bag or fine mesh that will sit in the water tank and that you can place the weeds in.

Deeper will mean more strain on the mesh, but will reduce the need for watering and allow root veg to be grown as well. If adding weeds to the water you may want to add some lime or better still wood ash from a stove to the compost to offset the acidity of the anaerobic digestion and give added nutrients. I have a batch of these awaiting attention and have made some preliminary experiments that are very promising. You are not granted any other rights and the Web site owner reserves all other rights.The opinions expressed on this website are not necessarily those of the publisher, Hyden House Ltd, and whilst we take every care in checking the validity of information presented here, we cannot accept any responsibility for its accuracy or any liability for any form of damages incurred by the use of such information.
A simple and inexpensive shelter will keep your agricultural equipment looking and running better for much longer.2.
The aluminium steps with lights and rails are included as well as the skirting and wheel lock.
However you may prefer a standard garden hose fitting (eBay, eBid, search for IBC and hose, around ?15). You can seat up to 200 people at 5ft round tables with room for a small dance floor or accommodate up to 900 standing.All ropes etc and Linings included. If you're going to be storing your tractor for over a year it is advisable to reduce the tyre pressure below normal, or to remove the tyres altogether and support your tractor on jackstands. It has its own fresh water tank in the chassis which is roughly 700 ltr and a lower pump system so when the site has low water pressure the unit still runs. Your tyres should also be stored in a dry cool place and should be kept out of direct sunlight.3. Most tyre manufacturers will advise you to inflate your tractor tyres 10-15 lbs over the maximum air pressure indicated on the tire to get them ready for storage.
If storing your tractor for a long period disconnect the tractor battery and connect it to a trickle charger to keep it alive. If you're confident that there are no fire hazards in your storage facility, you could top off the fuel as well.
Older fluids are likely to contain contaminants that can cause rust, corrosion and mechanical failure.
Fuel stabilizer prevents the formation of gum and varnish which can clog your tractor engine.
You should typically drive your tractor around for 10 miles to fully circulate the stabilizers before storing it.7. Used tractor oil contains acids, moisture and combustrion byproducts that can cause corrosion inside your tractor's engine.8. Set up a scheduled, regular maintenance program for oil and filter changes on your tractor. The engine oil and filter should be changed every 150 hours and hydraulic oils changed at 1,200 hours. The engine is the lifeblood of your tractor, has the most moving parts and is usually the most costly to repair or replace. Many over-the-counter name brand oils are formulated for on-road truck use only and are not designed for off-road application in a dirty environment. Newer tractors with power shift and reverser transmissions require special additives and viscosities of oil from the transmission to operate correctly. The little you save now on cheaper hydraulic oil will only cost you big money in the future.11. Oil, water, hydraulic, transmission and brake fluids should be checked before each use and replenished whenever necessary.12. Do this every few months (monthly for light duty machinery or equipment that will be left out in the weather) and future repairs will be much easier.
Pull the spark plugs out of your tractor and pour a teaspoon of fresh oil into each cylinder and then replace the plugs. Your tractor radiator needs to be checked and cleaned and the coolant level check daily when the tractor is used regularly.
When draining the tractor cooling system replace it with fresh coolant specifically formulated for your tractor engine type. The wrong coolant can cause damage to your tractor's engine and in some cases even void your manufacturer's warranty.16.
It's best to find a warm day in the spring and check the system, and repair it early before it gets busy.17. Loader and 3PH arms can be bent by too-heavy loads, transmissions can be burned out by pulling against too-strong forces and implements can be broken by being used inappropriately. With small tractors, large jobs must often be done with finesse, rather than with brute force. A big job can sometimes be broken up into several smaller jobs, which are not problematic for smaller equipment. Wash off as much mud and grass from your tractor and accessories with a hose or pressure washer as often as you can.

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