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Refrigerated Containers (Reefers) are available in 20-foot, 40-foot, 40-foot high cube sizes.
Refrigerated containers are essentially insulated dry vans containing built-in refrigeration units. In the big business of shipping it is obviously extremely important for those handling cargo to be able to identify what they are dealing with and to take the appropriate measures necessary to ensure safety and ease of transport. The port and identification marks that indicate destination and transfer points should be applied by stencil with waterproof ink in a large clear font on three sides of the package.
Coded marks rather than trade names should be present in the shipping mark in order to help ensure that the handlers are less aware of the contents and therefore that the goods are less subject to theft. If the shipment requires any sort of specialist handling or treatment then the shipping marks should indicate it; this information should also be present on the bill of lading. It is highly recommended that a stencil is used when creating shipping marks as it increases legibility – try to avoid materials which are not waterproof. Most freight shipping will require a certain level of handling at the target destination and as such it is a good idea to print the handling instructions on the exterior of the shipping crates or cardboard boxes in the language of the destination country. Another potential issue that can become apparent during freight shipping is the fact that the cargo may be handled by those who do not speak either the language of the country of origin or destination.
When packing material into shipping crates or cartons, make sure that you are noting down the contents of each carton and applying the correct shipping marks to each shipping crate. It is imperative that shipping companies do not forget that there are certain UN performance packaging standards that came into effect in January 1991 and that any shipping company wishing to ship potentially hazardous materials should make sure that they are in compliance with the UN standards and also that they are displaying the correct shipping marks in line with the correct freight shipping procedure.

Port Container Services supply refrigerated containers for sale and hire and other refrigerated container related products such as cool rooms and mobile refrigerated trailers. Refrigerated storage containers are used for the transport or storage of volume goods - suitable for perishable cargo such as vegetables, fruit, meat, etc. Port Container Services supply new refrigerated containers for sale, but we also stock used refrigerated containers for sale also.
We also have an refrigerated storage container hire option for those who are not looking to buy an refrigerated container outright. Refrigerated containers come in two standard sizes - 20ft refrigerated containers and 40ft refrigerated containers. Our refrigerated storage containers can be fitted with optional storage container accessories to add additional functionality. In order to make certain that the handlers are able to identify the shipment it is crucial to provide shipping marks which show the handler what type of product is present within the carton or cardboard box used to pack the materials. The codes should be changed from time to time to minimize any familiarity handlers may develop with the codes. Ensure that the languages at the origin and destination are the same, and if not make sure that shipping marks are in both languages.
It is also a possibility that the cargo may come into contact with a worker who is illiterate.
Have a look at our guide to the various pictorial marks that need to be applied to the correct carton on the basis of its contents.

We have experienced staff waiting for your call to answer any questions relating to refrigerated storage containers, and chances are we have a container depot close to your location. Our used refrigerated storage containers are refurbished to near new conditions, though we also have refrigerated containers straight off the stack at competitive prices. We can deliver a 20ft refrigerated container or 40ft refrigerated container for hire directly to your door, and they are available for long or short term hire. We develop specialised storage container products such as Site Sheds, Portable Workshops, Dangerous Goods Storage Containers and Accommodation Units.
In order to solve this particular issue, it is prudent to use pictorial markings on the shipping box in order to make sure that no confusion is elicited, and that is the road that big shipping companies such as DHL have gone down. We supply new and used refrigerated containers to Councils, The Defence Force, Government Departments and also the general public.
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If you are looking to buy a refrigerated storage container, or would just like to know more about refrigerated containers, request a free refrigerated storage container quote and also read the below information on refrigerated storage containers. A Our refrigerated containers come in two sizes and we can also offer single phase refrigerated containers as well as our standard 3 phase refrigerated containers.

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