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This large stack of shipping containers in Canada is well on its way to becoming a huge house that will be completely self-sufficient.
We have seen a lot of houses made from shipping containers, but few have approached the scale of the Sea-Can Home. One of the containers on the side serves as an elevator shaft, providing access to a series of rooms below that house solar equipment, tools, a root cellar, a wine room, a large shop, and spare bedrooms. The walls will be super insulated to R-50 and the roof will be R-80 – as a result, the space can be heated primarily with a solar thermal system and wood.
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The administration is considering building shipping container homes on the lines of the homes being developed by the Sea Box company. The units can then be stacked up to four containers high and twelve containers wide, giving structurally sound and private spaces to hundreds of residents. The home is the tireless work of Bill and Rosanne Glennon, and when they finish they will have a 5,000 square foot retirement abode with all the accoutrements. The container home was designed by its owner, and it shows – the boxy form and sliding windows are all about function. The lower level will be buried to improve the energy performance and to reduce the home’s visual impact. A solar electric array and wind generator on the roof will supply the home’s electrical needs. The Braeside is one of Sea Hawk Homes newest floor plans for 2012 and comes with contemporary bathroom and a really amazing new kitchen. The project will transform modular shipping containers into living units, giving the residents more comfort and security.
While this may sound like another oversized energy hog filling the Calgary landscape, the Sea-Can Home will recycle 30 shipping containers, use only solar, wind and wood for electricity and heat, and stand only two stories above the plains - making it one of the lowest impact large homes in Canada.

The home is stacked three containers high with a large open space for a garage in the middle of the lower half. The couple also intends to have a small farm on the site, making this a truly self-sufficient homestead. Remember Sea Hawk can custom design any plan so don’t feel shy about showing us your ideas or modifications.
With rebuilding anticipated to take months or even years, The Bloomberg administration has been researching and developing ways to use shipping containers are more comfortable solution to disaster relief.
The stackable units can be outfitted to resemble a typical apartment and can be joined together to create a village or a high rise apartment complex. Five bedrooms, a great room, and many other modern accouterments create a comfortable living space.

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