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Shipping, or ISO, container offices are extremely popular given the many ways they can be used. Storage container offices are typically used as on-site field offices for contractors, project managers or engineers in major construction or land development projects. Our collections mainly from South East Asia that consists of Bali, Komodo, Flores, Sumba, Alor, Timor, Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, Irian, Sumatera and Borneo.
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Combine shipping discount of 30% discount will be given on shipping of the next item only for combine shipment.
They are designed to provide the same level of portability and security as typical containers but are modified with features that allows them to act as office space.
All types and sizes of shipping containers readily available for fast transport and delivery Perth WA wide.Sea Containers Australia are able to supply good quality, cheap shipping containers at the most competitive wholesale prices online, direct to our clients. With 20 years experience in the industry Sea Containers Australia with the contacts built during that time across the globe.

There is no type of shipping container that we can not supply, sure we have our regular stocks here in Perth that we keep on hand but if you are chasing a specialized shipping container, we can source it transport your container for reliable delivery anywhere in Australia.
For other countries other than USA, Canada and Europe please email us as shipping cost may vary greatly depending on which country.

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